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Will the World End in 2012?

Will the World End in 2012?
By Robert Kreuk

Photo: Jason Karsh

It's coming. The year 2012 is coming right for us and we can neither dodge it nor stop it from coming. What does this time really mean? Is the world really going to end? What can we expect in these few years we have left?

For clarity, the year 2012 is based off of the Mayan Long Count calendar at a time the calendar itself actually resets. The Mayan calendar is based on cycles and had several ways of recording the date. It is known as the most accurate calendar the world has ever known and itself predicts minor events in Maya society like new kings, crop cycles, and the like as well as the more apocalyptic things we're familiar with. The calendar ending would actually mean an old cycle ends and a new cycle begins.

Alternate news sites and literature out there mention that the Earth is going to ascend to the 4th dimension at or around 2012. This is part of the earth cleansing itself as well as trying to move to a higher plane itself. It's rumored this event has almost happened numerous times in the past but was missed. During this cleansing period lots of natural disasters happen as a way for the earth to renew itself. Often cited are the Great Flood and the fall of Atlantis as times ascension was coming, but missed, because the world population wasn't ready for it.

Some digging into recent astronomical news will also reveal that the earth is to fully enter a photon belt around 2012. No one is alive today that was here during the last time the earth did this and it is rumored this will also cause worldwide disasters and the possibility of high radiation. The photon belt is also a sometimes mentioned cause of the earth's pole shift that is to happen in 2012. The pole shift is possibly a reason for the ice caps melting in the North Pole right now as well.

There are many ideas, speculations, and agendas out in motion right now preparing for 2012. For this reason it is hard to get a pin point idea of what exactly will happen. They all agree something WILL happen, however, which should be reason enough to read up, study, and take note of the world around you. The signs will become more obvious in every day life and even in subtle ways such as what movies come out, what mainstream news channels air, and even political agendas. Pay attention. This is not a time to be left uninformed.

Robert Kreuk is an independent paranormal investigator. Author of a paranormal ebook and admin of his Paranormal Forum.

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