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2008 Gut Feeling Predictions

In addition to my annual predictions for 2008 that were published in on Starmerge at: , it is a joy to post the following 5 National Predictions by my brother, John of North Carolina.

Photo: (C)2007 Painting by Ali Vasquez

2008 Gut Feeling Predictions
John Lowe

1. The financial crisis will worsen and will become even more widespread affecting markets worldwide. It is like a giant snowball rolling downhill gathering more snow as it goes. However, it will eventually bottom-out and then markets will gradually begin to rebuild. This process may take a couple of years.

2. Hillary Clinton will get the Democratic nomination for President. Barack Obama will receive a strong second place win while others will straggle far behind.

3. The Republican party will continue to flounder but Rudy Giuliani will narrowly receive his party's nomination for President. His primary support will come from the big money states, such as, New York, Florida, Texas and California, and they should be enough to carry his nomination.

4. Hillary Clinton will be elected to become the next President of the U.S. by a wide margin - I'm feeling between 60 - 70 percent of the electoral vote. However, I'm also feeling a possibility of her developing some health issues from either natural or unnatural causes at some point during the year. I can't tell how serious these issues will be but I feel she will get through them. While I feel most Americans support her, I also feel danger from the right-wing radical side.

5. Everything else I feel will be pretty much a repeat of 2007. There will of course be a lot of worldwide political posturing and a bit of shoving back and forth going on but I don't feel anything truly significant will come out of 2008, at least not on the world political scene. I feel like the whole world is collectively holding its breath - waiting in anticipation and in hope of something better - but it will not happen in 2008.

Well - this is the way I see it.

Happy New Year,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

2008 Psychic Predictions on Starmerge

Happy Holidays from the contributors to Psi Journal to you. We wish you and yours good health and happiness during this beautiful holiday season and for the coming year.

Our staff psychic, Barbara Garcia has completed her annual predictions and has been sent out for syndication this week but can now be viewed on Starmerge (just follow this link)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gerry-A Boy With Autism Who Surprised Staffers With His Unsolicited Messages

By Mary Ann Harrington Expert Author

Jerry was a verbal student with autism. He had a photographic memory that he often used to memorize information about favored movie stars. Jerry was a very social kid and loved to say hello to others throughout the school. He often initiated conversations by providing rote compliments to the person he wished to interact with. When working with him to on academics, it was important to break everything down line by line, otherwise he became overwhelmed and seemingly lost in tangents relating to his personal agenda.

One day, out of the blue, Jerry said to a member of the staff: “Is your husband’s name Gregory Garner?” The staff member said, “No, but that is my father’s name.” Another time the same staffer was working with Jerry and a few other boys in a small group. One of the other students had just been released form the hospital, and they were talking about the hospital he had been in. The staffer then went on to say that there were other hospitals in Milwaukee. Gerry then said, “I know, you went to another hospital on Sunday because your father, Gregory Garner, had a heart stroke on Saturday.” She was taken aback, because it was true that her father Gregory Garner had a heart attack on Saturday and she had gone to visit him in the hospital on Sunday. Jerry provided these unsolicited remarks with others too. He would usually have the names right, but the relationship wrong; he might say brother name when he meant father and so on.

Since he demonstrated this special ability, I wanted to see if he seemed to have some of the abilities of my nonverbal kids, so I randomly put colored blocks behind his head. He could identify all of them. He was also able to send the colors to another student as I had done for him. I was in proximity so I am not sure if that variable had an effect. I then tried it through a seven-foot opaque partition and he was just as successful. Later I found he could also correctly identify colors over the phone, as could several other students in my class. I wondered if it was the intensity of our connection and lack of interfering stimuli from others that allowed for our success over a distance. We were about five miles apart and both using landlines.

Although he was successful when the category was limited; for example, requesting colors, he did not have the ability of my non-verbal students who could type any word or sentence, I deliberately sent to them. I noticed the same need for category by the other verbal students; for example, I would have to specify I was looking for a color, number, or shape.

Lessons I learned from Jerry:

• Some kids are able to give unsolicited information that was not received through ordinary channels.
• Some verbal kids are receptive to thought sending if the information is limited by category: colors, numbers, and shapes. Nonverbal kids do not seem as limited as they can type letter by letter what you send them.
• Some kids are not dependent on proximity control but can receive information through telephone lines.

Some kids can send to other kids if limited by a category.

I have served as a teacher of individuals with autism for 18 years. What they have taught me was to be sure of nothing, and open myself to the extraordinary. Please check our other anecdotes if you are interested in reading more about these remarkable individuals.

Mary Ann Harrington

Saturday, December 01, 2007

*** I'M BACK***

Photos: The first was taken of the charred hillside along side the road. I snaped the second photo of Richard and Gigi stretching their legs after the long drive.

Hello Everyone,

I am very happy to share this fabulous book review by LA's The Place Magazine on my first day back at Starmerge. I am so happy, I have butterflies in my tummy. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Julian, California

When it comes to celebrating the holidays there is no place like the quaint little historic town of Julian, California to bring out the Santa in all of us. The population is approximately 300 with Holiday traditions dating back a little over 100 years.

I am very pleased to report that the San Diego fire storms spared this little town from devastation. The winding mountain roads leading to the little town were lined with blackened and charred hillsides. It was sad to see clearings of what was once stood a home. It was so inspiring to me to hear how positive the residents spoke of their horrific experience.

You know, we can all count our blessings this year for what we have, who we were and who we have become through all the turmoils of 2007 as well as all the blessings. I for one am so thankful for this gift of life and my rapid healing. Thank you for your prayers, blessings, and well wishes throughout my leave of absence.

Holiday Shopping

Our online Starmerge shop features Prophecy Prints for special occasions as Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarmings. Our new book store is open each and every day of the year with " 7 Oracles Prophecy and Tools for Empowerment" and "Psychic Empowerment Workbook" available in both paperback and e-book.

Help Wanted

We are looking for that special someone take Starmerge products to market. We are open to new proposals but are focused on those markets such as Target and/or Wall Mart. For further information please contact me at

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Outing - Precious Memories

By Sophia

Photo by Ali Vasquez
Published 2007 "7 ORACLES, Prophecy and Tools for Empowerment

Thursday, November 24, Barbara Garcia is taking Starmerge on a Thanksgiving getaway to observe autumn, spend a thankful day at her favorite Mt. Palomar picnic ground and record the aftermath of the 2007 California Firestorms for reference files. Other areas to be recorded will include both Mesa Grande and La Jolla Indian Reservations. The psychic predicted the fires in Southern California over 7 years ago in 1998. It was significant to her because at that time she could not perceive when this disaster would take place, now that it has; she believes it to be an omen in her forecast of global events.

Although Barbara is still recuperating, she will participate in light hiking and plenty of food preparation on the night before. Being a long term vegetarian, the menu this year sounds delicious.

