Sunday, January 08, 2017


Shadow people out of the corner of your eyes, abstract shadow images appearing and disappearing on the wall are a good part of things we are witnessing on a daily basis. Each image and/or incident is just as bizarre and fantastic as the other. Doesn't matter if they are some sort of spirit manifestation, or if they are something from a different dimension or various other explanations.  The fact that people around the world are having these experiences is incredible.  

These past few days I have been reading tons of explanations online and exploring some of the possibilities of these shadowy figures being disembodied people who have evil intentions. Some say that they are spirits who are lost and cannot go forward into the light. I have not found any reports of any of these shadow people actually hurting anyone or possessing anyone.

The other day while setting in my office I felt a presence come in but I couldn't see anything. I picked up my phone and took a picture to see if anything would show up. When I looked at the photo I could see an image of what I would consider an Alien or being of some sort right there on my wall.  I emailed it to a couple friends and they saw it too. I now had proof of a visitation that I can ponder over and over.  Maybe this is just the first of many more to come. 

I love the fact that in our supernatural world there is now a consistency of these extraordinary sightings globally. Whatever these Shadow People may be, the numbers of occurrences is increasing and being witnessed by people young and old with  conspicuous similarities.