Thursday, August 09, 2007

Give It a Rest

There is no doubt that extra sensory perception is a lifesaver in difficult life situations. But when the crisis is over and your 6th sense is still in overdrive, it is time to give it a rest. Intuiting everyday events and translating psychic messages all the time leads to list of various burn -out and fatigue problems. Nothing feels better than a breath of fresh air that is filled with soothing, nurturing, positive thought patterns. The best place to get it is in nature whether out in the country or in a city park or back yard.

If you want to open up your mind to the much needed rest that your 6th sense is demanding but you don’t or can’t want to get out into nature, consider investing into a small fountain to set on your desk or purchase several different sounds of nature in CD’s and listen throughout your home or office. Once you are surrounded by the sound of nature, sit back, relax, and go with the flow of deep relaxation and mental rejuvenation.

Credit to the busy psychic professional who knew early on in life of their ability and grew up in control of it. These people know first hand how important rest and relaxation is to the e.s.p. function. We are human beings not manufactured oracles that survive on batteries and electricity.

Everyone, including psychics want to look and feel our best. We spend tons of money on cosmetic treatments, we try to eat healthier and drink more water, and we try to exercise to keep our bodies as healthy as possible. But what about that part of mind that intuitive people live in? Without proper maintenance and upkeep, your intuitive senses will begin to break down with outside negative contamination.

Heavy populated areas such as malls, department stores, fast food marts, are a breeding ground for negativity, anger, and low entities. Although shifting your concentration to a nearby live potted plant or perhaps an aquarium helps for the moment, it is recommended that you give your psychic function a rest for a minimum of 5 days at least once a month.

There are so many hidden paranormal tasks that the average psychic person doesn’t include in his/her daily agenda that is added stress such as those uncontrollable urges to remote view your loved ones who live at a distance, or helping that uninvited spirit cross over, or extending your energy to block your nosey neighbor.

Natural color and texture are very good antidotes for psychic stress. Try visualizing a sunset for a solid 3 minutes, better yet, make a point to get outside and be a part of that sunset. Holding your cat or dog out on the front porch, watching the fire flies on warm summer evening does wonders for your sensitivity. Your pet may even get you in a roaring laugh with imagery details of their day.

Whether you are in the profession or not, extra sensory perception is like any other organ of the body that is susceptible to fatigue. Make a point to give it a rest.

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