Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Your Reality - Cause Or Accident?

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Are you the creator of your own reality? You may have read in various esoteric sources that you can be the creator of your own reality. However, just because you CAN be the creator doesn't mean that you ARE. Why?

Because there are two different ways you can live on this planet -- you can live under the Law of Accident or the Law of Fate. Most people on this planet live under the Law of Accident, which means that they don't control their reality but are simply bounced from one life event to another like a pinball in a machine. However, there are a select few people who live under the Law of Fate, who understand and use the laws of the Universe to create and shape their own reality. These people create lives of harmony, abundance, peace and joy.

If you do nothing to improve, refine and control your inner life (that is, your thoughts, emotions, etc.) then you are living under the Law of Accident. Life just happens to you. Life is in the driver's seat.

If, on the other hand, you focus on controlling the use of your inner attention you begin to live under the Law of Fate. What does it mean to control your inner attention? It means being very deliberate about the thoughts, moods, words, activities and desires to which you give your attention.

In our society we accept many forms of interaction which distract the attention and cause us to live under the Law of Accident. For instance, consider gossip, TV, negative thoughts, commiseration, fear, negative emotions, newspapers, world events and so forth. Almost everyone indulges in these activities so we don't think twice about them. But would you consider not doing them if it would mean the difference between creating a life of peace, harmony and abundance or living under the Law of Accident (in which lots of accidents occur)? Hmmmm ... food for thought. Happy considering!

Five Steps You Can Take to Create Your Own Reality

  1. Accept on a trial basis that you can create everything in your reality. You will experiment with this hypothesis to see if it is true in your own life.

  2. Decide on something you want to create -- prosperity, a harmonious relationship, the achievement of some goal. NOTE: Start with something small. For instance, if you choose prosperity, choose to have enough money to pay your bills next month instead of lifetime prosperity.

  3. Choose that your creation be reality. You can either speak it aloud or say it silently inside. For instance, you might say, "I choose to have enough money to pay all my bills in the month of June."

  4. Relax internally. Rest inside yourself in the knowing that what you have chosen is already happening.

  5. Think, feel and act as if that which you have chosen has already manifested. Resist worrying or fretting about it. Do what you need to do on the material level to achieve the goal, but leave it alone internally. When you find yourself thinking, worrying or wondering about your aim, do whatever is necessary to distract your mind and emotions from it. The more superbly you can live in the assurance that your goal is already manifesting, the easier it will manifest. This is the step where you begin to deliberately control that which you give your attention to. This is the step where you GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

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