Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Most Amazing Near Death Experience

By Wade Wilson

Near death experiences are an amazing and important bridge between rigorous, scientific fields of research and the more esoteric topics of spirituality. Near Death Experiences, as a genre, provide quite entertaining reading, no matter a person's religious convictions. Some who feel NDEs might only be manifestations of oxygen-starved neurons in the brain, can even find entertaining value in these habitually best-selling stories. But every once in a while an NDE account emerges that must waylay the doubters and reminds us the field of research is much more than just a feel-good story. I found no NDE story more convincing than that of Dr. George Rodonaia.

Dr. Rodonaia's story is not new, but it is also not well publicized. That may be because his story occurred before the age in which the mass media would have exploited it, allowing him to live out the remainder of his life in relative peace. For those of you who don't know the story of Dr. Rodonaia, I'll briefly recount the basis of why I feel it is the most authentic and believable NDE ever reported. Dr. Rodonaia was a vocal dissident in the Soviet Union in the 1970s; not a particularly safe or secure reputation to have in that country at that point in time. He worked on the publication, Iberia, an underground freedom newspaper, making him a target of the KGB, the Soviet Union's all powerful internal and external security service.

Exceptionally intelligent, Dr. Rodonaia was invited to pursue advanced doctoral research at Yale University in the US at the spry young age of 18, in 1974. Lacking a family at home to ensure he would not seek asylum in the US, the Soviet Union disallowed the opportunity for him to leave and study in the US. Just two years later, however, Dr. Rodonaia was married and a new father so the Soviet government grudgingly allowed him to leave so long as his family remained behind as hostage collateral.

However, on the day Dr. Rodonaia was scheduled to fly to the US, the KGB allegedly attempted to kill him, thus silencing a likely overseas dissident who would no longer be (easily) within their grasp. As he waited on a sidewalk for a taxi to pick him up for the ride to the airport, a passing car jumped the curb and headed directly towards him, successfully avoiding a few trees in the process of running him down. The car struck Dr. Rodonaia at a high rate of speed, throwing him about ten meters before he landed facedown. Brutally, the car then drove over him a second time, almost assuredly to guarantee he had been killed. Dr. Rodonaia suffered broken ribs, torn muscles, mangled feet, and other internal injuries, resulting in his death at the scene of the incident. When the ambulance arrived, Dr. Rodonaia was devoid of life and was promptly taken to a morgue in Tbilisi.

This is where the case becomes most unique. Morgues in Tbilisi are not like morgues in the US. Cadavers are quick-frozen immediately upon arrival and kept in that state for three days before an autopsy is performed or the deceased body is otherwise dispensed. As such, Dr. Rodonaia's body was stone-cold dead and frozen for three days as it laid in state at the morgue in Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR.

During those three days, Dr. Rodonaia's consciousness passed over to the spirit world and had a highly developed experience which he later brought back with him. That's right! Dr. Rodonaia spontaneously returned from the dead during the autopsy after being dead and frozen for three days. He was immediately transported to a hospital where he slowly recovered after many months of intense therapy. Dr. Rodonaia eventually immigrated to the US in 1989, bringing his story and experiences in the afterlife with him. While there have been a lot of wonderful NDEs, I've never come across another that demanded as much serious consideration.

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