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Who Were The Tuatha De Danann? A Brief Look at Gaelic Mythology

Dunluce Castle Antrim Coast  

By Dana Michelle Burnett Platinum Quality Author

As a writer, I try to include a grain of truth even in my fiction tales. I love looking at ancient superstitions and mythology for my inspiration. While researching my Gypsy Fairy Tale series, I came across stories of the Tuatha De Danann, the supernatural creatures that were the first to rule Ireland. So who was this supernatural group? Read on to learn about them and their surprising connection to the modern day.
The name Tuatha De Danann is usually translated as "the tribe of the goddess Danu" or the earlier name Tuath De translates as "tribe of the gods". By either name, this group of people are said to be a supernaturally-gifted race that represented the main deities of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland. They were the cornerstone of Irish mythology and usually depicted as kings, queens, and heros of the distant past. It was said that they were the first rulers of Ireland and were once even worshiped as gods.
They were descended from Nemed, leader of the previous inhabitants of Ireland. They came to Ireland in dark clouds and landed on the mountains, other stories have them arriving in boats that they burned so that it would be believed that they arrived in a cloud of mist.
Following their king, Nuada, the they fought many battles to secure their reign of Ireland including the First Battle of Magh Tuireadh where Nuada lost an arm. The arm was replaced by a working silver one and he was declared king. A spell was recieted and over the course of nine days and nine nights, flesh grew over the prosthesis. Alas, Nuada was killed in the Second Battle of Magh Tuireadh by the Fomorian king's poisonous eye, but the Tuatha De were still victorious and the champion Lugh took over as king.
It was the third battle, against invaders called the Milesians (or sons of Mil), that sealed their fate. The three kings of the Tuathe De Danann asked for a truce of three days between themselves and the invaders and asked that the Milesians would anchor nine waves' distance from the shore. They complied. The Tuathe De Danann created a magical storm in hopes of driving them away, but the Milesian poet Amergin calmed the sea and the invaders were able to return to shore and defeat the great Tuatha De Danann. The poet then divided the land between the two forces, allotting the portion above the ground to the Milesians and the portion underground to the Tuatha De Danann.
So, condemed to roam the underground, they retreated under the Sidhe mounds. Over the centuries they were closely tied to stories of fairies and other enchantments. They were said to be the keepers of the four treasures which were The Dagda's Cauldron, The Spear of Lugh, The Stone of Fal, and The Sword of Light. They also make an appearance in Catholicism as Brigid, one of the original Tuatha De Danann, went on to become Saint Brigid in the Catholic religion and is still celebrated to this day in Ireland.
Now that you know a little more about the Tuatha De Danann, does it make you want to take a deeper look at Gaelic mythology?
Dana Michelle Burnett is the author of several paranormal romance and romantic horror novels. Her next book, The Soul of the Witch, is scheduled for a Summer 2014 release.
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Real Vampire Graves in America

In researching my books, I come across all sorts of strange trivia, but even I was taken back by this one. It seems that in New England there are real vampire graves from the great "New England Vampire Panic" of the early 19th century. How is it that this is the first I heard about this?
In the early 19th century, an outbreak of tuberculosis swept across New England. At the time, little was known about the disease and it was believed that consumption was caused by the dead rising from the grave to consume the life of their surviving relatives. Of course, the only "logical" explanation for this was vampirism.
To protect the survivors, the bodies of those that died of tuberculosis were dug up and examined. If the corpse was unusually fresh or if the heart and organs were filled with blood, it was thought that it was feeding on the living. Once the vampire was identified, there were numerous way to remedy the problem and rid the family of the vampire including burning organs, flipping the body in the grave, decapitation, and sometimes ever dismemberment.
Newspapers in other parts of the country were skeptical of the belief in vampires. Even Thoreau weighed in on this contemporary superstition saying, "The savage in man is never quite eradicated".
The most famous instance of this panic is the Mercy Brown burial. In the final two decades of the 19th century, the family of George and Mary Brown suffered a sequence of tuberculosis related illnesses and deaths. First to die was the mother Mary and then the eldest daughter Mary Olive also died. The son, Edwin, became ill in 1890, followed in 1891 by Mercy. Mercy died in 1892 and she was promptly buried at the Baptist Church in Exeter.
Believing the illness and deaths were the cause of the dead returning to consume the lives of the living, George gave permission for the bodies to be exhumed on March 17, 1892. While the mother and first daughter suffered significant decay, Mercy was still unchanged. This was taken as a sign that she was undead and feeding off of Edwin. Her organs were removed, burned, and mixed with water that was given to Edwin to drink. There was hope that this would cure him, but alas he died two months later.
So, in the case of the New England Vampire Panic, the truth really is stranger than fiction.
Dana Michelle Burnett is the author of several paranormal romance and romantic horror novels. Her next book, The Soul of the Witch, is scheduled for a Summer 2014 release.
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Year Of The Horse in Starmerge News

