Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last Day of 2017

Reflecting back on the day of my injury in 2017 gives me so much confidence in my endurance, my strength, courage and faith in my purpose. I am amazed and inspired by my own determination.  Had it not been for my dear friends sending me healing's every day, giving me words of encouragement, and downright pushing me to plow through the pain of exercising my broken body I would have never reached this level of recovery.  Thank you for giving me what I needed to build my spirit.

May 2018 bring to you good health, sincere and charming friends, exceptional wealth, peace in the family, wholesome romance and may you be able to move freely throughout the world in complete safety. 

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Forgiving A Murderer

Expert Author Barbara Garcia
Forgiving A Murderer
By Barbara Garcia

Forgiving someone who has done a terrible wrong to you is probably the hardest thing to do. Yet it is necessary to release yourself of prolonged resentment because it not only drains you of life giving energy, it punishes you in a well of negativity inside your body and mind. Years ago I became involved in a homicide investigation involving a young man who was brutally beaten to death. There were no witnesses and no clues. The surviving family members became so psychologically disheartened, their lives was thrown completely upside down as time went on and on without any answers. They came to me as a broken family. I could feel their desperation and sorrow as they looked to me, an investigative psychic analyst as a last resort.

Following the leads of psychic impressions and good old fashioned foot work of my partner, a private investigator, the case began to unfold with a series of clues and circumstantial evidence that led to the person responsible. It turned out that the young man had a hidden gambling addiction and owed quite a bit of money to someone. Apparently the young man asked for more gambling money instead of paying what he owed, consequently a fight broke out leaving the young man unconscious. Leaving him there unattended and without a call for help, the young man died of his wounds.

The investigation and trial took a total of three years. The man responsible was sentenced to 25 years to life. The surviving family continued with severe depression, despair, and unwarranted guilt for another 4 or 5 years after the trial. They started therapy and joined support groups.

Recently I ran into one of the family members at a local coffee shop. I was so happy to hear that life had turned around for them as they began their healing through the process of forgiveness. "We were so full of bitterness and hate that it was killing us from the inside, we had lost everything, there was nothing left but our sanity, our lives." I asked what had changed and the answer was simply to let go, forgive, release the chains of bondage to the tragedy and to the killer. The conversation left me feeling uplifted with hope and faith in our human nature of forgiving and less vengeful.

The capacity to forgive someone who murdered a loved one is an infinite divine consciousness to me yet it is within all of us. Forgiveness is letting go of the horrible pain you are feeling inside your heart, your stomach. It is relaxing your tight, rigid muscle tissues. It is releasing yourself and the deceased into the light of love. This emerging awareness is based on the perception of forgiveness in layers and levels; comes a better understanding of how to engage it every day. Forgiveness presents us with the highest perception of freedom within ourselves and a better outlook on the world we live in.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Moving Away From Negative Energy

Moving Away From Negative Energy
By Barbara Garcia

Some of the most malicious and destructive psychic attacks originated out of an ignorant thought form from someone who has no clue of the damages they are projecting. These are all too common in today's competitive world of jealousy, arrogance, greed, and envy. Each and every one of us have had these negative thought forms attaching themselves to us at some point in time. Affecting us numerous ways of depressions, energy drained, fear, and nightmares are just a few of these dreadful incidents not to mention the actual physical phenomena of objects flying across the room. Accidents occurring when there is no logical explanation of the incident is another sign of a localized accumulation of negative energy.

It is important to recognize these negative pockets of energy not for identifying its source but to attract a positive solution to dispel it. Once we shift our perception from the negative energy, we then open up to the greater flow of positive energy. From this viewpoint alone we are able to clearly see how we have personally reacted under the stress of negativity. We then have control over it at that point because we have stepped out of the way of being victimized to being an observer.

As an observer we are able to fully recognize the negative patterns that manipulate peoples energy, goals, and projects for their lives. By seeing it for what it is, we are able to develop our own maneuvers to stop the loss and promote the healing. It is only through detaching from any emotional reaction that liberates us past these pockets of negative energy. Once you acknowledge that all those involved were behaving with whatever intelligence or ignorance they had it is easy to detach from the situation and forgive them. Creating a positive solution can now be established without any attachment to the situation.

There are many disciplines that are effective in repelling negative energies such as visualizations, prayers, meditative imagery as well as sound and light frequency generators. Whatever resource you choose, the challenge is to put all of this into daily practice. It is essential that you develop a specific routine. We live within fields of a clever, responsive, energy-dynamic universe, in which other people's anticipations and assumptions radiate outward to influence us.

The last step, therefore, is to raise your own energy field so that you not only move out of negative energy pockets but that you create a new pocket of positive energy through your intention and your attitude wherever you go. It's all about energy. Everything, including ourselves, is nothing more than a field of energy, all interacting and influencing each other. You can do this, I can do this, we can all do this together.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Day Of The Witch, 2017

Day of the Witch, 2017
By Barbara Garcia

The day of the Witch has been resurrected in news feeds across the world as Witches unite in their magic of blocking the U.S. President Donald Trump from office. Using his own words, "You're fired" in rituals carried out last month on February 24th and designated to be performed again on March 26th, April 24, and June 21st of this year. The event has awakened and stirred the masses. Igniting anti-witch Christian groups in counteracting the Witches Spells, we are now in the wake of Spiritual Warfare in the United States.

