Friday, September 21, 2007

Psychic Traveler

Psychic Traveler
By Barbara Garcia

Having the ability to project consciousness opens fascinating experiences in traveling around the world without leaving home. Explore the ancient pyramids of Egypt, discover the galaxies, or walk along beautiful beaches in remote locations. You may even exchange information with other psychic travelers along your journey.

For some people, psychic traveling is an out of body experience while others are in an out of body dream. Moving outside your body is also called Astral Projection. In whatever mode the traveler moves about the universe, one thing is for sure, the adventure is incredible.

In the beginning of any new form of learning, whether expanding the mind or learning to swim, the first experience may be a little scary. Once the initial fears are overcome, a whole new dimension to your life awaits. If you are squeamish at the idea of possibly floating in mid air or perhaps viewing your physical body from outside your body then psychic traveling may not be right for you. The worse case scenario for new psychic travelers is a quick return to your body like a jolt accompanied by a loud bang or flash or brilliant light.

If you are ready to try psychic traveling, I am happy to be your guide. The following instructions will get you started. I am suggesting that you begin your journey at bed time. When you are comfortable in your psychic travels, then go ahead and cast caution to the wind, travel any where at any time of the day or night. (Don’t be surprised to see me traveling along side of you).

All Aboard:

1. Get yourself comfortable. Lay on your back with your arms and palms at your side. Begin relaxing your body starting with the toes all the way up to your neck and face muscles. Your body will feel heavier and heavier.

2. Focus your concentration on your breathing. The slow rhythmic motion of deep breathing will relax you further into a deep altered state of mind while alert. Focus your thoughts on the center of your forehead.

3. Now visualize in your mind, your duplicate (spirit) in images of sunlight, light as feathers floating upwards. You now feel two sensations; one is of your physical body, heavy like a lump of clay. The other sensation is of the weightlessness and freedom of your spirit. Your eyes remain closed, yet you are aware of the room around you. Notice the color, it may seem as though there is a purple hue in the darkness. Now focus your attention on the center of the ceiling.

4. Visualize in your mind the center of the ceiling drawing closer to you and as you do this, you are aware of floating in your spirit body. You may even see your body lying peacefully below you on your bed.

5. Move upward through the ceiling and out into the world, visit friends or locations. You will return when you are ready with just a simple thought of returning.

Have a wonderful trip!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One Way Street

One Way Street
By Barbara Garcia

Photo by Sophia

Everyone has the freedom of choice in the area of extra sensory perception, whether or not to use it professionally or personally. The psychic lifestyle is one of mobility, a clean and livable environment that includes the personal freedom to explore the world, the afterlife, time travel, themselves and those around them. Successful psychic lifestyles are not just for an elite few, they are available to anyone who has a desire to achieve through their own psychic talents and gifts.

It is through accepting and developing our sixth sense that transformations of thought and consciousness change our lives. However, once we begin to use our sixth sense, there is no turning back; the psychic function continues to evolve on a one way street. When our reactions to life events are perceived through the sixth sense so are the solutions. The nature and quality of life then follows with a powerful psychic charge that ignites positive change.

Psychic Empowerment equates to rich rewards; manage troubled situations easily and effortlessly, flow through busy schedules with a subtle, precise charm. It will appear that luck seems to surround every circumstance of life miraculously. A psychic lifestyle is not a coincidence or something by accident, it is created.

There are several spheres of illumination that the psychic apprentice will experience as each skill is mastered and controlled. Each of these spheres hold lessons that the psychic will follow and intuit as road signs such as a trend, shift or a flow of energy to see where it leads. Some of these lessons move the awareness to higher levels of intuition while others tend to educate and expand our consciousness, for example; it is possible to perceive information at a classroom, school, or university through remote viewing.

Mind over matter is a fascinating subject in which the developing psychic will discern in life experiences that highlight psychokinesis. The quality and content of these experiences are key advantages in every facet of life.

The implications of a one way street to psychic success are clear. The only stop sign on this street is the one you create but it is only a rest stop. What are next on the horizon of psychic development are multiple degrees of dimensional hemispheres yet to be explored.

There are many schools in metaphysics to choose that offer psychic development. Private, individual classes and training is also available through psychic teachers who are there to aid and coach students in person as well as online participation.