Thursday, March 03, 2011

UFO - The Truth

By Will Thurman

Photo Submitted By Barbara Garcia
Location; Sedona, AZ, USA

The range of cases and 'sightings' of UFO's throughout the history of our world is staggering and yet people continue to belief that nothing exists in our skies, that is not a part of our own world. It's true that while there is a vast amount of cases, studies and research to the phenomenon, not one piece of refutable evidence exists that can prove we are being visited by extra terrestrial beings. Sceptics themselves would say then that is a conclusion to the debate itself, but what exactly has caused such worldwide belief to form in the minds of people and not just the disillusioned or attention seekers among us, but honest and very much sane and even high ranking military individuals.

There have been such widely and publicly made cases throughout the years, but none more so than the Roswell incident. The case itself sparked mass hysteria, with stories of alien bodies being recovered from different crash sites in the area and a theory of a huge scale government cover up being circulated. The 'incident' itself was reported that personnel from the Roswell army air field (RAAF) had recovered what was described as a "flying disc" in Roswell, New Mexico. This obviously sparked the media's interest, but a day later a commander from the RAAF told a press conference, that what had been recovered was actually a radar tracking balloon. It was only later on that it was made known that debris from a secret and highly sensitive project called Mogul was the crashed 'aircraft'. The whole story melted away and was forgotten for over 30 years.

What sparked the renewed interest and the pop culture around the whole incident was the fascinating account from Major Jesse Marcel of the debris he described and the cover up that he himself said the military had orchestrated. This was the spark that ignited the whole Roswell incident and was the platform for the accounts of other key people in the whole story. Jesse Marcel was the beginning of the renewed interest and the start of the pop culture that surrounds Roswell.

The problems that surfaced after the accounts of Jesse Marcel have caused the validity of his claims to be ridiculed. His claims of his military career and some of the reports he made about the incident at Roswell where later reported to be not true, such as the piloting career he said he had since 1928 and the FAA had no records of Jesse Marcel ever flying at the time he said. As time passed, other loopholes in his claims, to do with his military career, appeared.

It's unfair and extremely bias to use one person's story and dispute it out of claims of other misinformation that he provided, but it happened. It was used as a focus to bring down some of the hysteria that surrounds the incident. While even UFO researchers now feel that what was recovered from Roswell was a crashed balloon, there is still a wide belief that a government cover up existed.

We may never really know what was recovered from the crash site, but the Roswell incident will forever be the spark that ignited the theories and gave way to the phenomenon that continues to grow throughout the world. It will forever go down in the folklore of UFO history, not because it gave us real evidence or because it is the most controversial, but because it is the birth place of the UFO phenomenon. The start of what is now a religion, you will either believe or you won't. That is the truth.

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