Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Crystal Skull and the "Orbs" - What is the Connection?

The world we live in today is filled with many paranormal phenomena. We have gigantic structures left by ancient civilizations (such as the sphinx or pyramids). We have UFOs which either are made by the governments of the world upon capturing alien craft or they are the alien crafts. We have Crop Circles - very complex geometric patterns which the British Government says is made by two or so men at night but those of us who are students of the spiritual and paranormal know its impossible. Of course in several of my articles that I have written here - I have spoken at length about the crystal skulls, so we wait to bring them in for a moment. But now we are going to bring into play the "Orbs" or the "Light Orbs" as some people call them. So before I get started, I better give a quick definition.

What is an "Orb"? - At first people thought their digital cameras were having problems because these white circular misty objects were appearing in the pictures they were taking. I don't know how long "Orbs" have been photographed, surely they must have been photographed before they became popular but now, everyone is getting orbs on their pictures. Even for us, as we are taking our personal crystal skulls to energy spots or sacred places, we are seeing "Orbs" in several of our pictures as well. I would define an "Orb" (having been in areas where they are appearing) as a dimensional intelligence whose vibrational frequency of existence is just outside what our physical vision can see but the shutter of the camera can record the flash of their light or light essence. So what we see in the photos is just one still image of this "Orb" Essence. It presents us with an idea of what these beings look like.

Why do I believe they are intelligent? Because when we ask them to do something, like move in a certain way or direction using our mind, they will do it. Also because many of the places they show up - where they are photographed - there is some interesting activity happening in that place or it has a special natural energy which seems to be calling to the "Orbs" to come as observers. How we live our lives and what are the type of activities we engage in, interest them.

Now let's move to the key theme of this article, "How can there be a connection with these possible dimensional or light intelligences and a crystal skull? Well in March of this year, my partner Katrina and I visited the Bluff Trail Labyrinth near Madison, Wisconsin overseen by our good friends, Melanie & Jerry. Of course we went to offer our public talks there but our crystal skulls ("the crystal kids") were able to be within that very powerful Labyrinth for a long time. Melanie and Jerry have been able to take many pictures around this self created Labyrinth and at times a whole lot of "Orbs" are showing up.

Anyway, during our stay for about 4 days, we were able to take many photos as well and have already published a few reports about our experiences sharing with the members of our newsletter (feel free to contact us if you might like to know more). We noticed that with the crystal skulls present inside the Labyrinth there were many "Orbs" appearing, not just white misty ones, but ones with colors and interesting designs. But the key was, when we came home to North Carolina and started taking photos around our skulls in the backyard and what do you know, "Orbs" were showing up here as well.

So we speculate then that due to the inner dimensional nature of the crystal skulls, they are able to communicate with the "Orbs" and possibly store the essence of the "Orbs" inside of them. Or, we further surmise that the crystal skull may serve as an energy generator or dimensional port that will allow an "Orb" the skull has met before, to relocate itself from one spot on the planet to another by moving through the crystal skull. Why do we think this is so, well because we have a photo of an "Orb" that appeared in Wisconsin and the same "Orb" showed up in North Carolina about a week later.

If you would be interested in some further research we have done with our friends, Ron & Missy Hill of NiteVision X, dealing with video taping moving Orbs working in tandem with the crystal skulls, a chance to view this video, please feel free to contact us.

In the meantime, have a great day and always be open to the mysteries of the universe as they appear in our reality as paranormal phenomena.

Peace and Light always,
Joshua Shapiro
A crystal skull Explorer

Joshua Shapiro is known as a crystal skull explorer and works closely with his partner Katrina Head. He has been involved with the crystal skulls for 27 years both as an investigator and a public speaker and author. He has written two books on the subject, "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed" (with Bowen & Nocerino) and "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers".

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Anonymous said...

I was going through some things that belonged to my deceased brother and I found a necklace of ivory skulls. Can you tell me what it means or why someone would purchase it. They are very small but each one is a skull.

barb@starmerge said...

Skulls seem to be fashionably cool with the young crowds- you would be surprised just how many skull images are sold.

They could be interpreted as rebirth or death. A skull and crossbones is a warning.