Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Meet GiGi

Loosing a beloved pet is an experience that goes beyond grief. It is as though an extension of you is missing. Time is a wonderful healer for pet lovers in grief, and so it has been with me as well. My little Yorkie, Lollipop, passed away September of 2006. She will never be replaced and will remain in my heart forever. Through my grievng process I have discovered that the love in my heart continues to overflow and there is plenty to share and give to other little dogs that have no home or family to call their own.

Last week I adopted this darling little rescue dog. Her Foster Mom called her GiGi and I must say, it suits her well, don't you aggree? The rescue workers suspect that she is about a year old. Over this past week, GiGi has shown me images, colors and feelings about her life thus far. Bonding with her and communicating with her inspired me to write the following article to share with you.

Intuitive Pet Talk
By Barbara Garcia

It isn’t just pet psychics who can talk with our little animal companions, everyone can!

Aside from a fantastic telepathic skill, many different species are developed in body language signals and also the tone and frequency of voice. Those of us who share our lives, our homes, our cars and whatever else we have with our little animal friends understand how they intuit on everything that happens in our lives. They are aware of our emotions, whether we are sad, happy or anywhere in-between.

Telepathy is an easy communicative language of images and feelings. We all do it but when we work with our pets, it will help a great deal to be being selective in the images that we are sending. If we tell our dog not to chew our shoes, the picture we have in our mind at that moment is of the dog doing exactly that. Instead of sending that mental image, try sending the image of the dog happily chewing a chew stick or rawhide bone. Their perception of the image is immediate. Animals have excellent hearing so there is never any need to yell at your pet.

Intuitive pet talk with your beloved little friend means paying attention to what is going on in your pet’s life on a daily basis and how it may be affecting them. What is their response to the food you provide for them, their snacks and their treats. Allow yourself to hear (sense/feel) what they are telling you.

As you set with your pet in quiet time, tell your pet how much you appreciate and love them. The more you relax and just be with your pet, the more you vibrate to the same frequency to receive their messages to you. Some people have had excellent results as they synchronize breathing with their pet for a deeper connection…they breath a little faster than us but as you experiment with this technique, you will begin to intuit their messages easier. This loving quiet time with your pet is wonderfully therapeutic to say the least.

Communicating with your pet in their own language truly adds to the abundance of nature’s bountiful supply of riches. You may find your pet sharing humorous images that bring joy and laughter into your life. Other images may be more subtle and tender that you would otherwise miss out without your communicative connection.

Being in sync with your pet will also help you to take care of their health needs and perhaps even precisely identify any discomfort they may have. Your pet depends on you for good healthcare, nutrition, socialization and even grooming. With so many different choices of pet care products and services that are available, it can be overwhelming, unless of course you recognize the images and feelings that your pet prefers.

The love you and your pet share; you already know how to communicate with your pets. Taking this a step deeper is what pet psychics do to establish a rapport. You will too; as you begin to open your mind and heart to the animal kingdom in general. It is amazing how fast your ability to talk with animals develop as you simply reflect on the images and feelings your pet conveys to you.

Animals that live in the wild depend on communication for survival. They project sounds and colors with astute discerning frequency levels that reach hundreds of miles. There has been a great deal of study on animal communication over the years with fascinating results.

Pets love the sounds and information projected from wild life. Nature television shows and videos are an educational source you may wish to consider for you and your pet to enjoy. Kicking back and hanging out with your pet on movie night is a great way to expand your awareness and bond with your little one on his or her level.


B.J. said...

What a sweet face, there is no way it could be anything but love at first sight with GiGi.

Her face and her eyes are so expressive, she is absolutely beautiful.

barb@starmerge said...

Thanks BJ, Gigi is quickly adapting to her new home and family. Her personality is developing into a fun loving, sensitive little sweetheart.