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2009 Psychic Predications; State of the Economy

2009 Psychic Predications; State of the Economy
By Barbara Garcia

Photo: Sophia Sario
"Eagle River"

In the face of soaring unemployment numbers and shrinking unemployment benefits, it is hard to stay optimistic when evidence of economic recovery is nowhere in sight. As a planning maneuver there are a few good things to consider in this ongoing economic crisis that may well be a welcomed change in the way we do things in our society.

Take the Stock Market for example, one would logically assume that the markets would just stay down and not be fluctuating at all but investors are anticipating the upcoming plans of President Elect Barrack Obama for our economic recovery. Those who didn’t panic and sell off their stocks at a loss in 2008 will see their investments beginning to rebound during an upward trend in 2009. It won’t be one of those massive surges but those who did sell their stocks at a loss in 2008 will kick themselves in the pants.

Going over your portfolio right now and looking ahead might be a good idea. India’s economy remains fruitful in spite of the bombing and China will have one it’s most prosperous years of all time. Brazil is still very attractive but moving at a little slower pace in 2009.

The tax cuts, new spending increases on jobs, energy infrastructure, health care and education will all be implemented with little opposition. We will begin to feel some relief during the spring and summer but we will remain cautious and many of us will have changed our occupations all together as we become more educationally active with the land and new energy sources.

We will eventually all benefit from the changes that are put into place this year and the landscape of American families will reflect a healing theme of the past eight years. This new breed of corporate and political leaders unites businesses; strengthens productivity and assures prosperity in housing, natural agricultural upgrading, reductions in carbon dioxide emissions; even the fashion industry will play a part in our economic upgrade. But it is only the beginning; the best is yet to come in the next decade.

The magnitude of international conflicts is lessened in comparison to the previous years. Though there will still be incidents and aggression, turbulence is substantially less to overcome. Peace talks in 2009 have a more positive and stable affect on our state of economy, confidence and stability in the world view.

Monday, December 01, 2008

2009 Psychic Predictions

2009 Psychic Predictions

By Barbara Garcia

Photo: Ali Vasquez

Like a breath of fresh air, President Elect Barrack Obama sets a new course for America that promises economic recovery in the years ahead. It won’t all happen in 2009 but rest assured that by the end of the year we will begin to see results and an upward curve in the world economy.

· General Motors continues to struggle through 2009 but will not fold. There will be a reconstruction of their entire corporate infrastructure. Aside from government support, business transactions with another auto maker will benefit everyone in the industry.

· The fastest selling automobiles this year are those Asian models like Nissan, Toyota, and all the new energy saving vehicles. They are rapidly replacing gas guzzlers and by 2010 we will see a whole new crop of amazing machines.

· Businesses in the area of natural energy such as wind, solar, geothermal energy, renewable and recycling are all productive and prosperous this year. Businesses associated with these areas will also benefit.

· New environmentally friendly building materials introduced this year meet with financial skepticism but will replace old and current materials successfully in the near future.

· Mortgage rates are lowered this year and the housing market begins to rebound.

· The US dollar begins to gain strength in the spring and a slight drop in gold is in sight.

· Terrorism continues to threaten American soil throughout the year as Al-Qaeda fuels battles to keep the US at war. An international incident regarding Saudi Arabia renews tension. However, there is more effort in maintaining the peace than in the whims of the terrorists. Russia is somehow involved with this.

· Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan together post an enormous drain on American economics and military resources. President Obama reserves a team of personnel, money, and equipment to obliterate terrorist leaders and their followers. (That includes Osama bin Laden)

· Those of us who lived through the fire zones of Southern California will also be inundated with landslides and a sizeable earthquake.

· There will be rumors of attacks on America and assassination plans before or on January 20, 2009. These 44th historic events of the Presidential Swearing in Ceremony, the Inaugural Address, Parade, Balls and galas that honors the new President of the United States is without incident and most memorable.

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Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Photo: Barbara Garcia

Vegetarian Thanksgiving
By Sean Carter

Lately the trend in vogue is going vegetarian and sparing thousands of poor souls the brutal onslaught at the slaughter houses, to serve as delectable dishes for the occasion and delight the appetite of the guests invited. PETA along with the fervent efforts made by many organizations has raised the awareness of the public and interestingly encouraged them to tread on the path of trendy vegetarianism or prompted them to go all vegan, despite Thanksgiving being marked out in the American calendar as a meat-influenced holiday. However, there is a subtle difference between being vegan and vegetarian. Being vegetarian means compulsorily abstaining from non-vegetarian food items like fish, meat, egg, dairy products and sometimes even excluding honey from one's diet. While being vegan means one chooses voluntarily not to consume non-vegetarian food items like the vegetarian mass of population and being content experimenting with the substitutes offered in the market.

Since long turkey has been the centerpiece of Thanksgiving feasting, hence most vegetarians tend to feel left out on that day, but now with this new trend in vogue one needs not worry at all. Though this idea of going vegetarian is gaining popularity at a rapid pace yet for most Americans, to celebrate Thanksgiving without turkey would be similar to having birthday bash without a cake, Christmas without tree or Fourth of July celebrations without fireworks. Over the years, majority of people are found gorging on the sumptuous meals cooked for the special occasion with turkey featuring as the main attraction in the menu. While vegetarians being the unfortunate lot nibbling on the leftovers and side dishes. But off-late, vegetarianism has been on the rise, with about 6% of the American population saying they never eat meat, the figure shooting up to 10% among those aged 18-34, according to a recent Vegetarian Resource Group Harris Interactive Survey. There may be variegated reasons for people opting for a vegetarian diet. Whatever the reason may be: religious, ethical, health considerations or out of serious concern for the environment or animal rights, its true that unknowingly one is likely to receive health benefits from it. In fact a recent study indicated that one out of every eight turkeys is infected with salmonella bacteria. Thus avoiding the consumption of turkeys may not be a bad choice. Again "The American Dietetic Association" says that the nutritional benefits of vegetarian diets include lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, as well as higher levels of fiber, folate and anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and E.

This new generation of vegans and vegetarians however now has a reason to party and celebrate this festival with friendly food and resources at their display to choose from. In fact vegetarian Thanksgiving can be a glamorous affair taking into consideration that being vegetarian is now in rage for the fact that is the best way to show your compassion towards the animals as well as living healthy, keeping ailments such as heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes as well as food poisoning at bay. In 1998, growing awareness about the unhealthy conditions in which the turkeys were kept and the inhuman manner in which these were genetically engineered to grow twice as large and twice as fast as their ancestors to keep in pace with the growing demand, prompted families across North America to participate in a tradition where they adopted turkeys instead of eating them. In a way the turkeys were treated as guest of honor. More so, till date PETA, the group for animal right protection has also been consistent in its effort to prevent the slaughter of these innocent birds by featuring Thanksgiving e-cards on its websites that say "Don't Eat the Mascot" and "Happy Tofurky Day" instead of "Happy Turkey Day".

In recent times, in fact since 1995, America's leading turkey alternative is "Tofurky" or in other words "Tofu-turkey". It is the best way to satisfy the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian populace alike by offering this meat substitute which is equally appealing as their non-veg counterpart. In fact over the years, turkey has been completely bowled over by its substitute, "tofurky'. PETA supports this effort by listing out a host of recipes to choose from, including "Tofurky" roast, dumplings, giblet and mushroom gravy, tofurky wild rice stuffing and wishtix, "Unturkey", "Tofu turkey" are all kind alternatives to real turkeys so that it is not missed at the Thanksgiving table. They are soy-based roast, stuffing and gravy that taste more often than not like the real meat. If tofurky is not your type, then one has the liberty to stick to the traditional dishes like corn, squashes, apples, nuts, cranberries, as well as favorites like pumpkin pie with a tasty crumb topping to appease your appetite. Desserts also come in all kinds of varieties wooing the vegetarian and the hard-core non-vegetarian mass alike with stuffs such as vegan pies in pumpkin, cherry blackberry and apple- cranberry-currant varieties.

