Saturday, March 04, 2017

Day Of The Witch, 2017

Day of the Witch, 2017
By Barbara Garcia

The day of the Witch has been resurrected in news feeds across the world as Witches unite in their magic of blocking the U.S. President Donald Trump from office. Using his own words, "You're fired" in rituals carried out last month on February 24th and designated to be performed again on March 26th, April 24, and June 21st of this year. The event has awakened and stirred the masses. Igniting anti-witch Christian groups in counteracting the Witches Spells, we are now in the wake of Spiritual Warfare in the United States.

This hot-debated topic has sparked those questions most of us have asked to ourselves, "is it real?", and "will it work?". Donald Trump will leave office and soon but I see it as a result of a disruptive force exposed According to quantum mechanics, the nature and behavior of this energy on the atomic and subatomic levels is very real.

Witchcraft dates back thousands of years and has survived massive hostilities toward them throughout the ages. It is highly unlikely that they will run from those who oppose their intentions of self defense now. The results of witchcraft is relevant in their ability to connect with and manipulate energy through their skills and beliefs. Cultures around the world practice a form of this energy manipulation in variations of beliefs but the basic principles is the same.

Through this spiritual warfare and racial conflicts in America, we will see waves of inspired millennial's from the fields of science and from all religious beliefs and background taking action in doing what they can to halt the destruction and contamination of our water and air. We will see them transform the oppressions in our governments and empower its people. More and more of them are being inwardly guided by the simultaneous occurrences of events in the world.

We will hear the subtle persuasion of ethic's and peace portrayed in their music and dance. As this new spiritual awareness manifests into society we will witness an increasingly amount of self appointed, inspired millennial's ready to sound alarm whenever chemical waste is dumped into our environment. We will hear from the film makers a ploy for humanity to take a stand against their those who suppress their right for medical attention. Their right for equality of their race, education, and religious beliefs is demanding political reform.

It is all beginning and happening now in this day of the Witch 2017 and will continue to progress through 2020. Eventually our professions, religions, occupations shift to an ever more efficiency in the direction of our food, air, and water supply. During these years of changing patterns we lean toward altering our financial institutions and monies to an automated system. We will see more self-contained housing, and the re-growth of our forests.