• Raw broccoli salad
• Pumpkin stuffed with wild rice dressing
• Baked sweet potatoes (no goop in this recipe)
• Cranberry, Orange relish
• Mashed potatoes with mitake mushroom gravy
• Desert is a special raw non-pumpkin, pumpkin pie ( it has carrot juice in it )
* Reggiano Lambrusco is lovely soft red table wine that will accent this vegetarian feast especially imported via Trader Joes from Le Grotte vineyards.

The history of visiting Mt. Palomar and the Indian Reservations on Thanksgiving Day goes back to her husband, Richard Garcia, who had been drawn to the areas since a child. In the year 1978 he found much more than he ever imagined on a brisk Thanksgiving Day hike along the forest path. There she was, the love of his life, sitting on a fallen Oak that crossed a rushing brook. She was in a deep meditation, she didn’t even know that the man she would marry was standing before her…or did she?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

P.S. If you have any questions or if I can help you while Barbara is on leave, please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Brief Recess For In-House Psychic

By Sophia
Photo By Ali Vasquez

Starmerge has called a brief writing recess for the in-house psychic Barbara Garcia following the California fires. Although her area did not get hit, the surrounding raging fires funneled smoldering smoke and ash into her canyon for days.

Barbara and her staff of three, Gigi, Miss Kitty, and Richard Garcia assessed orders and clients on a one on one basis during the days and nights of the fire storms. “There is really only so much I can do under the circumstances; I need a break from breathing all this pollution”.

Asthma and other lung complaints have plagued Barbara for a number of years and a serious episode sparked by the California fire storms left the psychic coughing and gasping for air. As if led by a guardian Angel and psychic SOS signals, Barbara’s clientele in the fields of medicine began to call in to schedule a reading. When learning of her condition, medical assistance was made available for her instantaneous.

I am happy to inform you that she is now recovering and recuperating wonderfully. The support continues to flow to her from associated medical fields such as massage therapies, nutritional and alternative health during her recuperation. Barbara will resume her writing next month.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Remembering and Intuiting Dreams

Remembering and Intuiting Dreams
By Barbara Garcia

Photo by Richard Garcia

In order to intuit your dreams fully, you will need to train your mind to remember them. Strong dream patterns and symbols that are reoccurring are significant intuitive codes that signal your cognitive state. Remembering your dreams can be tricky because the moment you awaken and get out of bed, your dreams fade away.

Catching a good night’s sleep with the use of drugs is not the best way to remember and intuit your dreams. Natural, restful sleep is healthier than drug-induced sleep and allows genuine dream monitoring to occur. Sleep medications not only make you feel groggy when you wake up but also influences night mares and disquieted dreams.

The best way to train your mind to remember your dreams is being aware of the first segment of dream pictures. These occur when you are drifting off. At this moment simply tell yourself that you are aware that you are dreaming. Also tell yourself that you will remember your dreams when you awaken. Do these every night as you fall asleep, mentally repeating these statements over and over as you go deeper into sleep. It is much better than counting sheep or taking a sleeping medication.

It is also a good idea to keep on a regular slumber schedule. Preparation for relaxation may include a warm bath, listening to soothing music, or meditation. Eating meals before bedtime will interfere with your relaxation and sleep program. Alcohol is not recommended nor is smoking.

Keep a journal or tape recorder on your bed stand. You will train your mind to awaken following every dream and jot down your dream, you will be scribbling but that is fine. If you have a tape recorder that is voice activated, then train your mind to verbalize your dreams as you have them. Training on a regular basis, night after night for about a month is all it will take to have control over remembering your dreams. You may even want to go deeper into lucid dreaming later.

Ask a question before retiring and find your answers in your dreams when you are awake. You can do this by analyzing your own dream symbols and keeping a good record. Within about 6 months you will have created your own dream library. Looking at published dream libraries can give you an idea but it is better to intuit the workings of your dream world yourself and not be influenced by someone else’s ideas. For example, I often dream of houses. I also do a lot of inner work; therefore a house in my dream represents my inner world. But to someone else it may actually represent a future home.

The most significant aspect is to be patient and be persistent. You will gradually find it easy to recall your dreams and intuit their meaning.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Alex - The Boy Who Insisted on Facing North

Alex - The Boy Who Insisted on Facing North
By Mary Ann Harrington

I had the habit of referring to the kids in my class as my angels. Even in that altered realm, Alex seemed a bit more otherworldly. Thus, I referred to him as my “Archangel.” At other times “Wild Man” or “Roadrunner” seemed to suffice. When I first met Alex, he climbed on everything and seemed to prefer to walk on tables.

Unlike many of my students who were hyper-sensitive to sensory input, Alex appeared to be hypo-sensitive. He did not appear to feel his body enough. Each morning, he would run up and down the cafeteria, it appeared to me that he needed to do this to feel his body. Most people interpreted his incessant running as hyper-activity. I interpreted it as hypo-activity.

He was on medicine for hyperactivity, which never quite made sense to me. It appeared to me that his hyperactive movements were needed to feed his hypo-active system. Although medicine temporarily appeared to calm him down, it also appeared to exacerbate his movement disturbances. Often, if Alex improved in one area, he showed decreased function in another. For example, his fine motor movements would improve—he would be able to copy words and pictures—but at the same time he would get stuck executing gross motor patterns; sometimes he could not even put on his coat, or feed himself. I remember him getting stuck on the way to the serving line in the cafeteria or on his way to the bathroom. Usually a slight push would get him started again. It was reminiscent of the scenes in the movie “Awakenings.”

Alex often looked up at the sky as if he were seeing things that were invisible to the rest of us. He seemed totally entranced with whatever it was that caught his attention.

Alex appeared to be controlling himself from outside his body. When required to select correct responses from a field of choices, it was as if his spirit was controlling his body from above as his arms awkwardly reached out to select the correct response without even the quick peripheral sideways glance. He was invariably correct. It was amazing!

In the fall of 2001, right after 9-11, Alex was going through puberty and seemed to take a turn for the worse. His behavior, which was always intriguing, became astonishing and alarming. Alex had always been a compulsive eater. Now, he refused to take in any nutrition. He would bring a favored snack item to his lips and then push it away. Even more frightening, he refused to drink water. Throughout the day, he would run from the room find a position and face north. Often his arms would be at his sides with his palms outstretched similar to what you see in religious statues. At other times after finding his preferred spot he would assume Muslim prayer position on the floor, hands at sides and head bowed forward. Of course, he was always facing north.

Facing north became an obsession. If headed north, Alex walked forward. If headed south, he insisted on walking backward. When headed east or west, he walked sideways, so his eyes were always facing north. When we were on our daily walks through the woods, he adjusted his stance to always insure that he was facing north, turning from side to side as he twisted and turned on the meandering trails. I often thought about it, but I never did attach a compass to his head to see how close to north he was able to maintain.