This time that you plan a dinner for your vegetarian guests, you no more have to spend sleepless nights pondering what would be a good and viable choice of food items to be cooked. Your culinary art lies in preparing vegetarian food which will be enjoyed and appreciated by both the finicky children as well as by adults with more traditional tastes. There are certain tips that you can keep in mind while preparing food on Thanksgiving Day for your vegetarian guests:

· Prepare stuffing outside of Turkey. · Keep cooking utensils separate to prevent "cross contamination" between meat foods and vegetarian foods. · Use substitutions like vegetarian broth, soy margarine, soy milk and kosher marshmallows which do not have gelatin in its ingredients. · Frying can be done using vegetable oil and refraining from the use of animal fats. · Breads, beverages, fresh fruits and non-gelatin desserts can be offered aplenty as they can be served to the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian guests alike. · You can also ask your guests whether a product like the "Tofurky" brand vegetarian dinner would be welcome as well as invite them to prepare and bring a dish of their choice, if they so please. Thus, this year too all can stay soaked in the spirit of the festival by relishing the delicious food that are dished out and giving turkeys the right to live and enjoy their day along with us. The scenario has changed and perhaps for the better. Non-vegetarians no more need to grunt and grumble when the occasion is round the corner for there are recipes galore to court their vegetarian guests as well as the vegetarians now doesn't need to be cornered by this predominantly meat eating festival.

Sean Carter writes on holidays,
Thanksgiving Day
and world events. He also writes on family, relationships, Christmas, religion, love and friendship. He is a writer with special
interest in ecard industry and writes for
He is an active blogger at Thanksgiving Blog

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Novmber 5th The Day After

We believed in Hope. . .and we believed we could Change. . . November 5th, The Day After the Election...We have both

President Elect
Barack Obama

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008
Barbara Garcia

Photo: Sophia Sario

Halloween is about glowing jack-o-lanterns setting on front porches and on windowsills. There will be groups of children in costumes knocking on doors for about a half pound of trick or treat candies. It will be a night of ghost stories and bobbing for apples down at the community centers. There will be séances, pumpkin carving contests galore, Ouija game boards, and foggers setting the mood for the scariest of scary nights.

As much as we have come to enjoy the playfulness of Halloween there was a time when October 31st was a celebrated holiday called Samhain pronounced sow-en. It is still a magical time of year producing a palette of color in yellow, gold, and red across the landscape. In Scotland and Ireland Samhain meant summers end and rightly so with the cooler and darker days quickly approaching. It is my understanding of history that it was actually a Christian decision to change Samhain to Hallowmas (all Saints day) a time to commemorate the blessed dead and the night before became known as All Hallows Eve (Halloween). Just as those wandering spirits of the dead began to be thought of as evil, so did fairies, angels, leprechauns and pixies came to be thought of as supernatural beings.

Significantly placed in Halloween history today are glimpses of global climate destabilization etched in the masks of political rhetoric of 2008. A trick bailout proposal passed as pacifier treats for the wealthy. Both campaign managers have exquisitely designed sessions of scary nights of debates that prey on the common fears of struggling Americans in an atmosphere of inescapable economic horrors. You can be sure that fears of loud noises and fears of hot air will be triggered by the events this year.

Earthquake probabilities along Southern California’s San Andres fault in October isn’t a highly active fear among scientist and psychics but the most common fear among California residents is the probability itself.

With so many factual frightful themes, this year should be made an atmosphere of sheer fun. Try making paper skeletons and ghosts to deck the hall to your office this year or how about a shinny carved pumpkin for your favorite teacher. Unleash your imagination not your wallet on those costumes and how about something different than pounds of sugary candy to give out. Instead of candy, give stickers, mini boxes of raisins, inexpensive party toys and nutritious dried fruits.

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Starmerge in September 2008

By Barbara Garcia
Photo: "Earth Mother"

September at Starmerge has come to be known as recognizing the autumn equinox and acknowledging the sun’s influence of passing over the equator as our earth makes its rotation around the sun. This year on the 21st we’ll set the day aside to reflect on where we have come in the lessons of life and give thanks for our blessings. We’ll share those blessings in discounts and bargains with others who have become a part of our lives.

Potluck dishes for those long office, home and yard clean up days in September are mainly casseroles made with sweet potatoes, squash, wild rice and walnuts. Follow this link to a yummy American Indian Fry Bread Recipe to add to your own potluck recipes. (You can spice it up into a delicious Navajo Taco, one of our favorite of favorites :-)

Year End Inventory

Starmerge will be holding a year end inventory sale beginning at the end of September. You can score amazing savings on this fabulous high quality photo finish print of the Goddess herself, “Earth Mother” while supply lasts. Regular priced at $49.95 this ½ off Sale price for this beautiful 18” x12” Inch Print will be offered at $24.97

Reserve yours early to insure your print(s) for Holiday Gift Giving Savings. Just use this link to let us know how many to hold for you.

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Will the World End in 2012?

Will the World End in 2012?
By Robert Kreuk

Photo: Jason Karsh

It's coming. The year 2012 is coming right for us and we can neither dodge it nor stop it from coming. What does this time really mean? Is the world really going to end? What can we expect in these few years we have left?

For clarity, the year 2012 is based off of the Mayan Long Count calendar at a time the calendar itself actually resets. The Mayan calendar is based on cycles and had several ways of recording the date. It is known as the most accurate calendar the world has ever known and itself predicts minor events in Maya society like new kings, crop cycles, and the like as well as the more apocalyptic things we're familiar with. The calendar ending would actually mean an old cycle ends and a new cycle begins.

Alternate news sites and literature out there mention that the Earth is going to ascend to the 4th dimension at or around 2012. This is part of the earth cleansing itself as well as trying to move to a higher plane itself. It's rumored this event has almost happened numerous times in the past but was missed. During this cleansing period lots of natural disasters happen as a way for the earth to renew itself. Often cited are the Great Flood and the fall of Atlantis as times ascension was coming, but missed, because the world population wasn't ready for it.

Some digging into recent astronomical news will also reveal that the earth is to fully enter a photon belt around 2012. No one is alive today that was here during the last time the earth did this and it is rumored this will also cause worldwide disasters and the possibility of high radiation. The photon belt is also a sometimes mentioned cause of the earth's pole shift that is to happen in 2012. The pole shift is possibly a reason for the ice caps melting in the North Pole right now as well.

There are many ideas, speculations, and agendas out in motion right now preparing for 2012. For this reason it is hard to get a pin point idea of what exactly will happen. They all agree something WILL happen, however, which should be reason enough to read up, study, and take note of the world around you. The signs will become more obvious in every day life and even in subtle ways such as what movies come out, what mainstream news channels air, and even political agendas. Pay attention. This is not a time to be left uninformed.

Robert Kreuk is an independent paranormal investigator. Author of a paranormal ebook and admin of his Paranormal Forum.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Psychic Generation

Barbara Garcia

Photo: Jasen Karsh

Every generation brings about new psychics. Every psychic is empowered with specific talents, expertise, and perceptions of future events. Every decade is crystallized by certain psychic ability or psychic visionaries. Whether it’s the likes of a Daniel Dunglas (levitation in the1800’s), Gerard Croiset (unofficial police psychic 1940’s), José Arigo (psychic surgeon 1950’s), or a Jean Dixon, a popular psychic of the 1970’s, we are continually evolving psychically with new opportunity for expansion.

We’re fast approaching the end of the decade. Emphasis on spirit communication that mediums such as James Van Prague and John Edwards presented on television marks another decade of psychic celebrities and influence. However, this first decade of the 21st century is a psychic generation. People in all walks of life and beliefs are exceptionally intuitive and perceptive. The psychic function is no longer dormant. Those born in this decade are children of a more psychic population than ever before in civilized societies.

Why the shift? Practically speaking, the psychic function is a survival instinct. Just take a look at the local news; the outlook is not very promising. Aside from current and upcoming wars, global warming, pollution, and natural disasters that continually threaten us; the standard of living has dropped outrageously low during this decade. Education expenses, health costs, massive layoffs, food and gasoline expenses, and mortgage meltdowns in this deep recession has jolted everyone into survival mode.

