Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Brief Recess For In-House Psychic

By Sophia
Photo By Ali Vasquez

Starmerge has called a brief writing recess for the in-house psychic Barbara Garcia following the California fires. Although her area did not get hit, the surrounding raging fires funneled smoldering smoke and ash into her canyon for days.

Barbara and her staff of three, Gigi, Miss Kitty, and Richard Garcia assessed orders and clients on a one on one basis during the days and nights of the fire storms. “There is really only so much I can do under the circumstances; I need a break from breathing all this pollution”.

Asthma and other lung complaints have plagued Barbara for a number of years and a serious episode sparked by the California fire storms left the psychic coughing and gasping for air. As if led by a guardian Angel and psychic SOS signals, Barbara’s clientele in the fields of medicine began to call in to schedule a reading. When learning of her condition, medical assistance was made available for her instantaneous.

I am happy to inform you that she is now recovering and recuperating wonderfully. The support continues to flow to her from associated medical fields such as massage therapies, nutritional and alternative health during her recuperation. Barbara will resume her writing next month.

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