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Hauntings in the Home

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By Sophia Sario

Hauntings in the Home
By Jan Gamm

All of us delight in watching a ghostie movie or reading a scary novel. It is not quite so enjoyable when your own home is the subject of outer-wordly attention. Sometimes poltergeist activity can go on for many years before the occupant of the house is prepared to admit that certain unexplained occurances are the work of a mischievious spirit.

Most of us know what it is like to put down an object and then forget where we have put it. However, poltergeists are often eager to have us know of their presence in the house and will wickedly put the object somewhere we could not possibly have left it, for instance on the top of a high shelf or dresser only reachable with a step ladder but tantalisingly visible without one.

Animals will often be aware of the presence of this uninvited guest long before humans. You will see your pet cat or dog playing with what appears to be an invisible friend, or suddenly the animal will sit or beg in front of an empty chair. Scary.

Lights will be mysteriously turned on, radios and televisions will be switched on unexpectedly or have settings changed, fridge doors will be left open and doors will be unlatched, seemingly by someone other than yourself, yet there is nobody there. Many people have assumed themselves to be prematurely senile, or over imaginative, before they will consider the existance of a ghost in the house. Understandable when you consider we have all been raised to enjoy a good scare on the television or in books. Some of us have also been conditioned to dismiss such happenings as impossibly unscientific.

The appearance of a ghostly spirit is rare indeed, although some claim passionately that they have seen a ghost 'in person,' so to speak. Audible activity is quite common, however, and even readily welcomed by those with an infinity for such phenomena. Not everything that goes bump in the night can be explained by errant pets, mice in the attic, shrinking window frames or poor carpentery. Buildings carry a footprint of those who have gone before and if your particular house guest is a friendly one - be grateful.

Jan Gamm writes reflections on life with an emphasis on world travel. She has lived in many countries and traveled extensively in the Far East, the Middle East, America, South America and throughout the South Pacific. She writes for fun and for money whenever she can manage it.

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