The Chinese New Year of the Horse begins on January 31st. Astrologers tell us it is a Wood Horse Year.

If you were born during these dates, then you're a horse: 30/01/1930 to 16/02/1931, 15/02/1942 to 04/02/1843, 03/02/1954 to 23/01/1955, 21/01/1966 to 08/02/1967, 07/02/1978 to 27/01/1979, 27/01/1990 to 14/02/1991, 12/02/2002 to 21/01/2003

Those born in the Horse years are said to be popular, cheerful people who are fun loving and follow their instinctive intuitions. These people don't usually struggle to succeed in their ventures- they tend to attract what they want in life easily.

It is a faster paced year than the 2013 Water Snake year. Countries with emerging markets like Brazil, Egypt, and Turkey are subject to violent outburst but peaceful resolutions in 2015.

A few famous people born in the year of the Horse are: Rembrandt, Genghis Khan, Teddy Roosevelt, Clint Eastwood, Ray Charles, and Barbara Streisand

With 2 New Super-moons this month, one was on January 1st and the next on January 30th, this is a great time to plan, meditate, and manifest your goals for the months ahead.

Make The Most of It

2014 already holds record breaking weather patterns with most of the United States in a deep freeze while here in Southern California remain in drought. I am expecting these bizarre patterns to continue here and around the world as our planet is forward evolving and emitting heat, gas, smoke, vapors in the air. Hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, drought, etc. are becoming more frequent than ever before. We will adapt, do what we can with what we have, and move on.

The general energy of 2014 is one of Abundance and I think there is a good probability of economic growth in the major Stock Markets. This positive change in our financial growth continues to expand into these next couple years.

One of the famous quotes of Nelson Mandela that inspires us to make the most of it this year, "Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do"

Chino Hills Community Center

Starmerge memorializes its support of  the new Chino Hills Community Center with a signature brick installed in the front entry walkway.  The scheduled Grand Opening is scheduled for February 8, 2014 at 14250 Peyton Drive in Chino Hills.           

For more information contact City of Chino Hills 

Known for its beautiful rural atmosphere, Chino Hills is a growing population of approximately 82,000  , 41 parks, and about 39 miles of trails.

Along the Southern and Western borders is the Chino Hills State Park known for miles and miles of hills, valleys and wildlife. There are coyote, deer, owls, raccoon's, skunks, opossums, rabbits, reptiles, and even some mountain lions have been spotted.

I established Starmerge.Com n this magnificent city in 1999 and throughout the years it has morphed several times only to return to its original format of services in Extra Sensory Perception.

Thank you for visiting my blog and joining me in this year's festivities.

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Happy New Year

Wishing You Continued Success  in this Year of Abundance


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Christmas 2013

The magic of this Christmas 2013 is there for everyone to tap into.  Fill your hearts and your home with the joy, the love, the prosperity, and amazing good health in your every thought.

Barbara Garcia

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Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday filled with love, good health, and prosperity this Thanksgiving 2013


Barbara Soblewski Garcia

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Find Out About the Origin of Halloween - The Night We Have Loads of Fun

Expert Author Doug O Taylor

By Doug O Taylor 

When it comes to celebrating holidays with imaginative costumes, nothing can surpass Halloween. As the day approaches every year on October 31, the excitement around Halloween tends to mount. It is the celebration of the things associated with the dead and the supernatural elements related to it such as ghosts, witches and other spiritual beings. However, the celebration of the haunted night is not without a meaning or justification and has roots of its own. The history of Halloween shows it to be a coinciding festivity of pagan rituals and Christian faith.

