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Why Won't the Ghosts Go Away

By Blake Walkup

Why won't ghost go away? That's an excellent question. But the only way to answer that question is to ask the ghost or to become a ghost and find out first hand. If you ask 100 different paranormal investigators or ghost hunters, you will get at least 100 different answers as to why ghost won't go away.

First we need to understand the theories behind ghost and why they remain and why some of them are never seen or heard from again.

The theories cover a wide range of topics and any paranormal investigator can make their theory fit the reasonable explanation they have come up with.

For those of us that believe in ghosts and spirits, we understand that most theories revolve around the fact that the ghost may not realize they have passed and may have un-finished business on earth.

I know it sounds crazy, a ghost having unfinished business but in a lot of theories about ghosts this is one of the main reasons ghosts will hang around.

For example, at some locations that have had a lot of violent crimes (murder) ghost are more likely to remain in that location.

Most of the theories revolved around the person were killed before it was time to pass on to the afterlife. In some cases the ghost may or may not even realize they are now a ghost. Then of course if the ghost doesn't realize they are deceased then it is likely they will remain on earth.

Some people have posted theories of ghost tend to hang out in an area where there are a lot of different emotions and energies. For example, when I first started ghost hunting I never realized how many public schools have reported paranormal activity. As I kept researching the activities at the schools on theory I kept running across was that there are so many students in a school every school day and with those students comes an over whelming amount of energy. With the energy will also come every possible emotion you could think of all combined into one location. Since the theories states ghosts need energy, what better place to get all the energy a ghost needed.

Another location that seemed to have a lot of activity has been hotel/motels. Once again this theory all points back to the number of people there in a days' time and all of energy and different emotional that all the people bring with them when they check in.

Now also with the hotel/motel hauntings, I have also read a lot of the hotels have been built on haunted grounds. The ghost may have nothing to do with the hotel at all but because this was the location of their death before the hotel was built, the ghost has decided to hang out and watch you check in. Hopefully you can check out.

Of course then we have a lot of other locations that report paranormal activity and this include battle fields. Not a lot of explanation should be needed for a battle field but just in case a lot of people all died before their time and now hang out at the place of their death.

One of the most common places for ghost to hang out has been reported to be...

Are you ready for this answer?

In their own home

Home hauntings are one of the most common places people report "paranormal activity". Now of course a lot of cases of paranormal activity can be explained away by an over active imagination. For example hear scratching in the night, one case this turned out to be rats in the walls but still to this day the owners believe their house is haunted.

Why would ghost hang out at home? Well first I think we need to think about ghost and who they were in life. Where is the one place most people are most comfortable at? You got it, at home. So with this theory it would be a common ghost hang out.

Some theories also revolve around the ghost having unfinished business like I said before. For example if a person was murdered they may want to stay until the business is completed. Let's they were in the process of having a baby, the ghost my hang out until the baby is born. Once that unfinished business is complete, they may feel free to leave.

Some theories revolve around ghost will remain as they were when they were human. Let's say the husband was the protector of the family, he might hang out to make sure nothing happens to his family.

We have all heard reports of "I started to remodel and all of this activity started". It is believed that ghost when they decide to stay home; they want to make sure nothing happens to their home. Just like when they were human.

One location that I investigated we had reported of remodeling taking place and one of the people working heard her name called and when she answered no one was there. She looked around everywhere and no one. Finally she started talking back to the ghost and the next thing she heard as he was getting ready to leave was looking good. The ghosts were happy with the cleanup and remodeling.

So to answer your question as to why ghost won't go away, the answer is one we will likely never know for sure until we ourselves become a ghost.

There are many theories and most all revert back to the unfinished business or the ghost does not even realize they have died.

One thing for sure, regardless of why they remain on earth may never be known for a fact, but it sure makes for some interesting paranormal investigations.
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