Another amazing thing Alex did during this time was spontaneously jump up from a seated position, step on the narrow back of a typical classroom chair. As frightening as it was to witness, Alex seemed to know the exact fulcrum point and never once did I witness the chair even slightly tipping.

The situation was obviously out of control. His mother and I, fearful of him not taking in enough liquid amongst other things, had him admitted to the county mental health complex for evaluation. His medication was changed and his newly adopted odd behaviors began to slowly subside. Most importantly, he began to drink and eat again.

Alex eventually became very proficient at using PECS. The first time he really seemed to get it, was in February, the second year he was in my class. It finally clicked that if he gave me the picture of the candy heart, he would actually get a candy heart. Soon after that initial realization, he was selecting the correct pictures from a huge field of choices. At the time, I had all my walls covered with strips of Velcro with Mayer-Johnson pictures attached, and I had put them in categories. This way, I would always have the pictures handy for visual cuing. It helped the kids search and recognize categories.

One of my memories of Alex was the day he selected a picture of a stick of butter, a picture of a nut, and a picture of a quarter. I was totally confused, but the picture of the quarter made me think of the vending machine as I remembered that he had run into the teacher’s lounge earlier in the day. I took him to the vending machine to see if this combination of tickets made any sense. Sure enough, there was a package of "NutterButter" cookies.

Although Alex could now spontaneously use PECS and could copy printed sentences on his own and at the computer, he could not generate any typed or written communication on his own. He needed the visual provided by PECS and Speaking Dynamically Pro. Our last year together, he was finally able to initiate by drawing pictures He began to finally initiate by drawing some to designate desired snack items he wanted.

After I was no longer Alex’s teacher, I planned to visit his class. I decided to get him some favored treats to see if he would draw pictures to request them. The night before, as I was in the supermarket, I was thinking of him as I selected the items. I got him a few fish candies, a tiny pack of chocolate chip cookies, and a tiny pack of donuts along with his beloved butter cookies. The next day I visited his class, but I forgot about the treats and left them in the car. When I was about to leave his classroom, I told him I had some butter cookies for him in the car and would bring them in. I drew a picture of the butter cookie as I handed it to him. To my utter shock, he took the piece of paper, drew a circle and put marks in it to indicate the chocolate chip cookies. He then drew a donut and a triangle with a spine through it, which I assumed indicated the fish candy. It was if he had said, “Don’t forget the chocolate chip cookies, the donuts and the fish candy!”

How did he know what was in my car? Was it because I was thinking of him so intently while I was selecting the items the night before? Or was he capable of remote viewing? I don’t know! It is one more reason for his nickname. “Archangel”

Lessons I learned from Alex:

• Some children may possibly direct their bodies from outside themselves.

• Some children may see things that we cannot see.

• Some children can select correct responses without ever appearing to look at the material through their own eyes.

• Some children may be sensitive to directionality or magnetic fields.

• Some children may demonstrate an ability to balance way beyond the capability of typical children.

• Some children’s fine and gross motor capabilities fluctuate and change.

• Some children have extreme discipline when insisting on doing what they believe is best for self-organization.

• Some children develop strategies to make their bodies work.

• Some children may have developed ability for remote viewing.

• Some children are their own best doctors and therapists.

I have served as a teacher of individuals with autism for 18 years. What they have taught me was to be sure of nothing, and open myself to the extraordinary. My emphasis in my anecdotes of the children and my articles is the currently unexplainable phenomena I have encountered.

Mary Ann Harrington

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Altered States of Inner Mind

Altered States of Inner Mind
By Barbara Garcia

Altered states of consciousness are known to be induced through hypnosis, ecstasy, meditation, trance and other circumstances that produce euphoria. These sublime states stimulate visions and messages of profound significance through magnificent writings and works of art as found in the works of Shakespeare or Bach.

Without falling into a category of superstition, altered states of consciousness may actually be a part of the human condition. Accessing information in this reservoir of greater knowledge may also stimulate our greater intentions.

Serious documented studies in altered states of consciousness began in the early 1970s at the Monroe Laboratories. These early pioneers took on tedious assignments in design experiments that resulted in the development of technology for creating specific altered states.

There are essentially four states brain wave activity that have been scientifically studied- beta, alpha, theta and delta. Our alert waking states is the beta function and is measured at 20 cycles per second. Lower brain wave frequency of approximately 15 cycles per second and lower take us into the alpha state; this is a right brain function. Theta and delta states are associated with sleep, although deep trance and meditative states of consciousness is accessible in theta. Intuition is a right brain activity and engaged through the alpha state.

Performance in altered states is noted by some of the world’s greatest minds such as the works of Albert Einstein who allocated deep relaxation of his mind. Interestingly, it is reported that he came up with his theory of relativity while sunbathing. Other great thinkers such as Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison employed similar relaxation techniques.

Mediums and psychics of varied sensitivity and expertise access information through the alpha and theta states at will. It is also common to hear authors and artist speak of a zone in which information flows through them as they work. They speak of it similar to explanations presented by trance mediums and psychics.

Sound wave technologies are a popular method of inducing altered states. Musical formulas that mask binaural beat frequencies in the four brain wave functions are a well- regarded approach to blissful states of harmonic brain and body function. Mechanical devices and instruments in EEG biofeedback are also available in support of altered state performance.

Visual experiences of a sunset, the repetitious sounds of the ocean or the rain drops on a window sill are hypnotic in nature and produce the same effects as mechanical devices.

Research and technologies serve as an opportunity to explore and develop control over the different regions of altered states for anyone. We also have available guided meditations that induce relaxation and deepening levels to enhance our overall healing and renewal abilities.

All of us hold within the power and resources to create or re-pattern our brainwaves to follow our intentions whether we use a mechanical device or the visual and sound disciplines of Mother Nature. These blissful states of awareness are proven to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities and take us even further into unprecedented states of higher mind and intention. We each have within the power to raise our personal energy levels to match those higher frequencies through the emotions we feel behind our thoughts and words.

Our desires and intentions for our life and the world manifest through altered states of our inner mind. Utopias of Camelot or Shangri-La are created and manifested through altered states of inner mind.

As we continue to develop and evolve through altered states of inner mind, we will one day be able to walk anywhere, speak to anyone, be in any state or country in complete safety.

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Practical Psychokinesis

Practical Psychokinesis
By Barbara Garcia

There will always be a place for practical psychokinesis in our fast paced, high tech society that we have become so accustomed. The physical nature of psychokinesis is a manipulation of concentrated mental energy focused upon an inanimate object. Bending metals may not be a practical daily application but ‘warm forming’ is great for opening tightly sealed jars, doing a temporary fix for a leaky faucet, or turning those long stop lights green and a multitude of other jobs that take time or muscle to get done.

