Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life is Beautiful

No matter what comes our way each day, the very fact that it does and that we are living each day is a gift. The following article by Kimi Hendrix expresses thoughts about life that I believe we have all pondered at one time or other. It is a privelege and a pleasure to present "The Life" to you.

Photo: Mt. Baldy, California
By Barbara Garcia

The Life
Kimi Hendrix

It's insanely fast how time goes by. We live our daily lives, hoping that each day will be better. Days fly, people come and go in our lives and each of them leaves an imprint in our hearts; a glimpse or as Umbrella image to our memory. You learn something from these people that makes you a better person, whether it is directly or something you learn passively by observing their actions.

You come across people you wish you didn't meet, and then you meet people you want to stay longer but don't. I guess it's all what God wants. People come, serve there purpose in your life for however long it takes them, and then they just merge back into the mainstream.

Sometimes you want them to stay around for longer. You want them so much that it hurts. Aren't you just glad enough that they were just part of your life, even though they're moving on with their own? Some say it's like a tease - "You know you want me, you've had a taste but you can't have". Maybe it is for a bit, but in the end, it's just something you'd look back on a couple of years, cringe and laugh about with your friends over dinner somewhere.

It's sometimes sad to see things change, to see people grow up, to experience the rapid effect of time on our life. It feels like time is running out. And out time on earth is getting shorter, so we must do something more with our life for God. And that doesn't necessarily mean waiting for the right day to come or doing something extraordinary.

Start by just building up what you think, say and do on a daily basis, because it's only each day you can handle. There's just so much you can do in one day and every minute of it has to be offered up for the Lord.

The things we say every minute, the stuff we do around the house, the way we present ourselves when going out, the tone of voice we use to our parent - we can change this and really monitor whatever we want to improve so that these little things can build up into an overall better life. Isn't that what life is - a collection of single days after each other? If we are gonna live, make it worthwhile and enjoyable, both for God and for ourselves.

The way we live each day,
is the way we live our lives.

I thank God so much to live this life... to be able to experience life on earth, and to be able to converse with so many different people in my life. I thank you for me being able to experience myself. Why we do things the way we do... Why we were like that when we were younger...

Being able to meet such inspirational people, and even more gratefully, allowing them to become a part of your life... being that image to your memory. The act of sharing in each other's knowledge and wisdom and what they have to offer in making you a better person in the eyes of God is absolutely incredible.

Life is beautiful.

"It's interesting how people come in and out (come and go) in your life. It's funny how you can just meet or know a person for such a short period of time yet they can have such a phenomenal impact in your life."

We can sit here and regret experiences and dwell on them, but isn't it better to learn from it and be better next time? The words of Aaliyah - "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again" say it all. You gotta do what you gotta do, just to make it through (the legendary Alicia Keys).