Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Psychic Overload Recovery

"Psychic Overload Recovery" is a journal entry based on recent life experiences by Barbara Garica.

Photo: Time Lapse by Ali Vasquez

Interacting with multidimensional realities, telepathic influx, and other-worldly intrusions can cause a tremendous imbalance and disruption in the daily routine of life especially when trying to stay rational in the midst of phone calls, email, faxes and the door bell. Not to mention being super mom or dad in addition to taking care of the senior citizen setting in your living room. Sound familiar? If so, then you are a developed psychic on the brink of overload which can cause your ESP function to temporarily shutdown. When this occurs your mind is foggy, your senses dulled to the point of feeling like a zombie. You go through your day without being present.

Weather you are a professional psychic with a busy practice or a psychic climbing the corporate ladder in disguise, here is some advice that just might bring back some balance in your life. Close your agenda and clear yourself of any and all distractions. The sooner you prioritize the wellness of the psychic function in your mind as the body, the better your life will be, the more comfortable you’ll feel, and the deeper you will sleep.

If there is anyone in your life that is capable of counsel, you are very lucky. You can upload and transmit psychic experiences and voyages in the presence of a flesh and blood, non judgmental human being. The majority of us do not have such a person in our lives; we have become our own counselor.

I have found the best recovery from psychic overload is to consciously launch my mind into the darkness, the nothingness, adrift in the stillness of space. Even a few seconds of psi stillness eases the demands of my psychic lifestyle. Once the quiet has enveloped every nook and cranny of your being, you begin to experience that blessed “detachment” of all those previous concerns. When this occurs, you are on the road to recovery. No more panic, no more feeling overwhelmed.

Everything will get better in your life as soon as you incorporate a minimum of 5 minutes of solitude in your daily schedule. Even your relationships with the kids or your spouse will improve. As to all the mistakes you think you made at the office, on your computer, god forbid- your bank account, don’t worry, everything will get straightened out. With one foot firmly rooted in the non- physical and one foot firmly rooted in the physical worlds, you once again walk in harmony with your destiny path.