It has been said that success is about taking risks and chances. This has certainly been true for most successful people. Looking at our unstable position in the world, the only way to get ahead now is by utilizing the psychic function and the willingness to activate it for the next opportunity that comes along.

Now is the time to initiate an outstanding conclusion of this decade by taking all the positive attributes of psychic expression to the next level. Use the power of the psychic connection in the market place, work, home, and in social networking. Eliminate the need to rely on traditional business and use your psychic perceptions of events in the next decade to your personal advantage now. A small investment into an upcoming trend, product, or science would bring about a large return later.

The psychic population has expanded over the years and so have the ethereal entities and beings that have come through to this physical world. They no longer accompany a few psychic mediums but are now seen by the masses because the masses have become psychically inclined.

This 21st century psychic generation is a power that has no tolerance for out molded ideas of domination; they will see through deception and have the courage, skill, and strength of acting upon their psychic instincts without hesitation. They are born during a tremendous shift of consciousness; consequently they will change the course of the world in every facet of discovery through unprecedented accounts of psychic achievement.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Let Freedom Ring Everywhere

Photo: Barbara Garcia

July 4th

Let Freedom Ring Everywhere, we're all patriots in the Independence Day spirit of the ideals of personal freedom and liberty.

Living how you want, where you want, pursuing what you want is what it's all about. No matter what part of the world you live or your nationality, I wish a liberating and safe Independence Day celebration to you and all those you hold dear.

Monday, June 16, 2008

An Exercise in Love

An Exercise in Love
By Alex Ziv

Photo: PJ Parker

The following exercise is one that I developed spontaneously and it comes as part of experience and growth.

The object of this exercise is to bring us back to the centre of the heart, to our existence and like in every exercise - repetition is the key to success.

The heart is our initial central place, as children even before we began to speak or think in a massive way we were attentive and connected to our heart and we operated from the centre of our heart.

Each one of us started his life with a total connection to the heart and slowly slowly with the years we began to distance ourselves from it towards the centre of the head. With the development of the intellect the majority of us are anchored there and spend the majority of our adult life there.

The centre of the head, the brain, the thought works in a dual way which is why it is in harmony with the universe.

The universe is one energy that is situated above duality - united.

Duality starts with a thought because thought needs an object and the moment an object exists automatically duality is created.

The thought and the object of thinking must be separate; there must be distance so that thought can take place.

So when space and duality is created - the energy splits and as a result of that we move away from the nature of the universe which is unity, lack of duality.

Every thought is separate from another thought and this separation and the focus on every separate thought creates in us a duality.

The centre of our thought is a necessary centre for creation. We must not build a house in it or settle in it indefinitely because then we move away from our unity with the rest of the universe, which means, we move away from the source of light, abundance the eternal health and happiness of the universe.

The correct centre to be connected to most of the time is the centre of the heart that expresses itself through the energy of love.

When you love you can not be dual, the love melts duality and creates unity.

When you love someone or something, you immediately connect to it with all your being and feel united with it.

And when you use the energy of love and you feel united, you automatically become united with the natural characteristics of the universe and you merge with it at the same time.

Children are present at the centre of the heart which is why they are abundant with health, happiness, joy & purpose

Because they are always connected and synchronised with the energy of the universe.

Think less and love more and be a child again, flowing and natural and full of purpose.

Love is a merger and due to the universe being made up of this energy, in order to connect to the universe one must connect initially to the energy of love, to return to the centre of the heart stay and live there... every so often one can visit the centre of the mind, to play and create and then return home to the centre of the heart.

The following exercise is intended to bring you back home to the centre of the heart and connect you again to the origin of the universal energy - the energy of love.

The exercise:

I developed this exercise during my morning meditation which part of it includes conscious walking along the beach

Every time that a person would walk towards me from the opposite side it would distract my focus because thoughts would enter when our fields of energy where the distance of an encounter and it always distracted me.

On one of the occasions I decided that I was going to send love to every person that came towards me...The moment that his field of energy is in my radius I simply say in my heart: "I love you"

I tried and it felt wonderful!

Instead of distracting my focus it heightened my awareness and the connection to my inner peace.

And so I turned it into a regular habit which works wonders again and again.

There is no need to look into the face of the person opposite you; you can continue to look ahead or at another object

All that is required is to be aware of his presence for a moment and then to send him love by saying the words: "I love you".

In order to experience the impact of this exercise, I suggest that you start it with the following dosage:

Every day for a period of a week decide that you are going to send your love to two strangers.

You can do this whilst walking next to them or opposite them and it is also possible to send your love whilst driving a vehicle, simply catch a certain person within your field of vision and say: "I love you".

The minimum during this week is two people per day,

and this every person can do easily.

Whoever enjoys this and feels the strengt5h of this exercise can start with whatever quantity he chooses.

There is no limit to the amount of love that can be distributed and the interesting fact is that this action is never tiring; on the contrary, it recharges you with new energy and effervescence and livens every cell in your body.

Try this "exercise in love" and prove to yourself how the centre of the heart awakens inside you and how you connect to a higher energy - the energy of love.

By Alex Ziv - Creating Reality

Alex Ziv is a motivational writer who inspires Thousands of people each day in Israel trough his unique view and insights about spirituality and personal development.
For more information please visit:
(English by Michal Booker)

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hauntings in the Home

Photo: "Phantom Storm Clouds"

By Sophia Sario

Hauntings in the Home
By Jan Gamm

All of us delight in watching a ghostie movie or reading a scary novel. It is not quite so enjoyable when your own home is the subject of outer-wordly attention. Sometimes poltergeist activity can go on for many years before the occupant of the house is prepared to admit that certain unexplained occurances are the work of a mischievious spirit.

Most of us know what it is like to put down an object and then forget where we have put it. However, poltergeists are often eager to have us know of their presence in the house and will wickedly put the object somewhere we could not possibly have left it, for instance on the top of a high shelf or dresser only reachable with a step ladder but tantalisingly visible without one.

Animals will often be aware of the presence of this uninvited guest long before humans. You will see your pet cat or dog playing with what appears to be an invisible friend, or suddenly the animal will sit or beg in front of an empty chair. Scary.

Lights will be mysteriously turned on, radios and televisions will be switched on unexpectedly or have settings changed, fridge doors will be left open and doors will be unlatched, seemingly by someone other than yourself, yet there is nobody there. Many people have assumed themselves to be prematurely senile, or over imaginative, before they will consider the existance of a ghost in the house. Understandable when you consider we have all been raised to enjoy a good scare on the television or in books. Some of us have also been conditioned to dismiss such happenings as impossibly unscientific.

The appearance of a ghostly spirit is rare indeed, although some claim passionately that they have seen a ghost 'in person,' so to speak. Audible activity is quite common, however, and even readily welcomed by those with an infinity for such phenomena. Not everything that goes bump in the night can be explained by errant pets, mice in the attic, shrinking window frames or poor carpentery. Buildings carry a footprint of those who have gone before and if your particular house guest is a friendly one - be grateful.

Jan Gamm writes reflections on life with an emphasis on world travel. She has lived in many countries and traveled extensively in the Far East, the Middle East, America, South America and throughout the South Pacific. She writes for fun and for money whenever she can manage it.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Crop Circle Visit

Photo: Bruce Williams

Crop Circle Visit
By Richard Hawkins

Avebury, UK And Surrounding Area: Crop Circles are weird things you can quite easily experience for yourself. A friend and I recently went on a trip to Avebury, Wiltshire, to sample these visual delights and to get first hand experience of the phenomena. We actually stayed in a tent at the back of a pub called The Woodbridge Inn, in North Newnton, about three miles south of Pewsey. The trip lasted four days and was well worth the journey.

