Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ideas for Balance and Harmony in a Woman’s Life

Barbara Garcia

The miracle of birth is brought into this world by women. They are the producers and nurturers of life. Women’s intuition is a spontaneous attribute that can be highly accurate and often accessed to the well being of others before themselves.

Strong, intuitive women can be found in every profession or business. You will see her behind the scenes building solid foundations for benefit of others while taking credit for all that she does is rarely heard. Instead, she will move on to her next project with steady focus and grace.

An oasis of inner sensitivity to all energies of life, she must find balance and harmony that can encompass all that she intuits each and every day. Simple, easy to follow steps that lead to this integral part of a woman’s life are often viewed as sacred rituals that she alone will experience in sync with the nurturing cooperation of the Great Spirit of earth.

1) Deep REM sleep offers a reservoir of physical rejuvenation while the subconscious brings to surface answers and ideas to those problematic issues at hand. The sleeping area should be cleared of clutter and offer compatible offerings of slumber furnishings to your personality.

2) It is important to have a place to go that is private and secluded to replenish yourself, reflect, and release. This can be a place in your garden, a spare room, or even in a personal diary.

3) Have a designated outlet for removing any and all hidden emotions lurking within the body in the form of a physical daily activity such dancing, the gym, walking, jogging, etc. Keeping your energy circulating is healthy and energetically rewarding.

4) Surround yourself with meaningful affirmations and images that provoke your confidence, trust, and self- esteem. You will automatically become more magnetic with continued practice.

5) Keep your mind open and inspired by giving yourself a new resource of information by learning something new.

6) Stay connected to others by appreciating them. Find something that you sincerely like with everyone in your world. Let them know that you appreciate who they are or what they do. This deep love that you are feeling for others will boomerang right back to you and can create miracles.

7) Do something positive for your self image or whatever it is that you have been depriving yourself of. Maybe it is a change in your appearance; a new hairdo, outfit, or piece of jewelry. Maybe take in that play or movie you’ve wanted to see.

8) Every woman has a voice but many women will not ask for help because she does not want to burden anyone. Yet, when she is asked for help, no matter how inconvenient, it is difficult for her to say no. It is important to know who you want to help because of being overloaded. Women are always multi-tasking and juggling in their professional and personal life.

Balance and harmony is achieved when you begin to give to yourself the way to give to others. Within a brief period of time, you will feel much stronger and attentive with a deeper sense of serenity.

Enjoy Mothers Day and the Month of May

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