Back in the 1980’s, researcher, Jack Hauck began holding PK parties throughout the United States. The parties proved to millions of people that the ability to manipulate metals is within all of us. The mystery of metal bending began to dissolve as people in all walks of life began to explore this phenomenon. Those ground breaking experiments in psychokinesis research that were conducted in years past have launched us into a new frontier of psychokinetic possibilities today. Those of you who are advanced will be happy to know that new remote models are being explored. Imagine performing tasks at home while away at the office. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it!

If you are new to psychokinesis, it might be helpful to get the feel of the energy that you are capable of generating before delving into large tasks. Try this simple exercise for a minute or two.

• Put your hands together, palms facing each other about an inch apart. Focus your concentration upon the empty space. You will begin to feel (sense) energy between your palms. As you do, move them slowly apart about three inches and turn your hands as though you are holding an invisible ball. You will then notice the energy much stronger. If you have ever practiced the art of Tai Chi or Chi gung you will find a strong similarity.

Once you have attained a certain amount of control over the energy by moving your hands farther apart, you are ready to try warm forming. For this exercise you will need use a spoon or fork that you really don’t need in your silverware setting.

• Place the spoon between your thumb and index finger and slightly rub the then neck area of the stem while focusing your concentration on the metal softening. You will feel a slight sensation in your fingers and when this occurs, stop rubbing and with a flip of your finger the spoon will bend like putty.

Use warm forming in all those household tasks that involve metal. A leaky water pipe can be mended through warm forming but it is a temporary patch.

Other areas of practical psychokinesis can be developed with a few exercises such as making a toothpick spin in a glass of water. This has been a favorite among practitioners for years.

Select a six ounce glass and fill with water. Drop a toothpick on top. Collect your thoughts and mentally move the toothpick clockwise. Then try it counterclockwise. You can also try placing your hand about five or six inches above the glass and turn your hand clockwise or counterclockwise. The energy will build up and the toothpick spins.

By being creative and choosing small projects such as these, you will develop your ability and perform stronger, larger tasks that will save time and money. It is amazing how a few exercises can tap directly into the vast storehouse of energy that is buried deep within our minds.

On your next drive to the city, try moving your mind into the stop light and trigger the mechanism to change. You will be amazed at how well you do.

With each success you will notice a remarkable change in your attitude that increases your personal magnetism. You will also notice how easily you begin to work through challenges and how quickly you find solutions in your life situations.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Breaking Starmerge News Update

Breaking Starmerge News: Follow the link for update.

September 27, 2007
Starmerge on Newswire:

Friday, September 21, 2007

Psychic Traveler

Psychic Traveler
By Barbara Garcia

Having the ability to project consciousness opens fascinating experiences in traveling around the world without leaving home. Explore the ancient pyramids of Egypt, discover the galaxies, or walk along beautiful beaches in remote locations. You may even exchange information with other psychic travelers along your journey.

For some people, psychic traveling is an out of body experience while others are in an out of body dream. Moving outside your body is also called Astral Projection. In whatever mode the traveler moves about the universe, one thing is for sure, the adventure is incredible.

In the beginning of any new form of learning, whether expanding the mind or learning to swim, the first experience may be a little scary. Once the initial fears are overcome, a whole new dimension to your life awaits. If you are squeamish at the idea of possibly floating in mid air or perhaps viewing your physical body from outside your body then psychic traveling may not be right for you. The worse case scenario for new psychic travelers is a quick return to your body like a jolt accompanied by a loud bang or flash or brilliant light.

If you are ready to try psychic traveling, I am happy to be your guide. The following instructions will get you started. I am suggesting that you begin your journey at bed time. When you are comfortable in your psychic travels, then go ahead and cast caution to the wind, travel any where at any time of the day or night. (Don’t be surprised to see me traveling along side of you).

All Aboard:

1. Get yourself comfortable. Lay on your back with your arms and palms at your side. Begin relaxing your body starting with the toes all the way up to your neck and face muscles. Your body will feel heavier and heavier.

2. Focus your concentration on your breathing. The slow rhythmic motion of deep breathing will relax you further into a deep altered state of mind while alert. Focus your thoughts on the center of your forehead.

3. Now visualize in your mind, your duplicate (spirit) in images of sunlight, light as feathers floating upwards. You now feel two sensations; one is of your physical body, heavy like a lump of clay. The other sensation is of the weightlessness and freedom of your spirit. Your eyes remain closed, yet you are aware of the room around you. Notice the color, it may seem as though there is a purple hue in the darkness. Now focus your attention on the center of the ceiling.

4. Visualize in your mind the center of the ceiling drawing closer to you and as you do this, you are aware of floating in your spirit body. You may even see your body lying peacefully below you on your bed.

5. Move upward through the ceiling and out into the world, visit friends or locations. You will return when you are ready with just a simple thought of returning.

Have a wonderful trip!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One Way Street

One Way Street
By Barbara Garcia

Photo by Sophia

Everyone has the freedom of choice in the area of extra sensory perception, whether or not to use it professionally or personally. The psychic lifestyle is one of mobility, a clean and livable environment that includes the personal freedom to explore the world, the afterlife, time travel, themselves and those around them. Successful psychic lifestyles are not just for an elite few, they are available to anyone who has a desire to achieve through their own psychic talents and gifts.

It is through accepting and developing our sixth sense that transformations of thought and consciousness change our lives. However, once we begin to use our sixth sense, there is no turning back; the psychic function continues to evolve on a one way street. When our reactions to life events are perceived through the sixth sense so are the solutions. The nature and quality of life then follows with a powerful psychic charge that ignites positive change.

Psychic Empowerment equates to rich rewards; manage troubled situations easily and effortlessly, flow through busy schedules with a subtle, precise charm. It will appear that luck seems to surround every circumstance of life miraculously. A psychic lifestyle is not a coincidence or something by accident, it is created.

There are several spheres of illumination that the psychic apprentice will experience as each skill is mastered and controlled. Each of these spheres hold lessons that the psychic will follow and intuit as road signs such as a trend, shift or a flow of energy to see where it leads. Some of these lessons move the awareness to higher levels of intuition while others tend to educate and expand our consciousness, for example; it is possible to perceive information at a classroom, school, or university through remote viewing.

Mind over matter is a fascinating subject in which the developing psychic will discern in life experiences that highlight psychokinesis. The quality and content of these experiences are key advantages in every facet of life.

The implications of a one way street to psychic success are clear. The only stop sign on this street is the one you create but it is only a rest stop. What are next on the horizon of psychic development are multiple degrees of dimensional hemispheres yet to be explored.

There are many schools in metaphysics to choose that offer psychic development. Private, individual classes and training is also available through psychic teachers who are there to aid and coach students in person as well as online participation.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Investigative Psychic Interviews

Investigative Psychic Interviews
By Barbara Garcia

Over the past few decades psychic people have proven to be a valuable resource in criminal investigations. Their seemingly magical ability to produce clues where none seems to be found is bound to be an investigators most revered tool. The majority of these psychic people are familiar with research and investigative techniques found in parapsychology and law enforcement departments and have become specialist in their field.

