Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Altered States of Inner Mind

Altered States of Inner Mind
By Barbara Garcia

Altered states of consciousness are known to be induced through hypnosis, ecstasy, meditation, trance and other circumstances that produce euphoria. These sublime states stimulate visions and messages of profound significance through magnificent writings and works of art as found in the works of Shakespeare or Bach.

Without falling into a category of superstition, altered states of consciousness may actually be a part of the human condition. Accessing information in this reservoir of greater knowledge may also stimulate our greater intentions.

Serious documented studies in altered states of consciousness began in the early 1970s at the Monroe Laboratories. These early pioneers took on tedious assignments in design experiments that resulted in the development of technology for creating specific altered states.

There are essentially four states brain wave activity that have been scientifically studied- beta, alpha, theta and delta. Our alert waking states is the beta function and is measured at 20 cycles per second. Lower brain wave frequency of approximately 15 cycles per second and lower take us into the alpha state; this is a right brain function. Theta and delta states are associated with sleep, although deep trance and meditative states of consciousness is accessible in theta. Intuition is a right brain activity and engaged through the alpha state.

Performance in altered states is noted by some of the world’s greatest minds such as the works of Albert Einstein who allocated deep relaxation of his mind. Interestingly, it is reported that he came up with his theory of relativity while sunbathing. Other great thinkers such as Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison employed similar relaxation techniques.

Mediums and psychics of varied sensitivity and expertise access information through the alpha and theta states at will. It is also common to hear authors and artist speak of a zone in which information flows through them as they work. They speak of it similar to explanations presented by trance mediums and psychics.

Sound wave technologies are a popular method of inducing altered states. Musical formulas that mask binaural beat frequencies in the four brain wave functions are a well- regarded approach to blissful states of harmonic brain and body function. Mechanical devices and instruments in EEG biofeedback are also available in support of altered state performance.

Visual experiences of a sunset, the repetitious sounds of the ocean or the rain drops on a window sill are hypnotic in nature and produce the same effects as mechanical devices.

Research and technologies serve as an opportunity to explore and develop control over the different regions of altered states for anyone. We also have available guided meditations that induce relaxation and deepening levels to enhance our overall healing and renewal abilities.

All of us hold within the power and resources to create or re-pattern our brainwaves to follow our intentions whether we use a mechanical device or the visual and sound disciplines of Mother Nature. These blissful states of awareness are proven to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities and take us even further into unprecedented states of higher mind and intention. We each have within the power to raise our personal energy levels to match those higher frequencies through the emotions we feel behind our thoughts and words.

Our desires and intentions for our life and the world manifest through altered states of our inner mind. Utopias of Camelot or Shangri-La are created and manifested through altered states of inner mind.

As we continue to develop and evolve through altered states of inner mind, we will one day be able to walk anywhere, speak to anyone, be in any state or country in complete safety.

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