Saturday, June 23, 2007

July Update

You wouldn't think that just a few weeks before the 4Th of July holiday, Starmerge would be knee deep in work this year. Last year was a breeze compared to the agenda of 2007. Aside from the daily chores and errands, I am writing journals in my E-book every chance I get. It should be available before fall.

Nature has a wonderful way of getting messages across when we take the time to listen. The snap shot of this busy little bunny happily hopping down the bunny path certainly caught my attention to my own attitude of the path I am walking. Thank you Sophia, for sending us this eye catching message from nature. (great shot)

The global energy of July, August, and September is rather harsh so lets be extra cautious in our traveling this year and take extra care in our environmental preparedness on the home front before leaving on vacation. I am expecting some pretty major events this year, particular in the U.S. and Asia.

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B.J. said...

It is so true, life seems to be moving at a faster pace this year. The year is already half over and yet it seems like it was only yesterday, that it was the beginning of a new year.

It is so important to smell the flowers, listen to the birds sing, see children playing and to feel the breeze on your face. Sometimes, when it gets too hectic, I stop and watch and listen and somehow the universe gives me what I need to be able to find the strength to meet that next challenge, and believe me, there have been a number of them this year.

Thanks for the bunny Sophia, it reminds us of how important the little things are.