Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 Sphere of Consciousness

For the first time in our human consciousness, we are remembering the first light of pure thought creation that we individually manifested into this physical reality. We are at this moment entering the first wave of this awareness and experiencing the electrical charge of pure white light.

2007 is a phenomenal year of spiritual evolution; those who are in this first wave of awareness are headed straight for their first reunion with the core of the Universe since the beginning of existence. The core of the universe is often referred to as our true home, if anyplace is truly our home; the energy within the epicenter of the universe is now encompassing the earth.
Successful people are being challenged to move into and stay in their spiritual knowingness.

Everyone must shift their foundation so that they accept and credit the celestial powers within, of their manifested physical objects. Whatever method is good for you, take time to do it each and every day. During the first few months of 2007 you will find that your connectedness with the core energy of the Universe in the events of your day is without effort.

The separation of the financially wealthy and those of financial poverty is not merely an issue of distribution, but one of consciousness. Being charitable with our money and resources is a wonderful thing. Being charitable with our knowledge of moving energy for prosperity and manifesting is Divine.

In 2007 we will see all large companies providing aid and help to people who would otherwise be left alone, helpless and hungry under the disguise of business marketing. These large companies will also become actively involved in the healing of the environment.

Every inhabitant of this physical earth, either of dark or of light energies, owns a way of thinking, speaking, of seeing the world around them. Their differences define the triumphant survivors of the planet. Those of the Dark choose greed, selfishness, violence either physically, mentally, verbally, etc. while those of Light choose generosity, love, and compassion physically, mentally, verbally, etc. The numbers of people in this world who choose to love and give have gained considerably and continue to grow. They clearly out weigh and out smart those of darkness. We are all clearing out the clutter and winning over the dark side of our being.

The dark lords who have long since governed the masses have been indirectly veiled from the awareness of the rising light of evolution that has been occurring within the planet and its population during these past few years. Several of these dark lords have passed over from this physical realm. In 2007 we will witness yet another wave of powerful dark lords pass over from this realm. The pure light energy that is penetrating the earth at this time is simultaneously positioning people of light into their new destinies of portioned government power over the masses.

Many people will create new bodies of light that transform their physical image through direct concentration of pure light energy. It will seem as though miracles and phenomena are one and the same. These manifestations, in truth, begin the emotional healing that has long been sought throughout the centuries.

2007 is a year for friends and the like-minded. It is a rare year of companionship for all those of light. Any distractions that occur will become productive exchanges; casual meetings with others of light turn to visionary manifestations of created reality.

Staying grounded in the electrical charges of the year is the perhaps a challenge of balance while levels of awareness are on the rise, light frequencies higher than ever before and breakthroughs are occurring. The consciousness may seem detached from the circumstances of changes within the world but the mind will remain at peace with a sense of all-knowing.

Over the next twelve months, you may feel poised to speak out with a message of hope and unity to those dark souls struggling and teetering on the edge of some sudden change. Perhaps it is your message that they need to hear.

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