This hot-debated topic has sparked those questions most of us have asked to ourselves, "is it real?", and "will it work?". Donald Trump will leave office and soon but I see it as a result of a disruptive force exposed According to quantum mechanics, the nature and behavior of this energy on the atomic and subatomic levels is very real.

Witchcraft dates back thousands of years and has survived massive hostilities toward them throughout the ages. It is highly unlikely that they will run from those who oppose their intentions of self defense now. The results of witchcraft is relevant in their ability to connect with and manipulate energy through their skills and beliefs. Cultures around the world practice a form of this energy manipulation in variations of beliefs but the basic principles is the same.

Through this spiritual warfare and racial conflicts in America, we will see waves of inspired millennial's from the fields of science and from all religious beliefs and background taking action in doing what they can to halt the destruction and contamination of our water and air. We will see them transform the oppressions in our governments and empower its people. More and more of them are being inwardly guided by the simultaneous occurrences of events in the world.

We will hear the subtle persuasion of ethic's and peace portrayed in their music and dance. As this new spiritual awareness manifests into society we will witness an increasingly amount of self appointed, inspired millennial's ready to sound alarm whenever chemical waste is dumped into our environment. We will hear from the film makers a ploy for humanity to take a stand against their those who suppress their right for medical attention. Their right for equality of their race, education, and religious beliefs is demanding political reform.

It is all beginning and happening now in this day of the Witch 2017 and will continue to progress through 2020. Eventually our professions, religions, occupations shift to an ever more efficiency in the direction of our food, air, and water supply. During these years of changing patterns we lean toward altering our financial institutions and monies to an automated system. We will see more self-contained housing, and the re-growth of our forests.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Shadow Creatures

By Barbara Garcia

No matter how bizarre we experience the supernatural, it should be documented in some way and put to print, film or painted exactly as it appeared. It is the only way that we discern, analyze and learn from. 
Witnessing  phenomena in both the supernatural and natural worlds has become common place to most of us in today's societies of high technology.   We are now seeing shadows within the fields of computer sciences. Some people have even reported strange sounds and ghostly images on their wireless devices. 

In my life time of living  between the supernatural and natural realms I have witnessed so many extraordinary and sometimes startling, horrid,  scary visitations from other worlds and dimensions that it hardly affects me at all.  Yet  I am and I will probably always be fascinated with them and forever wanting more knowledge.   Keeping the balance between logic, imagination, and the extra sensory function in our minds is difficult at times but with a little trust and faith in ourselves and a higher power it is possible to remain in perfect sync and harmony with it all. 

According to Psychonaunt Wiki , " Shadow people are a common hallucination for humans to have. They usually appear as a result of sleep deprivation, psychoactive substances or hypnologic states"  The article goes on to describe such experiences as a hallucination often accompanied with a feeling of intense paranoia and anxiety.

Quite frankly I have been intrigued and fascinated with the different explanations of shadow figures that seem to show up out of nowhere when we least expect it.  So far I have not found an explanation of the recent experience I had with a shadow serpent.

It was early morning when I awakened to witness an eerie looking snake slithering up the foot of my bed and onto my blankets moving up close to my face, open its mouth to bite me. You can imagine how I felt.  It vanished into smoke like the kind of smoke from an extinguished cigarette. 

Everybody must know of or heard  of the Biblical story of how Adam and Eve were deceived by a snake that was identified as Satan. The snake convinced Eve to eat a forbidden fruit.  She then convinced Adam to eat it. The consequences were that God banishes Adam and Eve from the garden and curses the snake.   This story is about 2700 years old is the first documented descriptions  of such creatures.

The explanations I have been found from the mainstream sciences are answers from people who have never experienced such a thing.  Most are suggesting an overly active human imagination. 

Researching this supernatural phenomena is certainly not a smooth process.  Yet, at the same time such challenges is the hub of curiosity that propels us to seek out more information.  The excitement of discovery among the contradicting theories pays off when a simple calculation leads to a whole different dimension than the one we live in.

Sunday, January 08, 2017


Shadow people out of the corner of your eyes, abstract shadow images appearing and disappearing on the wall are a good part of things we are witnessing on a daily basis. Each image and/or incident is just as bizarre and fantastic as the other. Doesn't matter if they are some sort of spirit manifestation, or if they are something from a different dimension or various other explanations.  The fact that people around the world are having these experiences is incredible.  

These past few days I have been reading tons of explanations online and exploring some of the possibilities of these shadowy figures being disembodied people who have evil intentions. Some say that they are spirits who are lost and cannot go forward into the light. I have not found any reports of any of these shadow people actually hurting anyone or possessing anyone.

The other day while setting in my office I felt a presence come in but I couldn't see anything. I picked up my phone and took a picture to see if anything would show up. When I looked at the photo I could see an image of what I would consider an Alien or being of some sort right there on my wall.  I emailed it to a couple friends and they saw it too. I now had proof of a visitation that I can ponder over and over.  Maybe this is just the first of many more to come. 

I love the fact that in our supernatural world there is now a consistency of these extraordinary sightings globally. Whatever these Shadow People may be, the numbers of occurrences is increasing and being witnessed by people young and old with  conspicuous similarities.