Retaining psychic professionals in criminal investigations may be cost effective and reliable in coming to the successful conclusion of your investigation; however, they are not recognized in court. Nor is the information that they provide recognized by our legal system. It is rare that an investigator is required to divulge the source of information that led him or her to vital clues at hand. The psychic on the other hand may relinquish payment for services rendered in exchange for documentation of their work.

In your initial investigative interview with a psychic consultant it may be rather difficult to remove your anxieties due to delving into unknown to you territories of the psychic mind. To help minimize the disruptive effects of anxiety, the following pointers are suggested to use as a guide.

• Items found at the scene of the crime or photos, and/or personal items of the victim are essential for a psychic to intuit information. It is important that these items have not been handled by other people on the case because the psychic will also intuit those handlers. For best results, keep each item sealed and separate from other items.

• Use the psychic impressions to obtain clues and provide further information on those you may have on file. Do not expect them to provide you with all the answers. Use your investigative skills to gather information from the psychic. For example, instruct the psychic to mentally go to the geographical location of the crime and reveal any and all information pertaining to the particular time and date of the crime. The information may be fragmented as though looking at pieces of a puzzle. Follow each lead with further inquiry.

• If you are conducting a psychic probe, it is important that each interview is conducted separately because psychics are known to receive and project telepathic information that may or may not pertain to the project at hand.

• Brief descriptions of the case should be provided along with the prominent items involved. Never divulge information regarding suspects until their psychic analysis is complete. I also urge those officers who have interacted with suspects be kept away from the psychics.

• It is also important to note that if the detectives who are involved with a particular case have a preconceived conclusion or idea, the psychic will simply intuit this information and it will have to be discarded.

• Be prepared that sometimes psychics may not follow your target questions but will provide the answers identified as such. Do not be disturbed if this should happen. Use the information in conjunction with the facts as an opportunity which is in need of corroboration.

It is vital that you do not prejudge the interview and expect specific responses from the psychic. It is often common that a psychic will continue receiving information long after the interview has ended. One of the most crucial steps in conducting an effective interview with a psychic is to explain your purpose and each step of the interview. Be respectful. This may seem obvious but too often has the task of gathering needed information from a psychic failed due to poor social skills of the investigator!

Following your initial session, follow up your leads in a logical order and report back to the psychic of their hits. Combine them and subdivide them into related questions for further interviews.

Investigators and researchers should continue to work their information on logical, scientific principles. A psychic will reach conclusions in a different manner. The combined talents of all those involved are the ingredients to success in the varied fields of investigation.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

How to Consult a Psychic

How to Consult a Psychic
By Barbara Garcia

Consulting and 'interviewing' a psychic is the foundation of an excellent reading. A good presentation of strategic questions is the best way of understanding your complicated situation and seeing it from the psychic’s perspective.

Like a search on a computer, it is how you ask the question that produces the desired results. Have an open mind and don’t expect a structured context of illustrated predictive analysis. A psychic consultant receives fragments of vital information pertaining to the subject matter. It is up to you to dissect and utilize the information in your associations.

Here are my suggestions for a good psychic reading.


Choose the right format. Most people prefer a face to face consultation. If out of the geographical location of your preferred psychic, a phone consultation serves well. If you live a great distance, you can inquire about an email consultation.

1. Face to face: If you have questions about particular people, have a photo, business card or something pertaining to the person in question available. Many psychics are capable of remote viewing a person with simply a name and location but it takes time and the information is limited. Have specific questions about the person ready. I like to present a general analysis of the person I am reading first and then go into their particular questions. In many circumstances, the initial general reading covers most of their questions. If you are contemplating business or legal ventures, bring in all related materials. Before predicting on specific questions I first troubleshoot the notes and records that are brought to my attention through a technique called Derma Optic Perception.

Record your reading. I personally have a habit of taking notes for my clients but suggest that people bring in their own recording device because note taking does not capture all the information that comes through. Nothing is worse than getting back from your psychic consultation and finding that you did not have your session recorded or accurately documented in notes.

Confirm the time and date in advance. I am always researching ways to offer clients a choice of consultation time slots to suit their needs and schedules due to everyday changes. I appreciate an email or phone reminder the day before your reading.

2. Phone Consultations: Your voice is the medium in which the psychic will use to lock on to your energy frequency. This form of psychic reading can be particularly efficient when you have sent the psychic a recent photo of yourself prior to your appointment. Also, a phone consultation cuts out travel time to and from the psychic’s place of business. Also, it is easier to find 20 or 30 minutes in your agenda but a face to face consultation requires at least an hour.

3. Email Consultations: With properly written questions, email readings are precise, specific and to the point. Most people think email readings are a bit unreliable in terms of depth and accuracy. This model does not work well for a conference. I personally use a remote viewing technique to conduct email readings and prefer a name and geographical location of my subject matter to be provided by my client.

During your consultation, psychic perceptions will flow rapidly with little encouragement. When this occurs, it is best to just listen. When the stream of information has slowed or stopped, go ahead and direct the psychic to your next question.

Psychics are just people like you. They do not enjoy being placed upon a pedestal nor do they prefer the category of weird or strange. Be as polite and courteous as you would like to be treated and you will have a wonderful, long term experience with the psychic of your choice.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Nutritional Support for the Psychic Mind

Nutritional Support for the Psychic Mind
By Barbara Garcia

Boost your extra sensory power with power foods.

Loss of energy is a common complaint among psychic people as they continually tap their 6th sense on a daily basis. The typical medium will grab a sweet after a session in an effort to regain loss energy. The high concentration levels that the average psychic use in their work requires a strong concentrated dose of brain food.

Throughout my years of psychic service in both field and laboratory settings I have discovered some vital nutritional aids that boost the extra sensory function and stabilize your energy levels. The following list of foods and juice are highly recommended for anyone who wants a little extra support.

• Wheatgrass Juice: The chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice is about 70 percent and is high in oxygen. Your brain functions at optimal levels in a highly oxygenated environment as well as all the organs of your body. It is a known detoxifier and improves your blood sugar levels.

You can purchase wheatgrass flats or grow your own. Your local health food store should have all the information you need. You will also need to invest in a wheatgrass juicer.

Juice bars usually list wheatgrass juice on their menu. A nice convenience for those on the go!

Recommendation: Add one to two ounces per day to your diet.

• Berries: Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, and strawberries are all high in brain-boosting benefits and are known to be antioxidant foods.

Recommendation: Keep at least one cup of fresh berries available for snacks between sessions with your clients.

• Avocados: Although avocados are a fatty fruit, it is a monounsaturated fat, which contributes to a healthy blood flow and that equates to a healthier brain.

Recommendation: ½ of an avocado per day will be beneficial and would not add to your weight concerns.