Even before we reached The Woodbridge Inn we found our first crop circle. We had stopped at the car park near Avebury across the fields from Silbury Hill, to get our bearing. While we checked the map we saw a Crop Circle across the field towards Silbury Hill! It was quite difficult at first to see and we would probably have missed it if we didn't have a clue that it was there. This was exciting because before this event I had never seen a Crop Circle first hand. We set off towards it. crossing the road, heading through a gate into the field and down one of the tramlines. As we got closer it was quite strange seeing the Crop Circle getting larger and taking shape, with Silbury Hill in the background.

We entered the Crop Circle and looked around. To be honest it was a bit unimpressive seeing it from ground level, and a bit strange. To appreciate the complexity of a Crop Circle they have to be viewed from above. The crop (wheat, barley, corn? I'm no agriculturalist!) was bent down to create a flat surface which had a strange whirl to it.

Looking at the edges we found that there was quite an abrupt cutoff between the bent corn and the undisturbed corn. The immense diameter and complexity of the circle makes it amazing how someone or something could create it. It seems that the circle was greater than a week old when we saw it, so the crop was actually trodden down and slightly damaged from previous visitors. We took a few photographs although none of them were from above the Circle (none of us can jump 32 feet high). They sort of give you an idea of it's size and complexity but some other photo's I have seen are totally spectacular.

Anyway, back to the plot. We left the Crop Circle, went back to the car and went in search of the Woodbridge Inn.

During the evening we spoke to someone who knew of a Crop Circle quite near to where we were staying, so the following day we set off early to find it. We eventually found what was a nice temporary car park on the edge of a field. There were a few people near the top and when one of them came down the field we asked them a bit sheepishly what was at the top. A Crop Circle was the reply, as if we should have known! This one was situated at the top of a slope which gave a great view. I don't know the immediate area it was situated in, but it overlooked a White Horse (relativley modern by the looks of it). I think it's the same White Horse you can see from The Barge Inn. This Crop Circle was of similar construction to the previous one, albeit a bit larger. The corn was compressed as before and the edges seemed to have perfect cutoffs. From the ground it appeared to be one circle with concentric circles crossing it. While we were admiring the view, we noticed another Crop Circle which was in the distance, appearing to be just under the White Horse.

We saw two more Crop Circles that day which were just as impressive (If I can get any ariel photos of these circles then I'll add them to this page). It's strange, but after having never seen a Crop Circle first hand and then seeing four in the space of twenty four hours, it was amazing.

Not A Natural Random Creation?


  • Crop Circles seem to 80% be created either using a tramline as the central axis, or tramlines as boundary markers, judging by the photo's I've seen.
  • They seem to have progressively gotten more complicated as time has gone by. Possibly because whoever is creating them is 'introducing' us to their message in steps, or maybe because the 'hoaxers' are getting better.
  • I think that some people are defining the term hoax or fake Crop Circles wrongly. OK, people think they could be created by vortices of air compressing the crop, ufos landing and leaving a mark or maybe humans. The latter is termed a hoax. In my view this is incorrect. Just because they are created by humans does not constitute a hoax. There is no such thing as a fake Crop Circle! It could be that they are all created by humans with planks of wood and a rope. If they are then good luck. They are still works of art, still spectacular.
  • If you measure a Crop Circle they are actually elliptical and not exactly circular.

These are our observations taken during the visit and it is to me both exciting and quite weird at the same time.

As a matter of interest, we also saw a few UFOs in the sky from our tent. They were single small illuminated dots moving in an exact straight line through the night sky.

They seemed to slow down as they reached the horizon. We came to the conclusion they were probably satellites with the sun shining off them (the sun had gone down but it would reflect off the objects if they were high enough).

I'll say one thing though: some of the amazing photographs of patterns in fields look way too complicated to be hoaxed in a day (or night, or at all). Some may be hoaxed (smaller, less complicated ones), but I can't believe it's possible to hoax some of the mindblowing designs I've seen. This is a phenomena where only time will an answer appear. It's also quite possible that no answer will ever appear.

The Crop Circle phenomena is a very unsual, beautiful puzzle, which you should try and experience first hand. If anything, it makes you stand back from the daily grind of life, to appreciate things in a new and enlightening way.

Written By: Richard Hawkins

A guy with an avid interest in unusual phenomena.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Experience of Psychic Impressions

By Barbara Garcia

Photo by Ali /Vasquez

Surprised, nervous, and anxious are those visible emotions that linger on your face when you first become aware of a psychic experience. At first, experiences such as intuitively knowing something is going to happen before it does or knowing someone's thoughts before they speak them may seem bewildering and outwardly supernatural.

Unless you were aware of these psychic episodes as a child, they may appear to occur sporadic and infrequent in the beginning but your anticipation will keep you hoping and praying to experience another round of psychic impressions. It is normal to feel a bit removed from reality, psychic experiences have never been treasured as a "down -to-earth" occurrence in the American society but is becoming more acceptable. The close attention you give to your psychic experience, the more frequent they become and the more you pay attention to your intuition the more feedback you will receive.

The sixth sense uses all of your five senses to communicate messages such as a vision. This psychic experience involves isolated images you see before your eyes or dream like imagery with your eyes closed. As you become more adept in understanding visions and dreams, you begin to be in more control and able to navigate your experience by concentrating on a particular location allowing you to remote view anyone and anywhere you direct your attention.

Sounds like music or voices really grab your attention. Your heart starts pounding, tears welling up in your eyes, the hair on your arms or the back of your neck standing straight up. These are those a-ha moments when you swear beyond a shadow of doubt that there is indeed life after this world because you just heard it!

From the moment you experience the intoxicating aroma of a vintage perfume or the lingering scent of a cigar from out of the blue, you are instantly entranced with all the possibilities of the psychic information you just received through smell.

There is absolutely no discomfort in the experiences of psychic impressions and there is so much to gain in knowledge, wisdom, and insights that you would otherwise never experience. Whether it is the touch of a fine silk scarf or the warm touch of a handshake, your intuitive perception is capable of unraveling mysteries and secrets of whatever you touch.

The richness of chocolates, or any other taste sensation of sweet, sour, bitter or salty flavors ascribe to psychic interpretation of experience.

The awareness of those first initial psychic impressions often trigger memories of countless of psychic moments you have had throughout your life. The only difference is that you are now aware and alert to your own sixth sense. The importance is not whether you are having a vision or hearing a sound or voice, but what the visions and sounds reveal to you and what to do with the information you receive.

Your personal experiences with psychic impressions will always enrich your life with uplifting memories, teachings, adventure, do-it-yourself know how and much more. Staying connected to the world around you is in itself an experience of psychic perception.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Plasma Life Forms - Aliens From a Parallel Earth

Photo: "OHM II" Oil Painting
By Barbara Soblewski Garcia

Plasma Life Forms - Aliens From a Parallel Earth
By []Jay Alfred

The Basic Plasma Metaphysics Theory in 3+1 Dimensions

According to plasma metaphysics (Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006), the physical-dense Earth is gravitationally coupled to a counterpart dark matter Earth composed of low density plasma. This "sister" Earth was co-accreted with the physical-dense Earth about 4.6 billion years ago from dark matter components in the embryonic Solar System. Plasma life forms evolved on this counterpart Earth, just like it did on the visible planet. These life forms were as varied in scale, structure and intelligence as carbon-based life forms - as different as a microbe from a whale; a mosquito from a tiger; a giraffe from a crocodile; an ant from a human being. Their degrees of intelligence and awareness were as different as a centipede's awareness to the awareness and intelligence of homo sapiens. Homo sapiens evolved carbon-based bodies that formed symbiotic relationships with some of these plasma life forms (indicating a type of symbio-genesis). Some of these plasma life forms have interacted with us in the past (intentionally or unintentionally).

The entities that we have identified as ghosts, angels, demons, deities (for example the Marian apparitions in the atmosphere), aliens (associated with UFO sightings in the atmosphere), fairies, sightings of the recently deceased (on the surface of the Earth) and balls of light which appear to go through physical barriers (without contracting) are all plasma life forms from this counterpart Earth.

