Saturday, October 20, 2007

Remembering and Intuiting Dreams

Remembering and Intuiting Dreams
By Barbara Garcia

Photo by Richard Garcia

In order to intuit your dreams fully, you will need to train your mind to remember them. Strong dream patterns and symbols that are reoccurring are significant intuitive codes that signal your cognitive state. Remembering your dreams can be tricky because the moment you awaken and get out of bed, your dreams fade away.

Catching a good night’s sleep with the use of drugs is not the best way to remember and intuit your dreams. Natural, restful sleep is healthier than drug-induced sleep and allows genuine dream monitoring to occur. Sleep medications not only make you feel groggy when you wake up but also influences night mares and disquieted dreams.

The best way to train your mind to remember your dreams is being aware of the first segment of dream pictures. These occur when you are drifting off. At this moment simply tell yourself that you are aware that you are dreaming. Also tell yourself that you will remember your dreams when you awaken. Do these every night as you fall asleep, mentally repeating these statements over and over as you go deeper into sleep. It is much better than counting sheep or taking a sleeping medication.

It is also a good idea to keep on a regular slumber schedule. Preparation for relaxation may include a warm bath, listening to soothing music, or meditation. Eating meals before bedtime will interfere with your relaxation and sleep program. Alcohol is not recommended nor is smoking.

Keep a journal or tape recorder on your bed stand. You will train your mind to awaken following every dream and jot down your dream, you will be scribbling but that is fine. If you have a tape recorder that is voice activated, then train your mind to verbalize your dreams as you have them. Training on a regular basis, night after night for about a month is all it will take to have control over remembering your dreams. You may even want to go deeper into lucid dreaming later.

Ask a question before retiring and find your answers in your dreams when you are awake. You can do this by analyzing your own dream symbols and keeping a good record. Within about 6 months you will have created your own dream library. Looking at published dream libraries can give you an idea but it is better to intuit the workings of your dream world yourself and not be influenced by someone else’s ideas. For example, I often dream of houses. I also do a lot of inner work; therefore a house in my dream represents my inner world. But to someone else it may actually represent a future home.

The most significant aspect is to be patient and be persistent. You will gradually find it easy to recall your dreams and intuit their meaning.