• Nuts and seeds: These are high calorie foods so if you are concerned with your weight don’t overdo them. They are considered high in Vitamin E which supports cognitive levels by reducing decline. Sunflower, sesame, and flax seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, filberts, cashews, and peanuts all provide beneficial mental nutrition.

Recommendation: I suggest an ounce or two per day to boost your extra sensory function.

• Beans: Our brain depends on glucose for fuel yet cannot store glucose. There are many varieties of beans that stabilize glucose levels. Beans also provide a continuous flow of vital energy, as well as healthy amounts of fiber for the body. Black beans, lima beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and many others are wonderful additions to your diet. Adding to these benefits are foods in the legume family, peas and lentils.

Recommendation: ½ cup of beans and/or legumes to your lunch or dinner on a daily basis.

• Whole Grains: We have all heard how oatmeal, brown rice, and whole-grain breads support cardiovascular health and blood flow in the organ system. The brain is a part of that organ system.

Recommendation: ½ cup of either of these foods per day.

• Dark Chocolate: A delicious treat containing natural stimulants which enhance focus and concentration. It is also a powerful antioxidant and is know to stimulate the production of endorphins that help improve our mood. However, like seeds, nuts, and avocados, dark chocolate should be consumed in moderation.

Recommendation: ½ ounce per day

We all require extra energy in our work if we want to optimize the total integrity and functioning of our extra sensory function. We can obtain more energy through power foods that feed our brain. The above list of foods incorporated into your diet is also important to your overall health.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How to Master Manifesting

A master of manifesting knows the laws of attraction and how to allow synchronicity to lead them to their dreams. They follow a few basic principles that we will explore in this article.

The very first directive in any course of action in the art of manifesting is a relaxed mind that does not have any anxieties attached to the desire. A frazzled or scattered mind will produce synchronicities that are scattered or frazzled and lead you on a wild goose chase. The more you are relaxed and in touch with yourself, the easier it is to recognize the abundance of synchronicities that follow.

Synchronicities have a life of their own; you can not force them to occur! There is nothing in this physical world that allows you to manipulate or control a synchronistic event because their origins are not of the physical world. The appropriate declaration of your intent is to center your mind and stay in sync with your who you really are and your original intention. A master of manifesting allows the wellbeing and wholeness of self as a priority and maintains a rested, relaxed mind that is centered and clear.

The nature of synchronicity is to support our needs. They tend to bring what is needed at the perfect time we need them. The “rush” we feel when a synchronicity occurs propels us into a higher frequency of positive energy. This in turn supports the natural rhythm of the universe to provide the opportunities to fulfill our needs and wants.

Masters of manifesting also follow their intuition. If you are having trouble defining intuition versus your imagination then you are not truly centered in your mind. Everyone has had a hunch at one time or another, that feeling is your intuition.

Get on with your life while staying alert to synchronistic events throughout the course of your day. The more active and alert you are, the more abundant the synchronicities occur. If you were to stay pinned up in your home, no matter how peaceful and relaxing it may be, there will be fewer significant synchronicities. It has been noted by the masters that momentous synchronicity occurrences involve other people. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a study as to why, but most people agree that the telepathic interaction that we all experience with one and other plays an important part in the synchronistic manifestation of our intentions.

When we engage the flow of our daily routines and schedules and go about the social activities of our lives with others, we are embracing and creating environments that nurture synchronicities to occur.

The cosmic dance in manifesting our dreams is one dance that the entire populace of the world is invited to join. It is just a matter of choice.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Give It a Rest

There is no doubt that extra sensory perception is a lifesaver in difficult life situations. But when the crisis is over and your 6th sense is still in overdrive, it is time to give it a rest. Intuiting everyday events and translating psychic messages all the time leads to list of various burn -out and fatigue problems. Nothing feels better than a breath of fresh air that is filled with soothing, nurturing, positive thought patterns. The best place to get it is in nature whether out in the country or in a city park or back yard.

If you want to open up your mind to the much needed rest that your 6th sense is demanding but you don’t or can’t want to get out into nature, consider investing into a small fountain to set on your desk or purchase several different sounds of nature in CD’s and listen throughout your home or office. Once you are surrounded by the sound of nature, sit back, relax, and go with the flow of deep relaxation and mental rejuvenation.

Credit to the busy psychic professional who knew early on in life of their ability and grew up in control of it. These people know first hand how important rest and relaxation is to the e.s.p. function. We are human beings not manufactured oracles that survive on batteries and electricity.

Everyone, including psychics want to look and feel our best. We spend tons of money on cosmetic treatments, we try to eat healthier and drink more water, and we try to exercise to keep our bodies as healthy as possible. But what about that part of mind that intuitive people live in? Without proper maintenance and upkeep, your intuitive senses will begin to break down with outside negative contamination.

Heavy populated areas such as malls, department stores, fast food marts, are a breeding ground for negativity, anger, and low entities. Although shifting your concentration to a nearby live potted plant or perhaps an aquarium helps for the moment, it is recommended that you give your psychic function a rest for a minimum of 5 days at least once a month.

There are so many hidden paranormal tasks that the average psychic person doesn’t include in his/her daily agenda that is added stress such as those uncontrollable urges to remote view your loved ones who live at a distance, or helping that uninvited spirit cross over, or extending your energy to block your nosey neighbor.

Natural color and texture are very good antidotes for psychic stress. Try visualizing a sunset for a solid 3 minutes, better yet, make a point to get outside and be a part of that sunset. Holding your cat or dog out on the front porch, watching the fire flies on warm summer evening does wonders for your sensitivity. Your pet may even get you in a roaring laugh with imagery details of their day.

Whether you are in the profession or not, extra sensory perception is like any other organ of the body that is susceptible to fatigue. Make a point to give it a rest.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Writing 7 Oracles

Writing 7 Oracles was a wonderful experience. Setting at my computer, I often felt the words flowing through my finger tips rather than my mind. As each chapter unfolded, I felt uplifted, and spiritually connected with love.

The contributions from dear friends in helping me create this book was out of love. Everything from the illustrations to the book cover was a gift of love.

I suppose it would appropriate to say that the book of 7 Oracles was crafted in love. To experience its fullness, take your time reading this book and try out the exercises within each chapter with an open mind and open heart.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

July Update

You wouldn't think that just a few weeks before the 4Th of July holiday, Starmerge would be knee deep in work this year. Last year was a breeze compared to the agenda of 2007. Aside from the daily chores and errands, I am writing journals in my E-book every chance I get. It should be available before fall.

Nature has a wonderful way of getting messages across when we take the time to listen. The snap shot of this busy little bunny happily hopping down the bunny path certainly caught my attention to my own attitude of the path I am walking. Thank you Sophia, for sending us this eye catching message from nature. (great shot)

The global energy of July, August, and September is rather harsh so lets be extra cautious in our traveling this year and take extra care in our environmental preparedness on the home front before leaving on vacation. I am expecting some pretty major events this year, particular in the U.S. and Asia.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dream Creations

A great number of people experience lucid dreaming spontaneously throughout their lives. When we begin to control our experiences in lucid dreams, we are then creating our physical reality.