Properties of Bioplasma Bodies

Plasma life forms have bioplasma bodies. These are electromagnetic bodies which generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves. Embedded in these bioplasma bodies are "plasma antennae" which can tune-in and receive electromagnetic waves generated by other bioplasma bodies. (Plasma antennae are actually being used today in scientific laboratories.) The bodies of plasma life forms that we encounter are molded by our expectations which radiate out from our own bioplasma bodies in the form of electromagnetic waves and are received by them through their embedded antennae (see Jay Alfred, Between the Moon and Earth, 2007). The nearer they come to you the better they are able to tune-in to the thought waves (i.e. electromagnetic waves which are modulated by your thoughts) you are radiating out from your bioplasma body. For example, in the Marian apparitions at Fatima (Portugal), the children saw a ball of light which resolved into a man-like angel as it got nearer to the children.

Psychokinetic effects have a much greater effect on bioplasma bodies compared to the physical-dense body. The reason for this is that the total rest mass of a bioplasma body is very much lower than the physical-dense body. The extremely low rest mass can also give bioplasma bodies a more pronounced macro-quantum effect (compared to macroscopic objects in our universe) due to the de Broglie relationship (see Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006).

According to plasma metaphysics, (dark matter) bioplasma bodies are composed of a complex plasma of non-standard particles. Non-standard particles are particles that are outside the physicists' Standard Model and which are included in dark matter - matter which is six times more prevalent in the known universe than ordinary matter.

"We will realise that most of the encounters with aliens or ghosts are really sporadic encounters with beings from parallel interpenetrating Earth-based magmaspheres. These aliens are dark matter entities...which generally do not register on the known electromagnetic spectrum - but can do so if their frequencies are brought down..." - Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006

Bioplasma bodies composed of non-standard particles glow in the dark, radiate heat, light and other electromagnetic waves that can be measured by our scientific instruments like radar or even infra-red cameras when ordinary matter condenses around them. They also possess other properties associated with these types of bodies (see Jay Alfred, Angels, Ghosts, Deities and their Magnetic Plasma Bodies, 2007 ). The general characteristics of plasma life forms (based on Jay Alfred's 2006 book: Our Invisible Bodies) include the following:

- They emit light (not simply reflect them)

- They are thermochromic (i.e. they change colors at different temperatures)

- They generate colorful auras and halos as high energy particles collide with them.

- They are able to change their degree of opacity - becoming transparent or translucent. Hence, they can apparently materialize and dematerialize.

- They generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves.

- They are responsive to electromagnetic fields and waves and can have an electrical feel when passing through our bodies.

- They have networks of filamentary currents within their bodies.

- Double helical currents, aligned with the longer axis of their bodies may be discerned.

- They possess rotating orifices that suck in and emit high energy particles.

- They can emit beams of high energy particles from these orifices.

- Their shapes can vary (hence they can shape-shift) but the most stable shape is the ball of light.

- Shapes between a spheroid and a cylinder, ovoid or lenticular are also possible as the plasma membrane is resilient and elastic and can be stretched by the denser matter inside.

- Just like amoeba they can generate temporary limbs (like pseudopods).

- Vortexes and misty irregularly formed primitive plasma life forms also exist.

- Within the ovoid is a denser body which varies from one plasma life form to another.

- A bi-layered plasma (Langmuir) sheath encloses the ovoid.

- They are able to pass through each other in the same way that objects composed of collisionless plasma or dark matter do.

- Very low rest mass.

Some ancient cultures have described bioplasma bodies which are coupled to our carbon-based bodies as "souls". This is not surprising due to their quasi-quantum behavior, their unusual methods of transport, apparent ability to effect action at a distance; and decoupling on the death of the carbon-based body.

Behavior of Plasma Life Forms

Behavior can vary due to the diversity of plasma life forms. Plasma life (let's say with intelligence equivalent to octopuses) may express their curiosity by coming near to see or feel objects that seem strange to them from their frame of reference. More intelligent life forms (equivalent to homo sapiens) may actually conduct experiments. Groups of plasma life forms may exhibit swarm behavior (similar to bats, birds and fishes) with synchronized movements.

Biomechanics of Plasma Life Forms

They move generally by neutralizing or reversing their electric charge and/or redistributing the electric charges in their bodies relative to the background electric field. They may also move by changing their density. Another method of active transport is by sucking in energy particles through their orifices in the direction of the motion. The suction generates a drift.

When they fall in energy sporadically and are visible to us or our scientific instruments in the lower atmosphere, fast-moving plasma life forms will generate only weak sonic booms. This is because they are composed of collisionless plasma and have a very low rest mass. Ultra-sensitive instruments in close proximity to the entity should be able to pick up the weak sonic boom.

Plasma may be considered to be collisionless when Coulomb interactions are so rare that global fields in the plasma govern the dynamics. A magnetic field endows a collisionless plasma with elastic properties analogous to those of a dense gas and so a plasma wave crossing a magnetic field behaves somewhat like an ordinary sound wave. The Earth's magnetosphere is composed almost entirely of ionized collisionless plasma and is dominated by the Earth's magnetic field. Fast moving plasma life forms would therefore be expected to generate collisionless shock waves in the magnetosphere rather than in the lower atmosphere.

Parallel Plasma Earth - The Habitat of Plasma Life Forms

The counterpart dark matter Earth, composed of low density plasma and co-rotating with our visible Earth, can effectively be considered another planet. The sporadic interactions with plasma-based beings, who may appropriately be called "aliens" (since they are, strictly speaking, from another planet - although a counterpart Earth), can be studied in a more rigorous scientific framework once our current technology improves to take into account non-standard particles. All human beings are the symbiotic products of carbon-based bodies and (alien) plasma-based bodies.

Near-death experiences, astral traveling, (genuine) alien encounters, angelic visitations, apparitions of saints or deities - both privately to individuals and to the public at large leading to mass sightings (such as the Marian apparitions or swarms of UFOs in the atmosphere) occur in this higher energy dark matter counterpart Earth and are superimposed on our more familiar Earth depending on the type of encounter (see below).

This parallel Earth is composed wholly of plasma (unlike our physical-dense Earth, which although it contains a plasmasphere, magnetosphere and ionosphere, is largely a rocky outcrop). Hence, while the biosphere of the physical-dense Earth occupies only a small volume of the Earth i.e. largely confined to plus or minus 10km from sea level (which is less than 1% of the volume of the Earth), the plasma Earth is wholly composed of plasma making it more like a gigantic plasma ocean and having a "tear-drop" shape similar to Earth's magnetosphere. The biosphere of this counterpart Earth is therefore many times larger than the physical Earth and life forms often move in all three dimensions quite extensively (i.e. like fishes in the sea, not like human beings on the surface of the Earth). There is enormous biodiversity in this oceanic plasma planet which teems with life.

Plasma objects which sporadically appear in our atmosphere are actually floating or swimming in this ocean. They are therefore able to dart back and forth (like squid, cuttlefish and octopuses) or swim majestically (like manta rays). Plasma life forms in the atmosphere have been seen at Marian apparitions, in Chinese history as dragons and other ancient civilizations (see Plasma Cosmology) and modern UFO sightings.

Types of Encounters with Plasma Life Forms

Encounters with plasma life forms can be classified as follows:

Type 1 Encounter: This is an encounter with an ordinary matter plasma life form using the cognitive-sensory system of our carbon-based body in our familiar ordinarily visible Earth.

Type 2 Encounter: This is an encounter with a dark matter plasma life form whose energy level has fallen temporarily to allow ordinary matter in our familiar ordinarily visible Earth to condense around it.

Type 3 Encounter: This is an encounter with a dark matter plasma life form using the cognitive-sensory system of our bioplasma body and takes place wholly in the plasmasphere of the counterpart Earth.

Type 4 Encounter: This is an encounter where there is a dual state of consciousness - both the cognitive-sensory systems of the carbon-based body and bioplasma body are operating. In this case, the plasma life form in the counterpart Earth is superimposed on our familiar ordinarily visible Earth.

So, why do they not land at the White House?

