Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Eternal Mystery of the Great Pyramids

Expert Author Robert W Stewart
By Robert W Stewart 

Often in my life I have wondered about the great pyramids of Egypt. Whenever I saw photos or watched documentaries about them they seemed like they were out of place, not part of the particular time that they were built. The long accepted theory was the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, with a work force of thousands, and 20 or so years of effort. I have always found it hard to believe that the ancient Egyptians constructed them, given the nature of the technology available at that time in history. To build structures such as the pyramids with such precision would require far more sophisticated tools then the ancients had 4,000 years ago.

Zahi Hawass, the famous Egyptologist and former curator of antiquities has often scoffed at ideas that the pyramids were constructed by extraterrestrials or by a super civilization in ancient history. However the evidence points to the contrary. It seems unlikely with the technology that the ancient Egyptians had, that such structures as the pyramids could have been built in 20 years or so.

Quarrying, cutting, transporting and inserting these massive stone blocks weighing many tons would require tools equal to that of today's technology.

If we accept the unlikely theory that the pyramids were constructed using available Egyptian technology of 4,000 years ago- a new question arises. Why would the Egyptians do something so incredibly difficult, taking thousands of men, many years just to build a tomb? Maybe it was not so difficult after all if they had some help, possibly from other beings not of this earth.

Maybe the pyramids were something much more than that. Maybe they were a kind of monument to the stars. Maybe they were constructed with extraterrestrials in mind.The alignment of the 3 main pyramids on the Giza plain corresponds exactly to the alignment of the stars in the "belt" of the constellation Orion.Furthermore, it was found that the air shafts inside the pyramid were pointing directly at the constellation Orion itself. Possibly the Egyptians wanted to point the soul of the Pharaoh to that place in the heavens. Why that particular location in the sky?

I have read books by the famous psychic Edgar Cayce. He stated in his writings that the great pyramids of Giza are at least 12,000 years old. He further stated that the pyramids were constructed not by the Egyptians, but by the survivors of the continent of Atlantis. Cayce believed that the continent of Atlantis sank into the Atlantic ocean in a great cataclysm. The survivors fled to Egypt among other places and constructed the pyramids as a lasting monument to the Atlantean culture. Cayce also predicted that a vast library is underground directly under the Sphinx- a hall of records of the history of Atlantis. This record library is waiting to be discovered when man is ready to understand the knowledge it contains.

A few years ago on the Discovery channel, explorer Josh Bernstein raised these very same questions on his television show- Digging for the Truth. He gave convincing arguments for both theories of the construction of the pyramids.On his show, a fascinating theory was raised. The theory being that the ancient Egyptians were merely doing renovations on much older structures, on pre-existing pyramids dating back thousands of years earlier.

Perhaps the question will never be answered. Maybe it will be forever open to debate, or maybe, convincing evidence will be found to prove one theory or the other.

To find out the real truth about the pyramids would go a long way in solving a major piece of the jigsaw puzzle of mankind's pre-history on earth.

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