Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Shadow Creatures

By Barbara Garcia

No matter how bizarre we experience the supernatural, it should be documented in some way and put to print, film or painted exactly as it appeared. It is the only way that we discern, analyze and learn from. 
Witnessing  phenomena in both the supernatural and natural worlds has become common place to most of us in today's societies of high technology.   We are now seeing shadows within the fields of computer sciences. Some people have even reported strange sounds and ghostly images on their wireless devices. 

In my life time of living  between the supernatural and natural realms I have witnessed so many extraordinary and sometimes startling, horrid,  scary visitations from other worlds and dimensions that it hardly affects me at all.  Yet  I am and I will probably always be fascinated with them and forever wanting more knowledge.   Keeping the balance between logic, imagination, and the extra sensory function in our minds is difficult at times but with a little trust and faith in ourselves and a higher power it is possible to remain in perfect sync and harmony with it all. 

According to Psychonaunt Wiki , " Shadow people are a common hallucination for humans to have. They usually appear as a result of sleep deprivation, psychoactive substances or hypnologic states"  The article goes on to describe such experiences as a hallucination often accompanied with a feeling of intense paranoia and anxiety.

Quite frankly I have been intrigued and fascinated with the different explanations of shadow figures that seem to show up out of nowhere when we least expect it.  So far I have not found an explanation of the recent experience I had with a shadow serpent.

It was early morning when I awakened to witness an eerie looking snake slithering up the foot of my bed and onto my blankets moving up close to my face, open its mouth to bite me. You can imagine how I felt.  It vanished into smoke like the kind of smoke from an extinguished cigarette. 

Everybody must know of or heard  of the Biblical story of how Adam and Eve were deceived by a snake that was identified as Satan. The snake convinced Eve to eat a forbidden fruit.  She then convinced Adam to eat it. The consequences were that God banishes Adam and Eve from the garden and curses the snake.   This story is about 2700 years old is the first documented descriptions  of such creatures.

The explanations I have been found from the mainstream sciences are answers from people who have never experienced such a thing.  Most are suggesting an overly active human imagination. 

Researching this supernatural phenomena is certainly not a smooth process.  Yet, at the same time such challenges is the hub of curiosity that propels us to seek out more information.  The excitement of discovery among the contradicting theories pays off when a simple calculation leads to a whole different dimension than the one we live in.

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