Origin of Halloween: With changing times, the celebrations and its meanings have changed. Now, Halloween is a secular community based holiday where kids get to do a lot of fun and tend to begin preparations from weeks ahead. Yet the roots of the festivity remain unforgotten. It dates back to over 2000 years ago when Celts had dominance. They celebrated their New Year's festival "Samhain" on October 31st every year. It was to celebrate and mark the end of summer season. They also believed that it was the day when the dead arise from their sleep and wander the land to possess the earthly souls. Thus to stay protected and secure from getting involved in any paranormal activity, the Celts dressed up as monsters, ghosts, witches and other supernatural elements they could think of. They put out all lights in their homes and went out as mischief makers. The basic idea was to stay protected from being haunted or possessed. The Celtic priests would also build bonfires and offer sacrifices. These rituals have faded leaving behind the carving of pumpkin and the costumes only for today's generation of Halloween traditions.

Honoring the supernatural: With the pagan rituals having toned down, the day found its new roots in America through Christianity when Irish celebrations of Halloween or the Hallow 'en (evening of the Hallow), celebrated on November 1st gained popularity. The word 'Hallow' in old English means 'saint'. Thus it is also known as All Saint's Day. It is a day when all the Christian saints are honored. While the next day is marked as All Soul's Day which honors all Christians who no longer live and were not saints. On All Hallows Eve or on Halloween, the Irish beggars went asking for money or food. Those who refused to give were threatened to be destroyed by the evil spirits and paranormal entities. This ritual of asking has continued invariably as today children wearing costumes carry lighted ornaments and go to people's houses to collect treats. The whole concept of trick or treat thing, telling haunted stories  makes it more fun and of course no one dares to forget to keep themselves stocked with soul-cakes, currant buns, chocolates, candies, pastries and goodies when they come knocking on the doors.

Thus it is not only coming up with new ideas for desserts, costumes and themes for Halloween party, it is the essence of respecting the dead as well as celebrating life that should be inculcated. We wish everyone a happy Halloween all year long!

The world is full of spectral delights and we strive to gather information for you on history of Halloween, haunted castles, haunted hotels, ghost towns and other spooky places. If you are looking for more information on such topics, doing some research on supernatural occurrences, or just curious about the paranormal, feel free to visit our website at []

Article Source: [] Find Out About the Origin of Halloween - The Night We Have Loads of Fun

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The Love Frequency - Law of Attraction

Expert Author Luke Russell Broad

By Luke Russell Broad 

Why is it that news channels report all of the bad in the world but very little of the good? Why is it that newspapers compete for the most dramatic headline? Why is it that television programmes and films mostly involve murder, revenge, violence and depression? Why is it that soap operas increase their ratings by showing more dramatic storylines? Why is it that the mainstream media and television programming shows nothing that suggests you are a free, miraculous being of unconditional love that is connected with all that is? Why is it that the mainstream media and television programming does not highlight all of the healings that take place and all of the examples of love that people show one another in various ways? And why is it that the mainstream media and television programming does not acknowledge that we are powerful creators?

The mainstream media and television programming seem to only disempower people and it seems as though the masses are drawn to disempowerment. In other words, the masses are drawn to drama, depression, violence and chaos. This shows the general mindset of the masses. They are drawn to drama, depression, violence and chaos only because they have a mental programme that causes them to perceive reality in the way that they do. Their existing perception of reality perpetuates their existing mental programming and their mental programming perpetuates their perception of reality. This is the cycle. What are you drawn to? What is your perception of reality? Do you continuously see examples of unconditional love and unity, or of separateness and limitation? Whilst examples of separateness and limitation exist, there are far more examples of love and unity. But what you see more of depends on your mental programming.

In order to see something different, either in our lives or in the world, we must first believe in something different. This is where many people go wrong. The average person will say, "Show me something different and then I will believe in it" and so they do not see anything different because their mental programming has not changed. When we truly believe in something different, however, then we have changed our mental programming and we will see something different.

