Thursday, September 24, 2015

Autumn Leaves - Color Therapy for the Lower Chakras

Expert Author Sandy Freschi

Autumn is  time for getting grounded, and the changing colors of the leaves activate the chakras which help us to do just that. Since color is an outward expression of the vibrational frequencies which make up all things, color therapists use various colors to activate the frequencies which help heal a person's body or inspire a sense of well being and action. The person receiving the color therapy is exposed to certain colors or is asked to surround themselves with the colors (vibrational frequencies) they need. Often these correspond to the chakra system, and the colors being used activate and strengthen the energy of the chakras which fortify the body mind and spirit in specific ways. Isn't it great that the "Master Color Therapist" has built this right into the changing of the seasons, so we would have what we need in nature to nourish our systems and work in harmony with the natural world.

The lower three chakras provide us with the life-force energy to function effectively in the physical world, and autumn is the season when we naturally turn our attention to the practical matters of the physical world, to the reaping of what we have sown and preparing to go inward for the winter months. This corresponds to the yellow of the solar plexus chakra, the orange of the sacral chakra and the red of the root chakra. Here's how:

The solar plexus chakra, whose vibrational frequency is interpreted as the color yellow, provides us with the energy to feel good about what we do and act from a place of internal power. This is the time of year when we begin to reflect on the fruits of our efforts; when we take stock of he goals we are accomplishing and feel good, or make adjustments so that we can feel good about them. That's why many people go back to school at this time or take other actions to insure that they move toward their intended desires.

The sacral chakra, which is associated with the vibration of orange, is the energy center of creation and manifestation. Anatomically it is located in the same region as where babies are created and gestated. This energy also fuels our other creations in life. Without it we wouldn't be able to bring our dreams and desires into fruition. When related to the season of autumn, the second chakra is the harvest chakra. It's vitality allows us to materialize our desires in front of our eyes, much like when the seeds which were sown in spring materialize into fruits and vegetables in the fall.

The root chakra, which vibrates at the frequency of the color red, is our power center for getting "stuff" done. Its energy is primal, related to survival and the rules which governed us eons ago when our primary focus was finding shelter and getting the next meal. Nowadays most of us take our basic needs for granted, but the fear which used to keep us safe when we were more primitive, becomes an impediment to working with the root chakra energy in the modern world. When fear takes over it often takes the form of procrastination and immobilization. When you ignore or deny it, the symptoms get worse, and the root chakra becomes more and more sluggish and unable to support our ability to function in practical ways. In the recent Self-Healing Circle we focused on this, and received valuable tools to work with fear and mobilize the root chakra energy.

When a person is described as being "ungrounded", they are often seen as being unable to focus and be productive. This is due to the inability to access the qualities of life-force energy which are available through the lower three chakras. Autumn is a time to regain that grounding by walking in nature and absorbing the yellows, oranges and reds of the leaves on the trees. If you are feeling ungrounded, go outside before the last leaf falls and revitalize yourself with the color therapy nature has provided.

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