Friday, April 18, 2008

The Experience of Psychic Impressions

By Barbara Garcia

Photo by Ali /Vasquez

Surprised, nervous, and anxious are those visible emotions that linger on your face when you first become aware of a psychic experience. At first, experiences such as intuitively knowing something is going to happen before it does or knowing someone's thoughts before they speak them may seem bewildering and outwardly supernatural.

Unless you were aware of these psychic episodes as a child, they may appear to occur sporadic and infrequent in the beginning but your anticipation will keep you hoping and praying to experience another round of psychic impressions. It is normal to feel a bit removed from reality, psychic experiences have never been treasured as a "down -to-earth" occurrence in the American society but is becoming more acceptable. The close attention you give to your psychic experience, the more frequent they become and the more you pay attention to your intuition the more feedback you will receive.

The sixth sense uses all of your five senses to communicate messages such as a vision. This psychic experience involves isolated images you see before your eyes or dream like imagery with your eyes closed. As you become more adept in understanding visions and dreams, you begin to be in more control and able to navigate your experience by concentrating on a particular location allowing you to remote view anyone and anywhere you direct your attention.

Sounds like music or voices really grab your attention. Your heart starts pounding, tears welling up in your eyes, the hair on your arms or the back of your neck standing straight up. These are those a-ha moments when you swear beyond a shadow of doubt that there is indeed life after this world because you just heard it!

From the moment you experience the intoxicating aroma of a vintage perfume or the lingering scent of a cigar from out of the blue, you are instantly entranced with all the possibilities of the psychic information you just received through smell.

There is absolutely no discomfort in the experiences of psychic impressions and there is so much to gain in knowledge, wisdom, and insights that you would otherwise never experience. Whether it is the touch of a fine silk scarf or the warm touch of a handshake, your intuitive perception is capable of unraveling mysteries and secrets of whatever you touch.

The richness of chocolates, or any other taste sensation of sweet, sour, bitter or salty flavors ascribe to psychic interpretation of experience.

The awareness of those first initial psychic impressions often trigger memories of countless of psychic moments you have had throughout your life. The only difference is that you are now aware and alert to your own sixth sense. The importance is not whether you are having a vision or hearing a sound or voice, but what the visions and sounds reveal to you and what to do with the information you receive.

Your personal experiences with psychic impressions will always enrich your life with uplifting memories, teachings, adventure, do-it-yourself know how and much more. Staying connected to the world around you is in itself an experience of psychic perception.