The SETI Institute's program objective in trying to find intelligent life outside Earth is to some extent misguided. The aliens that are most frequently encountered and that can be considered "intelligent life" do not travel at light speed within our low energy physical universe nor do they have any technology to undertake intergalactic or interstellar travel. They are co-inhabitants of the Earth system - which includes the visible Earth and its dark matter counterpart. (It is therefore not surprising that they often express concern about the health of the planet. Why would a distant extra-terrestrial civilization be so concerned about our little planet?)

Although they co-evolved with us, they are likely to have evolved at a faster rate. V N Tsytovich of the Russian Academy of Sciences argues that helical dust structures in plasma would have a "faster evolutionary rate" in his 2007 paper on plasma life forms. This is also supported by Jay Alfred's concept of "accelerated morphogenesis" of bioplasma bodies (see Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006). Hence, this plasma-based civilization could be expected to be more advanced than us.

Nevertheless, despite the headstart, this civilization would also be probably struggling to understand parallel universes and may not be as capable of controlling their technology or society to the extent that we imagine. They would face difficulties in interacting with us as we do in trying to interact with them. As a civilization they would have government, political and social structures; and culture. They are likely to be superior in communications technology using bioplasma bodies since they would obviously be more familiar with these types of bodies compared to us. This includes the ability to communicate with bioplasma bodies that are coupled to our carbon-based bodies. We may interpret this as telepathy.

Based on current technology it is unlikely that the world will believe of any interactions with these aliens even if they were caught on camera talking to the President of the United States. All that would be reported in the media is the sighting of a "ghost" at the White House. (These aliens are ghost-like as they are plasma life forms, just like ghosts.) Communication would be intermittent and weak due to incompatible technology on both sides of the energy curtain separating carbon-based life forms from plasma-based life forms. Medical doctors will opine that they are hallucinations and the case will then be lumped-up with all the other "ghost stories" and shelved away. Perhaps our neighbors on "sister Earth" are quite acquainted with human nature and our feeble scientific attempts to understand them. Maybe they even fear that we will harm them with our growing technological sophistication.

Why do some people see it and some don't?

The wide range of sensory systems in the animal kingdom has already been discussed elsewhere (see Jay Alfred, Brains and Realities, 2006). Unlike the bees we are not able to sense ultra-violet light nor can we hear sounds or smell what our pet dogs can hear and smell. Even within a population of human beings the sensitivity of the sensory systems can be significantly varied. It is quite obvious that even the old and young have very different sensory ranges.

Recently, a certain type of mobile phone became very popular. These phones had telephone ring tones which could only be heard by the young but not the old. The technology relies on the fact that most adults gradually lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds when they undergo "presbycusis" or "aging ear". If there was only 1 teenager in a population of 100 persons, the rest being much older, only that teen will be able to hear the ring tone. Assuming that we are one of the 99 older persons, should we then conclude that this young person is having an auditory hallucination when he hears the ring tone? The obvious answer is "no". But this type of argument has been unashamedly and repeatedly accepted by skeptics who claim to be using the "scientific method". One skeptic says, "I will not believe it until everybody is able to see it". This is clearly ludicrous. It is a scientific fact that the sensory ranges and acuity of a population of human beings can vary significantly. Now if we bring in the fact that certain people can transfer their locus of consciousness (whether intentionally or more often unintentionally) more easily to the sensory systems of their linked bioplasma bodies, we will find even greater differences.

Dark matter objects, in (the nearest frequency) counterpart Earth, interact with ordinary matter in our visible Earth when their energy levels temporarily fall due to a variety of reasons and ordinary matter condenses around them. Often this may lead to the generation of electromagnetic fields and radiation which may be picked up by our scientific instruments or even become visible to us if the radiation falls within the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Because of this, plasma metaphysics calls this type of matter in our nearest Earth counterpart "gray matter" as it straddles between ordinary and dark matter.

By switching-off relevant (and specific) brain circuits, a person may transfer his or her locus of consciousness to a bioplasma body which has the relevant sensory apparatus to be able to view the plasma life forms currently inhabiting our counterpart Earth. UFO sightings often occur when a person is taking a long car ride in a featureless area (like a desert). This provides the ideal conditions for a person to go into a meditative state and effect a transfer of consciousness to parallel bodies with different cognitive-sensory systems - landing them in our plasma-based counterpart Earth. In this type of encounter, it is not so much a case of the aliens visiting our visible Earth but it is us who are dropping-by, uninvited, an alien Earth environment.

Where did the Aliens go after I took the Medication?

Medication cuts-off awareness of alien attacks on our bioplasma bodies because it normalizes brain functions. In this case, the brain circuits that were "switched-off", allowing the locus of consciousness to be transferred to the bioplasma body which had the necessary sensory systems to view the relevant plasma life forms, had been restored and "switched-on" again. This cuts-off conscious contact with the counterpart Earth environment. The relevant brain circuits (particularly in the parietal and temporal lobes - see Jay, Alfred, Brains and Realities, 2006) may be switched-off physically through surgery, accidents like brain injuries, transcranial magnetic stimulation and ambient electromagnetic fields which simulates brain lesions; chemically through psychoactive or spiritual drugs; psychologically through meditation or hypnosis or during sleep.

How do they go through Walls?

The bioplasma body is composed of collisionless dark plasma (i.e. magnetic plasma in the form of dark matter). This allows it to pass through walls just as dark matter does or float through windows using electromagnetic guides. What the witnesses in alien abductions and Marian apparitions are often viewing is the counterpart Earth environment superimposed on the physical dense Earth. There is much evidence of this (see Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006). Hence, only some people who have shifted their locus of consciousness to their bioplasma bodies can actually witness the abduction. A group of people who shared the same environmental conditions (for example, four people in a car being driven over a featureless desert which generates meditative conditions) may simultaneous witness the abduction. The victim's body that participates in "alien abductions" is the bioplasma body - not the physical-biochemical body which undergoes sleep paralysis during these episodes.

The environment in which this body finds itself is the plasmasphere of our sister Earth. The physics relating to this environment, although fundamentally the same as our physics (extended to higher energy levels), can be quite different from what we experience in our daily lives on the lower energy physical-dense Earth in our carbon-based bodies. It can get somewhat confusing when our perceptions oscillate between the two Earth environments due to fluctuations in our locus of consciousness and their corresponding sensory-cognitive systems - leading sometimes to a superimposed environment. This superimposition also explains why we see ball lightning apparently going through walls or other physical objects. Balls of light are common in the counterpart Earth environment.

Why is there Electromagnetic Interference?

Interference by electric and magnetic fields betray the presence of plasma life forms. In fact, electromagnetic interference, in the absence of other obvious sources, confirms that we are dealing with bioplasma bodies. Bioplasma bodies generate electromagnetic fields and radiate high frequency electromagnetic waves which are currently not measurable by our scientific instruments. However, when their energly levels fall (intentionally or unintentionally) and ordinary matter condenses around them, this ordinary matter then radiates temporarily lower frequency (stepped-down) electromagnetic waves that can be detected by our current scientific instruments such as radar and even infra-red cameras. There is much, not only UFO literature, but also ghost literature which documents electromagnetic interference which points to the presence of plasma life forms.

What about the Marks on the Body?

It is has been documented in the metaphysical literature that marks on the physical-biochemical body may be caused by impacts to the nearest frequency dark matter body or the "physical-etheric" bioplasma body. This is often referred to as "repercussions" in the general metaphysical literature. The body of a human being which participates in an "alien abduction" is not the physical-biochemical body but the (physical-etheric) bioplasma body. If this bioplasma body is impacted, the physical-biochemical body can be impacted - similar to what happens in many reported reincarnation cases (see Jay Alfred, Extreme Biology, 2008). (Note that in the wider plasma metaphysics theory, there is a series of bioplasma bodies covering a spectrum of frequencies which fall outside the known electromagnetic spectrum. The physical-etheric body or the "Level 3" bioplasma body has the frequency closest to our carbon-based body.)

Should I move towards the Light?