Manifesting what we want to experience in life is first created in our astral mind in which our sub-conscious and consciousness follows. Lucid dreaming is an excellent mode of creating anything and everything you choose in life.

In the oil painting, "Alpha Theta Omega", we can see the correlation of the astral mind, the subconscious and the consciousness. We sail the ocean of our emotions through the dream world escaping the turbulence of our physical reality. Our sub-conscious mind raises our vibration to meet the intention of our astral mind. Just like the scene in the oil painting, everything we see in the lower part of our being is first depicted in the higher self.

For further information regarding Lucid Dreaming, follow this link:

If you would like to own an exclusive print of "Alpha Theta Omega" at an affordable price; gift yourself or your friends with this amazing image of our celestial connection that will trigger the sub-conscious mind to the realization of who we are and the power we possess. The following link will take you to the Starmerge Art Gallery and Store:

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Meet GiGi

Loosing a beloved pet is an experience that goes beyond grief. It is as though an extension of you is missing. Time is a wonderful healer for pet lovers in grief, and so it has been with me as well. My little Yorkie, Lollipop, passed away September of 2006. She will never be replaced and will remain in my heart forever. Through my grievng process I have discovered that the love in my heart continues to overflow and there is plenty to share and give to other little dogs that have no home or family to call their own.

Last week I adopted this darling little rescue dog. Her Foster Mom called her GiGi and I must say, it suits her well, don't you aggree? The rescue workers suspect that she is about a year old. Over this past week, GiGi has shown me images, colors and feelings about her life thus far. Bonding with her and communicating with her inspired me to write the following article to share with you.

Intuitive Pet Talk
By Barbara Garcia

It isn’t just pet psychics who can talk with our little animal companions, everyone can!

Aside from a fantastic telepathic skill, many different species are developed in body language signals and also the tone and frequency of voice. Those of us who share our lives, our homes, our cars and whatever else we have with our little animal friends understand how they intuit on everything that happens in our lives. They are aware of our emotions, whether we are sad, happy or anywhere in-between.

Telepathy is an easy communicative language of images and feelings. We all do it but when we work with our pets, it will help a great deal to be being selective in the images that we are sending. If we tell our dog not to chew our shoes, the picture we have in our mind at that moment is of the dog doing exactly that. Instead of sending that mental image, try sending the image of the dog happily chewing a chew stick or rawhide bone. Their perception of the image is immediate. Animals have excellent hearing so there is never any need to yell at your pet.

Intuitive pet talk with your beloved little friend means paying attention to what is going on in your pet’s life on a daily basis and how it may be affecting them. What is their response to the food you provide for them, their snacks and their treats. Allow yourself to hear (sense/feel) what they are telling you.

As you set with your pet in quiet time, tell your pet how much you appreciate and love them. The more you relax and just be with your pet, the more you vibrate to the same frequency to receive their messages to you. Some people have had excellent results as they synchronize breathing with their pet for a deeper connection…they breath a little faster than us but as you experiment with this technique, you will begin to intuit their messages easier. This loving quiet time with your pet is wonderfully therapeutic to say the least.

Communicating with your pet in their own language truly adds to the abundance of nature’s bountiful supply of riches. You may find your pet sharing humorous images that bring joy and laughter into your life. Other images may be more subtle and tender that you would otherwise miss out without your communicative connection.

Being in sync with your pet will also help you to take care of their health needs and perhaps even precisely identify any discomfort they may have. Your pet depends on you for good healthcare, nutrition, socialization and even grooming. With so many different choices of pet care products and services that are available, it can be overwhelming, unless of course you recognize the images and feelings that your pet prefers.

The love you and your pet share; you already know how to communicate with your pets. Taking this a step deeper is what pet psychics do to establish a rapport. You will too; as you begin to open your mind and heart to the animal kingdom in general. It is amazing how fast your ability to talk with animals develop as you simply reflect on the images and feelings your pet conveys to you.

Animals that live in the wild depend on communication for survival. They project sounds and colors with astute discerning frequency levels that reach hundreds of miles. There has been a great deal of study on animal communication over the years with fascinating results.

Pets love the sounds and information projected from wild life. Nature television shows and videos are an educational source you may wish to consider for you and your pet to enjoy. Kicking back and hanging out with your pet on movie night is a great way to expand your awareness and bond with your little one on his or her level.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Have you ever thought to send love and light energy to someone you can not stand? You would think that if someone did you wrongly or should learn their lesson by what they have done to someone that you thought they cared about should feel bad and negetive.

If you think of this person in your deepest thoughts and send them love you are creating good Karma, good energy. If you think of someone with negetive thoughts you're creating negetive Karama. Have you ever heard of the saying, you will get what you put out there? It will bummerang on you and come back to you. What I am trying to say is to be positive. Take only positive energy inside you. If someone tries to pull you into their mucky energy, try to make you feel bad for something you're not too proud of either, don't take it. You're accepting their bad Karma.

Hold onto your love, kiss it into the palms of your hands. Hold onto it with love and through it back into the Universe.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Enriched With Gratitude

An uneventful or even a disastrous day is filled with valued gifts when we take a moment to reflect upon them.
A long line of people stood in the checkout line of the new department store in town. A lady with her arms full of items, while holding a toddler on her hip, waited patiently for her turn to check out. A total stranger, who was next in line to check out, motioned to her to step in front of him. Her face beamed with gratitude as she passed the five people in front of her and took his place in line. It was such a small act of kindness; yet, her heart was overwhelmed with happiness. She experienced a brief, but genuine moment of sincere gratitude, with such joy, that it altered the course of her day.
Gratitude is one of the most important components for attracting prosperity and abundance. No matter how brief the experience may be, joy and abundance is the accompanying emotion of gratitude. F-e-e-l-i-n-g abundant, prosperous, joyful, enriched with gratitude makes it a reality.
On the surface, a sense of feeling indebted in one way or the other to the person who took care of you or gave of themselves, but looking deeper, that feeling is actually an advanced awareness of being connected to another human being. From this intimate human connection comes the awareness of being connected to everything in the Universe.
When we break out of our small, self centered enterprises and viewpoints with all those expectations and control dramas, gratitude flows freely. We appreciate the intentions and even the simplest gesture of kindness. Everything in our world begins to look lighter, brighter and rich.
We are supported in countless ways and by one and other through every moment of our lives. Thanks to all those engineers, technical designers, assembly workers, salespeople and many others who brought to you the computer you are using, you begin to feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation.
Reflecting back to when you awakened from sleep, go through the day’s events and notice all the luxury of your life. The rich taste of your morning coffee is especially appreciated when you think of process and the journey of the coffee to meet its destination for you to enjoy.
As you reflect on all that is in your world and the life you live, you will most likely feel an insurmountable sense of gratitude to the world. This is actually an insight that is humbling and exposes your inner desire to be of service and generous to others.
Going through the day’s events in the same way as becoming aware of your prosperous life, except this time, notice what you have given to others generates the flow of abundance in the continuum of appreciation and gratitude.
You will be inspired by the variety of ways that your wealth has increased and you will feel connected to the increased wealth of others as you become more grounded in gratitude.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mastering Extra Sensory Perception

