Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dream Creations

A great number of people experience lucid dreaming spontaneously throughout their lives. When we begin to control our experiences in lucid dreams, we are then creating our physical reality.

Manifesting what we want to experience in life is first created in our astral mind in which our sub-conscious and consciousness follows. Lucid dreaming is an excellent mode of creating anything and everything you choose in life.

In the oil painting, "Alpha Theta Omega", we can see the correlation of the astral mind, the subconscious and the consciousness. We sail the ocean of our emotions through the dream world escaping the turbulence of our physical reality. Our sub-conscious mind raises our vibration to meet the intention of our astral mind. Just like the scene in the oil painting, everything we see in the lower part of our being is first depicted in the higher self.

For further information regarding Lucid Dreaming, follow this link:

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