Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Get Moving Toward Manifesting Your Dreams

Get Going Toward Manifesting Your Dreams

Whatever you conceive in your mind today is the quality of your life tomorrow. Being as mentally active in your affirmations, positive thinking and warm feelings as you can during your day is as beneficial as physical exercises is for the body.

Think about what you would like in your life right now as you read my article. Think about what would make you happy. Perhaps it is happiness in itself; affirm in your mind that happiness is manifesting in your life. Feel the joy of all the images that surface in your mind as you focus your attention on happiness.

You don’t need to set and meditate on manifesting your dreams to make them happen. All you need to do is think yourself to all that you dream of having in your life. Look at where you are right now, what you are wearing, how your hair is styled, what you eat, everything about you and where you are right now at this very moment followed your thought!

It was only six months ago that a thought entered my mind about how I would like my web site to look and what I would like to add to my site. Like you, I just daydreamed about it. I would feel the joy welling up inside with every thought. I had no idea who or how every thing would come into play; I felt positive anyway. Within those six months circumstances in my life began to change. It wasn’t until four months ago that I began to see the connection of my circumstances to my dream. Everything is connected in one way or another but sometimes it takes awhile before it is clear to us just how closely meshed everything is to one and other.

You already have within you the power of thought to create your vision and you are already in a super position to project those dreams out into the universe. Have some fun and whip up something splendid, a new venture or maybe something you would like to own or how about a fantastic vacation. Whatever comes to mind that you truly would like in your life is yours to claim.

In the days and weeks that follow your vision, you will find that circumstances in your life may begin to change. Synchronistical events of your day and even the people you may meet all lead up to manifesting the dreams you have for your life.

Take time to give yourself a bit of credit for all the things you have already manifested in your life. You have so much to be grateful and to appreciate. Looking back on the past few years, you conquered challenges, walked though some of your deepest fears and continued moving forward no matter what was going on around you.

Manifesting what you want in life is fun and rewarding. There is no better time than right now to get moving toward manifesting your dreams.