Processing Psychic Information Skills

Active Precognition vs. Creative Imagination

Be actively involved in the interpretation of your extra sensory perception process, receiving precognitive information versus your creative imagination:

• Take responsibility for keeping a journal, recording your insights, recognizing what you do and don't know, and knowing how to ask the correct questions in your mind to help you with what you don't know.
• Set up your personal session every day and take complete notes. Formulate your questions based on simple direct visual examples.
• Be an active participant, using your ESP in your daily affairs. Get ahead every day; try to perceive some of the events and circumstances, the day before. Anticipate what the challenges are and what your next step will be to achieve your desired results.
• Ask questions in your mind, record answers in your journal! Try to change your vision; you can alter the vision if it is your imagination. You can not alter precognitive information.
• Good exercise habits with your ESP everyday makes it easier to master and control your ability.

Exploring ESP is Different from Exploring Other Subjects

• Mastering your psychic abilities is learned by putting them into action. Questions help you learn to access and develop various techniques such as derma optic perception, radiesthesia, remote viewing to name a few. You do need to explore these skills even though you may not specialize in them.
• A word of encouragement: Each skill builds on other ones. You're always reviewing previous psi exploration as you explore new data. Many of these skills are interconnected. Identifying and learning these basic skills and concepts means you will move from one technique to the other in obtaining accurate information in predicting and problem solving at will.

Problem Solving (ESP and Self Testing)

• When you work on problem solving for yourself or others, ask yourself complete and specific questions, as if you were describing every detail of a landscape. Don't just ask vague questions like, “will I get a promotion soon?” Reword the question to identify who, what, where and when; don't just do some mental demonstration of your imagination to convince yourself that you have the correct answer. If you can't get the answer, go back to describing the question.
• The practice you get in looking for solutions, asking yourself detailed questions and receiving answers will help you in gain the confidence you need in psychically reading anyone or any situation.

Tips on Problem Solving

Apply Self Testing:

1. The first and most important step in solving a problem is to test your psychic information, that is, identify exactly which is the imagination, wishful thinking or desired result, by making sure you are receiving accurate psychic data.
2. Next you need to devise a plan, that is, identify which skills and techniques you have developed can be applied to solve the problem at hand.
3. Psychically scan practical solutions adjacent the problem.
4. Activate the solution: Does the solution you found seem practical and doable? Also review the problem by asking yourself questions and method of solution.
Some problem-solving strategies: use one or more skills, consider derma optic perception if the problem involves an object, try remote viewing if the problem suggests a determined time and location, ask yourself and test yourself , draw a picture or diagram of what you are psychically receiving, work radiesthesia, use the solutions of your psychic conclusions.

Getting Assistance

Get help as soon as you need it. Don't wait until you are confused and frustrated. Psychic development builds on experience and practice. Anything you don't understand now will discourage you, stop or retard your progress.

You Control the Help You Get

Psychic Instructors should be coaches, not crutches! They should encourage you, give you hints as you need them, and show you how to perform various psychic techniques. But they should not, nor be expected to, actually do the work you need to do. They are there to help you develop and use your extra sensory perception for yourself.

• When you research a psychic instructor, have a specific list of questions prepared in advance related to background, accomplishments and work experience.
• Ask for a list of referrals, do the work and check them out!
• Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by the tutor or dependent in any way.

You must recognize the importance of having a friendly adequate rapport with the tutor and that sometimes you do need some coaching to help you become psychically skilled, and it is up to you to seek out that coaching.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 Sphere of Consciousness

For the first time in our human consciousness, we are remembering the first light of pure thought creation that we individually manifested into this physical reality. We are at this moment entering the first wave of this awareness and experiencing the electrical charge of pure white light.

2007 is a phenomenal year of spiritual evolution; those who are in this first wave of awareness are headed straight for their first reunion with the core of the Universe since the beginning of existence. The core of the universe is often referred to as our true home, if anyplace is truly our home; the energy within the epicenter of the universe is now encompassing the earth.
Successful people are being challenged to move into and stay in their spiritual knowingness.

Everyone must shift their foundation so that they accept and credit the celestial powers within, of their manifested physical objects. Whatever method is good for you, take time to do it each and every day. During the first few months of 2007 you will find that your connectedness with the core energy of the Universe in the events of your day is without effort.

The separation of the financially wealthy and those of financial poverty is not merely an issue of distribution, but one of consciousness. Being charitable with our money and resources is a wonderful thing. Being charitable with our knowledge of moving energy for prosperity and manifesting is Divine.

In 2007 we will see all large companies providing aid and help to people who would otherwise be left alone, helpless and hungry under the disguise of business marketing. These large companies will also become actively involved in the healing of the environment.

Every inhabitant of this physical earth, either of dark or of light energies, owns a way of thinking, speaking, of seeing the world around them. Their differences define the triumphant survivors of the planet. Those of the Dark choose greed, selfishness, violence either physically, mentally, verbally, etc. while those of Light choose generosity, love, and compassion physically, mentally, verbally, etc. The numbers of people in this world who choose to love and give have gained considerably and continue to grow. They clearly out weigh and out smart those of darkness. We are all clearing out the clutter and winning over the dark side of our being.

The dark lords who have long since governed the masses have been indirectly veiled from the awareness of the rising light of evolution that has been occurring within the planet and its population during these past few years. Several of these dark lords have passed over from this physical realm. In 2007 we will witness yet another wave of powerful dark lords pass over from this realm. The pure light energy that is penetrating the earth at this time is simultaneously positioning people of light into their new destinies of portioned government power over the masses.

Many people will create new bodies of light that transform their physical image through direct concentration of pure light energy. It will seem as though miracles and phenomena are one and the same. These manifestations, in truth, begin the emotional healing that has long been sought throughout the centuries.

2007 is a year for friends and the like-minded. It is a rare year of companionship for all those of light. Any distractions that occur will become productive exchanges; casual meetings with others of light turn to visionary manifestations of created reality.

Staying grounded in the electrical charges of the year is the perhaps a challenge of balance while levels of awareness are on the rise, light frequencies higher than ever before and breakthroughs are occurring. The consciousness may seem detached from the circumstances of changes within the world but the mind will remain at peace with a sense of all-knowing.

Over the next twelve months, you may feel poised to speak out with a message of hope and unity to those dark souls struggling and teetering on the edge of some sudden change. Perhaps it is your message that they need to hear.

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