Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Psychic Garden Raport

Photo: Gigi's 1st day Gardening 101

By Barbara garcia

A psychic garden is an adventure of many different dimensions. It is a personal relationship: with the living intelligences of nature, with the spirit visitors that you invite into the garden and most of all, with yourself and your multidimensional mind.

One of the most beautiful things about a psychic garden is that it communicates through images and unity rather than the harsh concepts of words from the intellect. The images you see in the plants, the flowers, the trees or water features lend themselves well to the intuition and to your interpretations that are not etched in a study of metaphysics.

If it is not clear of what you are psychically receiving, I suggest that you let go of your analysis and not get too hung up on the message, but rather, consider where you are at the moment. Breathe in the essence of unity that your garden generates and join with your own sense of unity.

The miracle of the psychic garden is in the healing of mind, body and spirit. We draw from the garden everything it is that we need for rejuvenation. Our senses are heightened, our worries dissolve and the plans we have for our life are declared.

The architectural blueprints in the wild of nature is of course the most influential for psychic communication but the effectiveness of a created psychic garden is capable of producing the same. One of the ways to create a strong source of energy in your garden is through the use of copper and natural clear quartz. By placing them in the four corners of your garden, they will draw energy into the resonance matrix of each and every physical and non physical entity within its diameters.

Materials: Copper poles ½ to 1 in. circumference and 1to 2 feet long. (You can purchase the copper pole at your local hardware store and they will even cut at the length you specify.
Copper wire: Most Arts and Crafts shops carry copper wire- be sure to buy extra for future projects.

Clear Quartz: You are sure to find natural clear quartz in your local lapidary shop. You will need eight of them. Take one of your cut poles with you so that you can choose the size. You will be securing the quartz in both ends of your pole with your copper wire.

Preparation: Insert copper wire through the pole and wrap around quartz. Make sure you have about ½ of the quartz protruding outside the pole. Secure the other end in the same manner.
Insert your pole into the ground leaving half out into the open. Continue with the remaining three poles. The effects of these energy poles are immediate. You may feel the frequency pulsating on your skin at first.

Situating yourself in the center is ideal for rapport with the nature spirits, animal, rock, plant and water intelligences within your garden. It is also the perfect place to ask particular questions and receive answers. You will notice that psychic information is quickly perceived and your visions clear and vivid.

All of your senses and your extrasensory capacities are heightened with each session in your garden. You will learn how to manage the energy, the rapid influx of psychic sensations, and the indescribability of your experience as you transit your reality through each season.

As the seasons change, your psychic garden will absorb the positive information and dissolve the negativity that is directed your way, by means of the power source you have created with your copper poles. These frequency waves also have a healthy effect on your vegetation, water sources and animal life.

As you establish a deeper rapport with the intelligences of the garden, expect visitations of other unexplained life forms such as orbs and/or other world life forms. Some of these may be etheric, dimensional and physical. Depending upon your location and surrounding natural structures, your psychic garden may also expand, and evolve into a portal through time and space.

The sanctuary of your psychic garden allows you to develop naturally and remain in a natural healthy state as you explore the alternate realities of your existence, independent of barriers, blocks, or restrictions.