Sunday, August 08, 2010

Science and the Paranormal

By Ralph Wasson

Well it's not so much what science says as what it implies. With the advent of modern physics especially relativity and quantum theory ghost investigations are taking on a whole new dimension. (no pun intended)

Newtonian physics tells us that for every process on earth and indeed in the universe a transfer of energy is involved. Processes may be endothermic (they consume energy) or exothermic (they give off energy). A common feature of many hauntings as reported by many observers is a chill or coldness in the vicinity of a haunting. Any entity (ie ghost) that presents itself into an environment needs energy to be visible or audible to an observer. Where does the energy come from? The local environment is the likely source even if that locality has a living, breathing, warm human radiating the energy. If this analysis is true then ghosts are viable entities that exist in out world. They consume energy and presumably radiate energy aswell. If a ghost is visible it is an energy consuming entity. Now what does quantum theory and relativity say or imply about hauntings?

There is a school of thought that says if we see a ghost or a scene from the past we are simply seeing a "rerun of history". Modern post newtonian physics teaches that time itself is malleable. Time goes faster or slower depending on the speed and gravity. Years ago on cbcs "As it Happens" was the story of a haunting in England (where else?). This particular place in an old monastery was known as an exceptionally odd example of ghostly activity. The ghosts of long deceased monks were observed only from their knees up! It seems the old monasteries floors had successively been raised throughout the centuries! Now it was at knee level for the spirits! This would seem to lend credence to the "rerun of history" theory of spectral activity.

Of course the reader will now wonder how is that possible? How can scenes from the past play back for us today centuries after the occurrence? Unfortunately no one has a credible answer. However physics does drop a few hints. On the micro quantum level down to atoms and beyond things, especially time do not behave as they do in our world. Some physicists (google Dr Ronald Mallette, time travel) believe times goes in loops. If this is true then a haunting plausibly is an endless loop of time, or kind of like an old fashioned vinyl when the needle gets stuck. How this would occur no one knows. All we can say is that somehow it might. The opportunities for research here are exciting and in my next article we will take a look at the possibility of extra dimensions and how this could relate to ghosts, hauntings and the "spirit realm".

By Ralph Wasson
Ralph Wasson is the lead writer for []PSIHUB a daily blog giving readers a fascinating look at paranormal phenomena around the globe. Ralph Wasson obtained a bachelor of science degree from St Marys University in Canada and specializes in physics, metaphysics, historical mythology and the paranormal

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