While alien abductees see the light as threatening and are drawn to it unwillingly, near-death experiencers feel and see the light as being benevolent and wise and intentionally float towards it. As explained by plasma metaphysics (Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006), the counterpart Earth is a habitat for billions of plasma life forms - many of which appear as balls of light in their natural state. The identity of the light can therefore vary from situation to situation.

Can you get me a Plasma Gun?

The natural ability of bioplasma bodies to direct beams of light using vortices and magnetic fields (similar to what happens in a coaxial plasma accelerator) within the bioplasma body has already been discussed in the plasma metaphysics model (See Jay Alfred, Bioplasma Bodies - Emission of Radiation and Plasma via Plasma Vortex Systems, 2007).

But, seriously, are they Real?

It is well-established in cognitive science that the world as we see it is a construction of the brain. The environment which an abductee experiences, in a similar process, is also constructed from the cognitive system of the corresponding bioplasma body. To say that our world is more real than the alternative counterpart Earth is a kind of egocentricity that was prevalent before the 15th century. Europe is not the center of the world; the Earth is not in the center of the Solar System; the Solar System is not in the center of the Milky Way; the Milky Way is not in the center of the universe nor is our universe the centre of our multiverse. If that is the case, then the biochemical brain of one species of life form, just evolved on a tiny rock in space, cannot be the sole arbiter of reality.

During the first century A.D. Europeans had very little or no contact with India, China or the Americas due to the state of technology at that point of time. Europeans had weird ideas and generated fantastic tales about these "parallel" civilizations. Some Europeans even doubted or did not know of their existence and most did not even think about them. But today we talk about a global village which comprises a multitude of nations. Today, parallel universes and parallel Earths are the new frontiers. Scientists who prefer to remain in their comfort zones - to tinker with only what they can measure with today's scientific instruments will miss the opportunity to make bold strides in understanding the multiverse - starting with the Earth itself.


The plasma metaphysics model explains a wide variety of phenomena associated with genuine sightings of aliens, ghosts, deities, angels by both individuals and groups - using an internally consistent scientific framework. These sightings betray the presence of plasma-based life forms originating from a counterpart sister Earth gravitationally coupled to the visible Earth. (This hypothesis may be cited as the "Parallel Earth" hypothesis.) These terrestrial aliens (whether they be ghosts, fairies, grays, deities or angels) share common properties and may even shed light on the evolution of carbon-based life and consciousness on the Earth that we are most familiar with.

© Copyright Jay Alfred 2008

Jay Alfred has been researching on plasma life forms since 2001. He is the author of three books on a new field called "plasma metaphysics". The books include []Our Invisible Bodies, Brains and Realities and Between the Moon and Earth which are available on Amazon online bookstores. Plasma metaphysics is the application of plasma and dark matter physics to the study of plasma life forms and their corresponding habitats. This includes the study of bioplasma bodies which co-evolved with carbon-based bodies on this planet.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Psychic Overload Recovery

"Psychic Overload Recovery" is a journal entry based on recent life experiences by Barbara Garica.

Photo: Time Lapse by Ali Vasquez

Interacting with multidimensional realities, telepathic influx, and other-worldly intrusions can cause a tremendous imbalance and disruption in the daily routine of life especially when trying to stay rational in the midst of phone calls, email, faxes and the door bell. Not to mention being super mom or dad in addition to taking care of the senior citizen setting in your living room. Sound familiar? If so, then you are a developed psychic on the brink of overload which can cause your ESP function to temporarily shutdown. When this occurs your mind is foggy, your senses dulled to the point of feeling like a zombie. You go through your day without being present.

Weather you are a professional psychic with a busy practice or a psychic climbing the corporate ladder in disguise, here is some advice that just might bring back some balance in your life. Close your agenda and clear yourself of any and all distractions. The sooner you prioritize the wellness of the psychic function in your mind as the body, the better your life will be, the more comfortable you’ll feel, and the deeper you will sleep.

If there is anyone in your life that is capable of counsel, you are very lucky. You can upload and transmit psychic experiences and voyages in the presence of a flesh and blood, non judgmental human being. The majority of us do not have such a person in our lives; we have become our own counselor.

I have found the best recovery from psychic overload is to consciously launch my mind into the darkness, the nothingness, adrift in the stillness of space. Even a few seconds of psi stillness eases the demands of my psychic lifestyle. Once the quiet has enveloped every nook and cranny of your being, you begin to experience that blessed “detachment” of all those previous concerns. When this occurs, you are on the road to recovery. No more panic, no more feeling overwhelmed.

Everything will get better in your life as soon as you incorporate a minimum of 5 minutes of solitude in your daily schedule. Even your relationships with the kids or your spouse will improve. As to all the mistakes you think you made at the office, on your computer, god forbid- your bank account, don’t worry, everything will get straightened out. With one foot firmly rooted in the non- physical and one foot firmly rooted in the physical worlds, you once again walk in harmony with your destiny path.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tending Your Psychic Garden

Tending Your Psychic Garden
By Barbara Garcia
Photo: Garden Creation

Now that you have had an “Introduction to Psychic Gardens” and you have established your “Psychic Garden Rapport”, it is now time to learn how to tend your psychic garden.

The nature of all things on our planet is circular; snow drops, trees, flowers, everything, including you and me. Therefore, tending your psychic garden should be in the same fashion. Through the simple act of plucking a blade of grass, the circular form of its root, you begin to understand that the specific function of all life has no beginning nor ending.

Tilling the earth clockwise around your plants and trees may seem mysterious and illogical; however, it is in direct harmony with the flow of life. Fertilizing with organic materials promotes the healthy growth of your garden and a healthy environment for you. A blanket of mulch and a little water completes the basic care.

Your water features should be kept free of debris. If you have placed quarts or crystals in the water, they should be charged with solar energy once a month by laying them out in the sun for a day or two.

Considering that we are not separate from our environment, tending your psychic garden is rejuvenating and a pleasure. This is your garden of psychic exploration; therefore, responsible gardening will help in your development.

With each weed that you remove from your garden, focus on what it is that you want eliminated from your life. The psychic connection of this action has a ripple effect of healing your life through conscious direction.

With each seed that you plant, focus on the new ideas and goals that you would like for your life. As the seeds sprout in your garden, the manifestation of your ideas and goals will sprout in your life.

Your psychic garden provides you with renewal of spirit and balance of mind as you telepathically connect to every plant, tree, bird, or animal that abides within its perimeters.

Anger and frustrations of your day will become almost non existence as you learn to release these harmful emotions. The technique is to place your hands palm down upon the grass. Draw the harmful emotion down through your arms to the palms of your hands and then out into the grass. Don’t worry; you are not harming the grass with your negative projections. The grass that takes on this charge will transmit them into ions. Within minutes you are completely relaxed and at peace.

The healing energy of your psychic garden will become apparent in all aspects of your life. Your psychic capabilities will have become enormously magnified and expanded in perfect harmony with the growth rate of the garden itself.

As your understanding of your psychic garden increases, you will become more aware of subtle vibrations and emanations, of which you have had no previous knowledge, have been preserved within the circumference of life cycles. The importance of tending your garden becomes a heightened awareness of the preservation of the planet of which you have become a participant.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life is Beautiful

No matter what comes our way each day, the very fact that it does and that we are living each day is a gift. The following article by Kimi Hendrix expresses thoughts about life that I believe we have all pondered at one time or other. It is a privelege and a pleasure to present "The Life" to you.

Photo: Mt. Baldy, California
By Barbara Garcia

The Life
Kimi Hendrix

It's insanely fast how time goes by. We live our daily lives, hoping that each day will be better. Days fly, people come and go in our lives and each of them leaves an imprint in our hearts; a glimpse or as Umbrella image to our memory. You learn something from these people that makes you a better person, whether it is directly or something you learn passively by observing their actions.

You come across people you wish you didn't meet, and then you meet people you want to stay longer but don't. I guess it's all what God wants. People come, serve there purpose in your life for however long it takes them, and then they just merge back into the mainstream.

