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Best Time of Year to Travel to the Caribbean


When planning a vacation on a tropical island in the Caribbean, weather and the cost, are the two main components used in deciding when to go.

For most people weather is the number one concern, most Caribbean Islands lie in proximity to the Equator, and enjoy one season - summer. Temperatures are generally in the 80's all year long, caressed by ocean breezes that cool the islands and keeps the humidity down. Hurricanes occur each year, starting late July thru October, and is another weather condition to be considered. Rain is common on all the islands, that is why they are so lush and tropical, the rainy season varies from one island to the other, usually between May to early December, while on some islands there are rain showers in January.

The most expensive time, to visit the Caribbean, is usually during the Christmas and New Years season, as well as during the months of January to Late April. Hotel rates usually rise during the holiday season, because of the demand of travelers. In many countries around the world, winter is January to late March or even to early April and residents of those countries seek out tropical locations and are willing to pay the cost of getting away from snow and freezing weather.

During the early part of the year the weather is more dependable, rain seldom, if ever, intrudes on the sunny days. The oceans are naturally calmer and clearer, allowing vacationers to plan diving, scuba and boating trips, without a worry that the weather might cause their plans to be disrupted.

For many, planning a vacation to a Island in the Caribbean, the decision must be based on visiting after the hotel rates and airfares go down, hoping that there will be no storms, hurricanes or rain, to disrupt their daily activity, and thus save money. Or should they plan on a time when the rates are higher, but when one is almost sure that their holidays will not be disrupted by unwanted weather conditions.

Another factor, to be considered, are the holiday seasons - Easter and Spring Break vacations, usually see a rise in rates. Special events on the islands, such as Jazz Festivals, Golf Tournaments, sailing regattas and Carnival in Trinidad (which is one of the most popular) are among reasons that Hoteliers and tour companies raise their rates.
Those who plan on participating or visiting during these events, do not have much of a choice, but for the rest of those who are planning a trip to a Caribbean Island, a little research can result in a a wonderful vacation at considerable saving.

Mona Graham, A Way To Travel

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