Friday, September 28, 2007

Practical Psychokinesis

Practical Psychokinesis
By Barbara Garcia

There will always be a place for practical psychokinesis in our fast paced, high tech society that we have become so accustomed. The physical nature of psychokinesis is a manipulation of concentrated mental energy focused upon an inanimate object. Bending metals may not be a practical daily application but ‘warm forming’ is great for opening tightly sealed jars, doing a temporary fix for a leaky faucet, or turning those long stop lights green and a multitude of other jobs that take time or muscle to get done.

Back in the 1980’s, researcher, Jack Hauck began holding PK parties throughout the United States. The parties proved to millions of people that the ability to manipulate metals is within all of us. The mystery of metal bending began to dissolve as people in all walks of life began to explore this phenomenon. Those ground breaking experiments in psychokinesis research that were conducted in years past have launched us into a new frontier of psychokinetic possibilities today. Those of you who are advanced will be happy to know that new remote models are being explored. Imagine performing tasks at home while away at the office. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it!

If you are new to psychokinesis, it might be helpful to get the feel of the energy that you are capable of generating before delving into large tasks. Try this simple exercise for a minute or two.

• Put your hands together, palms facing each other about an inch apart. Focus your concentration upon the empty space. You will begin to feel (sense) energy between your palms. As you do, move them slowly apart about three inches and turn your hands as though you are holding an invisible ball. You will then notice the energy much stronger. If you have ever practiced the art of Tai Chi or Chi gung you will find a strong similarity.

Once you have attained a certain amount of control over the energy by moving your hands farther apart, you are ready to try warm forming. For this exercise you will need use a spoon or fork that you really don’t need in your silverware setting.

• Place the spoon between your thumb and index finger and slightly rub the then neck area of the stem while focusing your concentration on the metal softening. You will feel a slight sensation in your fingers and when this occurs, stop rubbing and with a flip of your finger the spoon will bend like putty.

Use warm forming in all those household tasks that involve metal. A leaky water pipe can be mended through warm forming but it is a temporary patch.

Other areas of practical psychokinesis can be developed with a few exercises such as making a toothpick spin in a glass of water. This has been a favorite among practitioners for years.

Select a six ounce glass and fill with water. Drop a toothpick on top. Collect your thoughts and mentally move the toothpick clockwise. Then try it counterclockwise. You can also try placing your hand about five or six inches above the glass and turn your hand clockwise or counterclockwise. The energy will build up and the toothpick spins.

By being creative and choosing small projects such as these, you will develop your ability and perform stronger, larger tasks that will save time and money. It is amazing how a few exercises can tap directly into the vast storehouse of energy that is buried deep within our minds.

On your next drive to the city, try moving your mind into the stop light and trigger the mechanism to change. You will be amazed at how well you do.

With each success you will notice a remarkable change in your attitude that increases your personal magnetism. You will also notice how easily you begin to work through challenges and how quickly you find solutions in your life situations.

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