What this means is that in order to see more unconditional love, forgiveness, harmony, peace and unity in our lives and in the world, we must truly believe in unconditional love, forgiveness, harmony, peace and unity. And saying that you believe in something does not mean that you actually believe it. True belief is not expressed through words, it is expressed through a frequency. All emotion is expressed through a frequency and we all unconsciously pick up on one another's frequencies.

Studies in recent years have shown that the heart emits a frequency - a three hundred and sixty degree electromagnetic pulse. When we feel love, the heart's electromagnetic frequency is high. When we feel anger, the heart's electromagnetic frequency is low. Belief and unconditional love is a frequency in which we must learn to operate. When we operate in the frequency of unconditional love and belief, we will see things that match that frequency - we will see more examples of unconditional love and more reasons to believe.

The more people that operate within the frequency of unconditional love, belief and harmony, the more examples there will be of unconditional love and harmony and the more reasons there will be to believe. Imagine millions and millions of people worldwide operating in the frequency of unconditional love, belief and harmony. Imagine how much will change in the world. We can offer physical help to people in whatever way we can, but on a larger scale, we can help people and positively influence the world from wherever we are - we are that powerful and it's time that we start waking up to our true power. In reality, we can positively influence the world and help people simply by operating in a high frequency of unconditional love, belief and harmony and encouraging others to do the same.

So, the question to ask yourself is, "Am I ready to stop accepting the low frequency (the low consciousness) reality shown by the mainstream media and television programming and begin operating in a higher frequency (a higher consciousness) by believing in something different?" If you believe you are ready, then switch off your television set, stop reading the newspapers and start changing your belief system.

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The Quantum Physics of Relationships

By  Ali Bierman 

One person can save a failing romantic relationship. No couples therapy necessary.


Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy in motion. Put those two concepts together and you cannot refute the fact that your thoughts lead to your emotions that lead to your unique world, the reality each individual creates.

You know the question, "Is the glass half full or half empty?" Your response reveals how you run your head.

Do you see the good side of life or the bad side?

Does your focus hone in on what serves you and brings you happiness and health? Or do you misuse your imagination thinking about painful past events and create pictures of even more frightening and disappointing circumstances in your future?

Whichever you choose to see is the one you will live. Guaranteed.

Ah yes, quantum physics further explains that the observer influences the result. The mood you experience when you make your observation totally determines the outcome.

Think of it this way...

In a scientific experiment the scientist poses a hypothesis, predicting a specific outcome of the experiment. Then he observes what happens, interprets his data, and writes up the results he observed.

Two things to know:

1. The scientist sees what he expects and accepts to see and literally is blind to other outcomes--not intentionally. just how the mind works unless a conscious effort is made to include ALL possible outcomes, including those never anticipated and seemingly unrelated to the issue under scrutiny.

2. The scientist, by having a desired expectation, influences the result, increasing the chances of verifying his hypothesis.

How do you apply that knowledge in your own life?

Did you ever know someone diagnosed with a tumor (it showed up in a number of tests) who, on the way to the surgical procedure envisioned herself as all healed and then, when final tests were done just before the surgery (to verify where to operates) all tests showed negative? No more tumor. Remarkably the tumor previously revealed on earlier tests also disappeared.

Your mood influences what you will read in the unopened letter, in the status of the gift you sent across the ocean, on the phone call you've been waiting for, in the diagnosis from the doctor, etc.

In fact, scientific tests showed that item A, placed in a package and mailed overseas, somehow mutated during shipment into an item B matching the item B at the receiving end which was originally an item A BEFORE the package shipped.

That research is not new. Many similar experiments verify what quantum physicists verified over the years. Thoughts, as conscious or subconscious intentions, are powerful energies that affect outcomes for people, objects, and events.

Now you know why you do not need couples therapy to move a failing relationship to an amazing one of partnership. Only one person does the work and influences the other just using her own energy to heal herself and send love both to him and to the relationship as a separate entity.