Sometimes you want them to stay around for longer. You want them so much that it hurts. Aren't you just glad enough that they were just part of your life, even though they're moving on with their own? Some say it's like a tease - "You know you want me, you've had a taste but you can't have". Maybe it is for a bit, but in the end, it's just something you'd look back on a couple of years, cringe and laugh about with your friends over dinner somewhere.

It's sometimes sad to see things change, to see people grow up, to experience the rapid effect of time on our life. It feels like time is running out. And out time on earth is getting shorter, so we must do something more with our life for God. And that doesn't necessarily mean waiting for the right day to come or doing something extraordinary.

Start by just building up what you think, say and do on a daily basis, because it's only each day you can handle. There's just so much you can do in one day and every minute of it has to be offered up for the Lord.

The things we say every minute, the stuff we do around the house, the way we present ourselves when going out, the tone of voice we use to our parent - we can change this and really monitor whatever we want to improve so that these little things can build up into an overall better life. Isn't that what life is - a collection of single days after each other? If we are gonna live, make it worthwhile and enjoyable, both for God and for ourselves.

The way we live each day,
is the way we live our lives.

I thank God so much to live this life... to be able to experience life on earth, and to be able to converse with so many different people in my life. I thank you for me being able to experience myself. Why we do things the way we do... Why we were like that when we were younger...

Being able to meet such inspirational people, and even more gratefully, allowing them to become a part of your life... being that image to your memory. The act of sharing in each other's knowledge and wisdom and what they have to offer in making you a better person in the eyes of God is absolutely incredible.

Life is beautiful.

"It's interesting how people come in and out (come and go) in your life. It's funny how you can just meet or know a person for such a short period of time yet they can have such a phenomenal impact in your life."

We can sit here and regret experiences and dwell on them, but isn't it better to learn from it and be better next time? The words of Aaliyah - "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again" say it all. You gotta do what you gotta do, just to make it through (the legendary Alicia Keys).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Psychic Garden Raport

Photo: Gigi's 1st day Gardening 101

By Barbara garcia

A psychic garden is an adventure of many different dimensions. It is a personal relationship: with the living intelligences of nature, with the spirit visitors that you invite into the garden and most of all, with yourself and your multidimensional mind.

One of the most beautiful things about a psychic garden is that it communicates through images and unity rather than the harsh concepts of words from the intellect. The images you see in the plants, the flowers, the trees or water features lend themselves well to the intuition and to your interpretations that are not etched in a study of metaphysics.

If it is not clear of what you are psychically receiving, I suggest that you let go of your analysis and not get too hung up on the message, but rather, consider where you are at the moment. Breathe in the essence of unity that your garden generates and join with your own sense of unity.

The miracle of the psychic garden is in the healing of mind, body and spirit. We draw from the garden everything it is that we need for rejuvenation. Our senses are heightened, our worries dissolve and the plans we have for our life are declared.

The architectural blueprints in the wild of nature is of course the most influential for psychic communication but the effectiveness of a created psychic garden is capable of producing the same. One of the ways to create a strong source of energy in your garden is through the use of copper and natural clear quartz. By placing them in the four corners of your garden, they will draw energy into the resonance matrix of each and every physical and non physical entity within its diameters.

Materials: Copper poles ½ to 1 in. circumference and 1to 2 feet long. (You can purchase the copper pole at your local hardware store and they will even cut at the length you specify.
Copper wire: Most Arts and Crafts shops carry copper wire- be sure to buy extra for future projects.

Clear Quartz: You are sure to find natural clear quartz in your local lapidary shop. You will need eight of them. Take one of your cut poles with you so that you can choose the size. You will be securing the quartz in both ends of your pole with your copper wire.

Preparation: Insert copper wire through the pole and wrap around quartz. Make sure you have about ½ of the quartz protruding outside the pole. Secure the other end in the same manner.
Insert your pole into the ground leaving half out into the open. Continue with the remaining three poles. The effects of these energy poles are immediate. You may feel the frequency pulsating on your skin at first.

Situating yourself in the center is ideal for rapport with the nature spirits, animal, rock, plant and water intelligences within your garden. It is also the perfect place to ask particular questions and receive answers. You will notice that psychic information is quickly perceived and your visions clear and vivid.

All of your senses and your extrasensory capacities are heightened with each session in your garden. You will learn how to manage the energy, the rapid influx of psychic sensations, and the indescribability of your experience as you transit your reality through each season.

As the seasons change, your psychic garden will absorb the positive information and dissolve the negativity that is directed your way, by means of the power source you have created with your copper poles. These frequency waves also have a healthy effect on your vegetation, water sources and animal life.

As you establish a deeper rapport with the intelligences of the garden, expect visitations of other unexplained life forms such as orbs and/or other world life forms. Some of these may be etheric, dimensional and physical. Depending upon your location and surrounding natural structures, your psychic garden may also expand, and evolve into a portal through time and space.

The sanctuary of your psychic garden allows you to develop naturally and remain in a natural healthy state as you explore the alternate realities of your existence, independent of barriers, blocks, or restrictions.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Omens of Love

By Barbara Garcia

Veiled in mystery and romance comes February's day of love every year in every culture around the world throughout the ages. We set aside this day to entertain the passions of our heart amid flurries of fantasies, superstitions, and omens. In the following collection of centuries old omens are some that are ever so popular today. Lucky is the young lady who is kissed under mistletoe for example. However, it is bad luck if she refused the kiss, she remains a spinster.

• If a groom sees his bride on the wedding day before they are wed, the marriage is fated in bad luck.
  • To ensure a long and happy marriage, the bride must wear something old, something borrowed and something blue. If she tears her wedding dress or burst a seam, her husband will be mean.

• Ever wonder why lilacs are not as popular as roses on Valentines Day? To give lilacs to your finance is an omen that the engagement will be broken off.

• Never propose in a public place, on a bus, train, or plane, it is considered very bad luck.

• A pearl on an engagement ring induces sadness and unhappiness to the marriage.

• Words of love should always be mailed on Friday because it is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.

• If you should receive two love letters at the same time from two different people, it is an omen that you will not marry either of them.

• The message of a ladybug is not where it lands but in the direction of where it fly's away-it is the direction of your future love.

• Love at first sight comes on the seventh day after the full moon.

• A burning candle in a window has long been associated with the safe return of a lover. A pink candle burned on Saint Valentine's Day will bring true love.

You may or not believe in these old omens but they are fun to observe and appreciate having survived throughout the ages. There are countless numbers of omens, some of which you may wish to create and incorporate into the little joys of your day.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy New Year

Gong Hee Fot Choy

February 7, 2008 begins the New Year of the Rat on our western calendar. Those of us who were born in the years of 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 are under the sign of the Rat.

Those born under the sign of the Rat are said to compatible with the Dragon, Ox, Monkey, Snake and Rat.

According to Eastern astrology sources, those born in the year of the Rat are hard-working, ambitions, have high energy and are perfectionists. They are known to be loving, loyal, and charming.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Endorsing Tools for Manifesting

Endorsing Tools for Manifesting

Barbara Garcia

Everyone knows that manifesting is a process. Every day we are lulled into the process with the attention we give it. We look for the synchronicities that follow our intent; we stay open and receptive to the opportunities that arise. We work with pictures, affirmations, and our own thought process as a daily practice in the process of manifesting. Our lives are totally engaged and emerged into the magnificent celestial process of creating.

After manifesting many wonderful things in my life, I have noticed that no sooner than something is manifesting, I get a new desire to work on. Once you know what it is that you want and feel it with all your heart, the Universe simply makes it so.

In my personal experience, I was led to what I consider high tech tools for manifesting. I am experimenting with encoded “Orgone” based creations that truly are the most unique and energetically based tools I have found thus far. I think it is absolutely fantastic that we have these high tech tools available. I wholeheartedly endorse the efforts of http://www.ProtonicCreations.Com and am happy to refer you to them.

Psi Journal offers our Starmerge community the opportunity to read interesting articles, updates, and to join with others through our links, affiliations, and common interest. I encourage you to contact us with your own personal manifesting experiences for posting on Psi Journal so that we may all journey through the universal laws of attraction together.