Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Introduction to Psychic Gardens by Barbara Soblewski Garcia

"As Featured On Ezine Articles"

Beautiful, enchanting psychic gardens are constructed by combining together earth, quartz and stones, plant and spirit energies. The fashion of psychic gardens lends a peaceful touch to any home and brings powerful positive energy to anyone’s personal space. The key factors are;

· Seating area placed within the garden circumference
· Water feature abbreviating the link between the spirit and physical worlds.
· Auspicious planting

The seating area should be shaded with vegetation but not covering the day or night sky. The placement of quartz surrounding the seating area activates an energy field. Energy will follow the architecture lineage style; many people prefer to place their quartz first and foremost before beginning their garden design.

Such items as cedar swings and lawn chairs or even an old tree stump provide comfortable seating and convenience of holding beverages. In all psychic or metaphysical exploration, it is most important to keep the body hydrated. It is also important to ware comfortable clothing that does not restrict your natural flow. Soft waterproof pillows in fabric or straw are suggested as an accent in your seating arrangement.

All forms of water features accentuate the psychic garden. There are endless possibilities: delicately carved birdbaths, water fall displays, drinking fountains, ponds. Create what reflects you; after all, this is your garden for your unique psychic ventures.

A planting guide that is natural to your area zone is available at your local garden nursery. Native plants are favorable to survive in its native soil and climate.

Carefully evaluate the shape and color of your plants and allow that shape and color to accentuate the flow of energy for auspicious planting. For example, the Aloe Vera plant has long pointed leaves, loves the sun but can grow in partly shaded areas. Planted along the low sides of your garden will shoot the energy toward the area that the leaves are pointed. Aloe Vera is wonderful to keep on hand for first aid treatments. Just clip a leaf and smooth the sap onto the injury. You may also experiment with Aloe Vera in creams and lotions. It is also used as a medicinal plant.

Include as many healing, protective plants as your garden size allows. There are many different varieties of Sage. The California White Sage is famous for its dispelling negative energy properties. It can also be clipped, dried and prepared in small bundles to purge the interior of your home leaving the fresh scent of the outdoors in every room.

Purple coneflowers also known as Echinacea are a favorite to strengthen health and healing as well as attract butterflies into your garden.

Live goldfish in your pond or even plastic fish in your water feature is symbolic of wealth and success.

Spend intuitive time in your garden and add what your instincts tell you. Within a few months you will have created an energy vortex that will revitalize you and nourish you as well as provide grounding support for your expanding psychic mind.

Be creative within the boundaries of your quartz circumference. You may wish to add a bronze or stone statue reflecting your culture or perhaps a dazzling array of flowers accented with red bricks or river rocks. Try creating a garden maze made of stepping stones or small hedge. These are just some ideas; your imagination can create the ultimate eye catching scenery.

The most important suggestion in creating your psychic garden is to take your time. You will want to experience every season and contemplate each gift they may bring.

Your psychic garden will provide clarity of your concentrated thoughts and the ease of psychic communication with the world around you.