Thursday, December 27, 2007

2008 Gut Feeling Predictions

In addition to my annual predictions for 2008 that were published in on Starmerge at: , it is a joy to post the following 5 National Predictions by my brother, John of North Carolina.

Photo: (C)2007 Painting by Ali Vasquez

2008 Gut Feeling Predictions
John Lowe

1. The financial crisis will worsen and will become even more widespread affecting markets worldwide. It is like a giant snowball rolling downhill gathering more snow as it goes. However, it will eventually bottom-out and then markets will gradually begin to rebuild. This process may take a couple of years.

2. Hillary Clinton will get the Democratic nomination for President. Barack Obama will receive a strong second place win while others will straggle far behind.

3. The Republican party will continue to flounder but Rudy Giuliani will narrowly receive his party's nomination for President. His primary support will come from the big money states, such as, New York, Florida, Texas and California, and they should be enough to carry his nomination.

4. Hillary Clinton will be elected to become the next President of the U.S. by a wide margin - I'm feeling between 60 - 70 percent of the electoral vote. However, I'm also feeling a possibility of her developing some health issues from either natural or unnatural causes at some point during the year. I can't tell how serious these issues will be but I feel she will get through them. While I feel most Americans support her, I also feel danger from the right-wing radical side.

5. Everything else I feel will be pretty much a repeat of 2007. There will of course be a lot of worldwide political posturing and a bit of shoving back and forth going on but I don't feel anything truly significant will come out of 2008, at least not on the world political scene. I feel like the whole world is collectively holding its breath - waiting in anticipation and in hope of something better - but it will not happen in 2008.

Well - this is the way I see it.

Happy New Year,