Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Understanding Psychic Experiences


Barbara Garcia

Photo by Sophia

Understanding psychic experiences in a final explanation of the phenomena is like a piece of a puzzle with an unexpected awareness and appreciation of all that continues to be unexplained.

With the success of television programs such as “Ghost Whisperer”, “Fringe”, “Medium”, and the ongoing CW hit series, “Supernatural”, interest in the understanding of psychic experiences may actually be making in-roads of association to Quantum physics as the 2004 documentary hit, “What the &$@# Do We Know?”, and “The Secret” which aired in 2006 which illustrates the powers of the human thought process. We now have a new soon to be released new film, “The Matter of Everything” introduced in a column titled, Psychic Waves with “LA’s The Place online entertainment magazine.

The psychic experience is actually put to practical use in our human involvement and exposure to all things that we sense, see, and smell; hear in the daily regime of our existence. Typically categorized in terms such as telepathy, remote viewing, extra sensory perception, and so forth but no two psychic experiences can have the same properties or momentum. Therefore, I must say congratulations if you understand psychic experiences.

There are many ways we could go now in examining psychic experiences. If the conscious observation of a ghost for example, and an explanation of seeing the specter are needed for the understanding of the observation then ideas about the origin of consciousness must be revised. See what I mean about understanding psychic experiences? All that is really understood is the fact that we don’t understand.

Perhaps it is enough to think about the understanding of our own comprehension of ourselves and the universe in which we are a part for now. So in your next psychic experience you will examine, in some detail, the uncertainty principle as it relates to what is called the paranormal in a paradox of the supernatural. So it is in an altered state illustrated in 7 Oracles .

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