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Cookies That Prosperities Your New Year

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Chinese New Year Cookies - Top 8 Cookies That Prosperities Your New Year
By SzeFong Tan

Chinese New Year is a big event in Malaysia. About a quarter of Malaysian will celebrate their Lunar New Year, whispering for a great and prosperity New Year.

Malaysian always visits each others during the festival, meet with Friends, relatives and greet them all the best wishes! As a host, they normally will serve some light foods and drinks.

Below are top 8 famous Chinese New Year Cookies which you could serve to your friend during their visit in this coming New Year! They are top Malaysian Chinese Food!

- The Pineapple Tart Cookies is the must have during this festival. It present Money come your way. A lot of people know how to make pineapple tart but those really good one are soft butter and pineapple jam which won't stick to teeth.

- Kuih Bangkit, a Traditional coconut milk baked cookies are among the best! Bangkit in Malaysia Language means to Growth, to develop. This cookie brings you good career growth path and wishing you a growth Business!

- Peanut cookies - Peanut in the mandarin has good meaning that for those young couple to give birth for next generation! Eating this cookies also good meaning for growing your family members or generations in the coming year!

- Almond cookies - Almond which delivers a very unique flavor always be top choice in making cookies. Pronunciation of Almond in Mandarin has good meaning of wishing you to live in Happiness!

- Walnut cookies - Walnut cookies is kind of new type of cookies which have a little piece of walnut on top of an almond or butter cookies. Walnut in Mandarin spells wishing the whole family is live peacefully, cooperatively and united. Remember a proverb united is strength!!

- Cashew nut Cookies - the shape of Cashew Nut is in curve which means we must learn how to be humble in our way of life!

- CornFlakes cookies are kind of brand new cookies in recent year! The cookies are mixed with sweet honey. The look of cornflakes is in gold in color means you have a lot of gold to come in your hand.

- Green Pea cookies are a new bred in recent year too! The look is very much alike Peanut cookies but instead of using peanut, they are using green pea. Well, eating Green Pea cookies is as remind us to save our mother earth and save more greenery scene around us!

Everyone loves to be greeted with best wishes especially during the New Year! These are best Chinese New Year Cookies to serve your Malaysian Chinese Friend during the Chinese New Year Festival. We share with you top 8 famous Malaysian Chinese Cookies which made of Almond, Pineapple, Peanut, Walnut, Cashew nut, Green Pea, Coconut and Cornflakes! These one some of wonder from Malaysian Food which would brings you prosperity in the coming years!

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