Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Quantum Physics - How Manifestation Manifests!

Expert Author Amit A Desai

By Amit A Desai 

The whole universe is brought into being by the participation or observation of those who participate and observe. Wealth is brought into existence by you and us looking at it. Your certainty of it, faith, and your attention of it, creates it.

In reality, it already exists as a probability wave. But by giving it sufficient attention with faith, certainty & expectation, you now cause it to be a definite thing, an event in a point in space and time. It goes even deeper than that. In fact, it already exists as an event, but your perception of time makes it look 'away' and 'separate'.

Einstein was one of the few physicists who refused to believe that all this happened randomly or by chance. He said that he refused to believe that 'God plays dice'.

Know this: The quantum world is the real world. The world you see with your eyes is simply an imperfect perception of a group of quantum activity. Yet the quantum activity is caused by you - you are First Cause. Never think that what you see with your eyes is First Cause - it is just an effect.

All this has now been proven by Quantum Physics but as a matter of fact several thousand years ago, various spiritual teachers told us the same thing that we came from light. You are light. In fact, your body is over 99% 'space' were you to examine it under a microscope. The rest of it, the solid part, is just a collection of the exact same things that light is made of, the same sub-atomic particles.

Actually, even the 'space' that we see all around us is full of energy. Your mind, from your spirit, keeps your body 'together' as a 'solid' unit. And your mind does the same thing with other things around you. All matter is put together using information from your mind and the minds of those around you and the rest of the universe.

The sub-atomic world is not static at all. It is an amazing dance of never-ending creation and destruction. Particles destroy themselves and, in that very destruction, give rise to new ones. Most sub-atomic particles have an unimaginable short life (generally only billionths of a second). The whole universe is forever being re-created anew.

You can imagine it all being wiped clean and restored, just a little differently, every trillionth of a second or so. Also, when a particle is created, it is instantly traveling at the speed of light! Quite literally, we did come from light, as many creation stories go. One more thing to know is that, particles can move forwards and backwards in time.

There is no such a thing as empty space. All 'space' is filled with energy. The energy that makes you up, also makes up everything else. It is just that your five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell do not detect the many varied other types of forms that exist in the universe. In other words, you can only detect forms that are identifiable to the five senses you possess (unless you have developed other senses as well - We have already discussed about this in our previous article).

What it means is that that these humanly detectable forms, physical forms, are not the only things that exist in this universe. Think of the universe as a hologram. Anyway, the whole point of this is to know that you are part of one huge ocean of energy and, literally, nothing separates you from anything else. The only 'separation' you see is an illusion caused by the limited five senses you have.

Quite literally, we are all One. We are one large organic whole whose parts are changing all the time. Each part can look at the other parts and each part has its own level of consciousness and awareness. Yet, the whole acts exactly as a whole, while the parts act as a part of the whole, with individual and whole properties.

The physical universe of matter represents only a tiny fraction of the universe of energy and vibration in its entirety. All energy is influenced by thought and structures itself into taking form as an observable effect.

Everything that has ever happened, happens and will happen in the entire Universe, first originated as a thought originating from the Mind of a Being. This thought in turn also had a corresponding effect on Energy and became a corresponding and potentially observable Effect.

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