Wednesday, February 04, 2009

President Obama and the Evolution of Consciousness

By Stan Pontiere

Ever since reading the Celestine Prophesy, I have longed to see the next great jump in the consciousness of mankind. Life has treated me well and in trying to pay it forward, I developed a website and a blog dedicated to raising the level of consciousness one person at a time. Recent world events have seriously damaged our progress toward my dream goal.

Fear and greed have damaged the world economy, personal responsibility seems to be at an all time low and the vibrational energy of the universe has never reached such a low since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The world situation seems bleak with everyone playing the blame game and wars and famine popping up all over the world. With all of this going on, the stagnation and death of mankind seems far more likely than the next great evolution of consciousness.

That was until today. I remember listening to the Rev. Martin Luther King make his famous "I have a dream" speech. It was his dream and he made the claim that he had seen the "Promised Land." I was raised in a racist America and never believed that I would see a black man elected as President during my lifetime. It was as late as the mid 70s that my wife (Vietnamese) and I were refused a hotel room in rural Mississippi because of her race.

Like many Americans, I was in tears when President Obama made his acceptance speech. It was a life-long dream come true. Not only that, when I listened to his speech, my hope for the evolution of consciousness were renewed.

His speech, to me, did not sound like a President's acceptance speech. He sounded more like the world's greatest self fulfillment "Guru" giving the best, most inspired success seminar ever. He spoke of fear and greed. He emphasized the need to take personal responsibility and how that is a requirement if you ever with to act with confidence. He spoke of how we must truly listen to others so that we truly understand each other and treat each other throughout the world with mutual admiration and respect. It was a truly moving speech and I am sure that the vibrational level of energy has risen at least a little bit. It also renewed my hopes that perhaps mankind can reach that next level in the evolution of human consciousness.

Just a few minutes ago, I heard President Obama interviewed by Katie Couric. He then made probably the most important thing that he said on his Inauguration Day. He said: "We must teach our children to dream big dreams. Teach them: Don't sell yourself short."

So my dream and goal is renewed. Perhaps someday, maybe not in my lifetime, mankind will make that next great leap in evolution-the evolution in consciousness. If we all reach for the stars and not sell ourselves short, then each of us can play our part in the evolution of mankind.

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