And when you are ready to create the proven winning habits that move you forward on your spiritual journey
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Rev. Ali Bierman, Your Guide On Your Spiritual Journey

Article Source: [] The Quantum Physics of Relationships

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Castle Ghosts of Wales - Real Life Welsh Hauntings

By Ben H Wright Platinum Quality Author

There are many castles in Wales that have acquired a reputation for being haunted. These castles were often the settings for terrible crimes and immense suffering, their long and troubled histories inevitably providing fertile ground for paranormal phenomena. The following looks at some of the hauntings associated with these castles, including Margam Castle, Powis Castle and Gwydir Castle.

An entry in the diary of John Hay Williams from 1829 relates how a human skeleton was once discovered during renovation work at Bodelwyddan Castle in North Wales. No one could ascertain the identity of this skeleton so it was re-interred into the walls of the castle, where it remains to this day. The unsettling presence of this walled-up skeleton has led to it becoming connected with two phantom females occasionally seen at the castle, one called the Blue Lady and the other the Victorian Lady. Among the other ghosts at Bodelwyddan is the 'Cellar Man', a malevolent spectre believed to reside in the castle's labyrinthine basement. Apparently this ghost is of a somewhat misogynistic bent, being in the habit of regularly terrorizing the female staff at Bodelwyddan Castle.

Margam Castle near Port Talbot in South Wales has a reputation for all manner of unearthly happenings. This distinctly Gothic mansion is situated in Margam Country Park, sharing land with the ruins of a 12th century abbey, itself reputedly frequented by ghostly Cistercian monks. The house itself is rumoured to be haunted by the vengeful spectre of a former gamekeeper who was murdered on the grounds by a poacher in 1898. His ghost has been witnessed ascending the central staircase. The spirit of Emily Charlotte Talbot, a former owner of Margam Castle, is also said to still walk the grand halls and eerie corridors of this creepy Victorian mansion.

A powerful family in Welsh history was the Wynn dynasty whose ancestral home was Gwydir Castle, a fortified Tudor manor house in North Wales. A Wynn baronet is said to have made a startling deathbed confession where he admitted to having murdered a young woman in his youth, burying her remains behind a wall at Gwydir Castle. This unnerving revelation relates to accounts of a Grey Lady who has been occasionally glimpsed at the castle since the 19th century, one of a number of phantoms said to haunt the castle. Witnesses describe encountering this apparition within a room known as the 'Ghost Room' as well as an adjoining corridor. They say that she is accompanied by a severe drop in temperature and the most unholy stench, like that of a decomposing corpse.

There have been numerous reports of supernatural activity at Powis Castle over the years, although arguably the most intriguing story is that of an interactive ghost. In 1780, an itinerant spinner was staying at this 13th century stronghold. The woman had been lodged in a large room on the ground floor and soon after she had finished admiring its handsome furnishings, a well-dressed man suddenly entered her chamber. He walked around a while before exiting the way he arrived, leaving the woman somewhat confused as to his identity - the family being currently away from the castle. When the mysterious stranger reappeared the woman became convinced he was an apparition. On the third time he entered she apparently mustered the courage and actually spoke to the spirit, claiming he answered back. Other hauntings at Powis Castle include a sinister woman in black and the dulcet tones of an unseen piano.

Regarded as one of the most haunted buildings in Britain, the huge Victorian-Gothic mansion, Craig-y-Nos, is allegedly home to numerous ghosts. The main part of the castle was built in the early 1840s for the Powell family who were plagued with illness and tragic accidents. In 1878 Craig-y-Nos was purchased by the acclaimed soprano Adelina Patti whose ghost has apparently been witnessed throughout the whole property. The castle is also supposedly haunted by the opera singer's second husband, as well as the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini. Patti died in 1919 and the property became a sanatorium for tuberculosis sufferers a few years later. Some of the spectres at Craig-y-Nos are thought to be the ghosts of former patients who perished at the castle.

Interested in reading more about the castle ghosts of Wales? Then why not visit my website, []Haunted Realms, for more information on the []haunted castles of Wales, and other buildings in the British Isles with a reputation for the supernatural.

Ben Wright is an independent scholar and researcher. He is the Webmaster of Haunted Realms.

Article Source: [] The Castle Ghosts of Wales - Real Life Welsh Hauntings