Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EVP Recordings - Talking To the Dead?

By Thomas Shea

Electronic voice phenomenon is an increasingly popular form of paranormal evidence that is regularly collected by both amateur and professional ghost hunters. These often creepy audio recordings are usually detected later in an investigation while reviewing evidence and are not audible at the time that they were recorded. Many investigators regard E.V.P as indisputable evidence that ghosts exist.

It is said that even Thomas Edison was designing an EVP device before his death, although these claims have been heavily disputed, saying that Edison did not believe in an afterlife.

Electronic voice phenomenon is usually recorded using a common digital recorder that can be found at many department stores for one hundred dollars or less. The sound footage can then be analyzed and enhanced using audio software such as audacity, which can be found for free on the internet. This makes capturing EVP's possible for anyone with the desire and patience that is sometimes required to obtain real paranormal evidence. Sometimes hours of footage is analyzed before an EVP is discovered. Other times, these ghost voices are right on cue and easy to detect.

Some of the first true recordings were captured by a man named Fredrich Jurgenson while recording bird songs in Sweden. He had heard no voices until the playback and he claimed that some of the voices even instructed him on how to record more EVP's.

Many skeptics have pointed to radio interference as an explanation for these ghost EVP, but no real explanation has been provided that explains the recordings completely. Many of these recordings seem to have an intelligence and often respond (sometimes on command) to the person recording the EVP's. Appropriate answers are given to questions and sometimes angry or even threatening messages have been recorded by paranormal investigators. Various methods and devices have been used to capture these recordings, including the Ghost Box (Frank's Box) which has been increasing in popularity.

The Ghost Box was created in 2002 by Frank Sumption for live communication with ghosts and spirits. Sumption believes that he was given his design instructions from the spirits themselves.

So What is the explanation for this strange phenomenon? Nobody knows for sure, but many paranormal investigators have all the answers that they need. Many people who have heard the voices of loved ones that have passed away on an EVP recording need no further explanation either.

Will we ever truly create a device or invent technology that will allow us to talk to the dead? Only time will tell. In the meantime, keep the digital recorders rolling and maybe one day someone can prove without a doubt that the recordings are truly the voices of the dead. []Ghosts []Ghost EVP Recordings

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