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An Exercise in Love

An Exercise in Love
By Alex Ziv

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The following exercise is one that I developed spontaneously and it comes as part of experience and growth.

The object of this exercise is to bring us back to the centre of the heart, to our existence and like in every exercise - repetition is the key to success.

The heart is our initial central place, as children even before we began to speak or think in a massive way we were attentive and connected to our heart and we operated from the centre of our heart.

Each one of us started his life with a total connection to the heart and slowly slowly with the years we began to distance ourselves from it towards the centre of the head. With the development of the intellect the majority of us are anchored there and spend the majority of our adult life there.

The centre of the head, the brain, the thought works in a dual way which is why it is in harmony with the universe.

The universe is one energy that is situated above duality - united.

Duality starts with a thought because thought needs an object and the moment an object exists automatically duality is created.

The thought and the object of thinking must be separate; there must be distance so that thought can take place.

So when space and duality is created - the energy splits and as a result of that we move away from the nature of the universe which is unity, lack of duality.

Every thought is separate from another thought and this separation and the focus on every separate thought creates in us a duality.

The centre of our thought is a necessary centre for creation. We must not build a house in it or settle in it indefinitely because then we move away from our unity with the rest of the universe, which means, we move away from the source of light, abundance the eternal health and happiness of the universe.

The correct centre to be connected to most of the time is the centre of the heart that expresses itself through the energy of love.

When you love you can not be dual, the love melts duality and creates unity.

When you love someone or something, you immediately connect to it with all your being and feel united with it.

And when you use the energy of love and you feel united, you automatically become united with the natural characteristics of the universe and you merge with it at the same time.

Children are present at the centre of the heart which is why they are abundant with health, happiness, joy & purpose

Because they are always connected and synchronised with the energy of the universe.

Think less and love more and be a child again, flowing and natural and full of purpose.

Love is a merger and due to the universe being made up of this energy, in order to connect to the universe one must connect initially to the energy of love, to return to the centre of the heart stay and live there... every so often one can visit the centre of the mind, to play and create and then return home to the centre of the heart.

The following exercise is intended to bring you back home to the centre of the heart and connect you again to the origin of the universal energy - the energy of love.

The exercise:

I developed this exercise during my morning meditation which part of it includes conscious walking along the beach

Every time that a person would walk towards me from the opposite side it would distract my focus because thoughts would enter when our fields of energy where the distance of an encounter and it always distracted me.

On one of the occasions I decided that I was going to send love to every person that came towards me...The moment that his field of energy is in my radius I simply say in my heart: "I love you"

I tried and it felt wonderful!

Instead of distracting my focus it heightened my awareness and the connection to my inner peace.

And so I turned it into a regular habit which works wonders again and again.

There is no need to look into the face of the person opposite you; you can continue to look ahead or at another object

All that is required is to be aware of his presence for a moment and then to send him love by saying the words: "I love you".

In order to experience the impact of this exercise, I suggest that you start it with the following dosage:

Every day for a period of a week decide that you are going to send your love to two strangers.

You can do this whilst walking next to them or opposite them and it is also possible to send your love whilst driving a vehicle, simply catch a certain person within your field of vision and say: "I love you".

The minimum during this week is two people per day,

and this every person can do easily.

Whoever enjoys this and feels the strengt5h of this exercise can start with whatever quantity he chooses.

There is no limit to the amount of love that can be distributed and the interesting fact is that this action is never tiring; on the contrary, it recharges you with new energy and effervescence and livens every cell in your body.

Try this "exercise in love" and prove to yourself how the centre of the heart awakens inside you and how you connect to a higher energy - the energy of love.

By Alex Ziv - Creating Reality

Alex Ziv is a motivational writer who inspires Thousands of people each day in Israel trough his unique view and insights about spirituality and personal development.
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