Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How to Master Manifesting

A master of manifesting knows the laws of attraction and how to allow synchronicity to lead them to their dreams. They follow a few basic principles that we will explore in this article.

The very first directive in any course of action in the art of manifesting is a relaxed mind that does not have any anxieties attached to the desire. A frazzled or scattered mind will produce synchronicities that are scattered or frazzled and lead you on a wild goose chase. The more you are relaxed and in touch with yourself, the easier it is to recognize the abundance of synchronicities that follow.

Synchronicities have a life of their own; you can not force them to occur! There is nothing in this physical world that allows you to manipulate or control a synchronistic event because their origins are not of the physical world. The appropriate declaration of your intent is to center your mind and stay in sync with your who you really are and your original intention. A master of manifesting allows the wellbeing and wholeness of self as a priority and maintains a rested, relaxed mind that is centered and clear.

The nature of synchronicity is to support our needs. They tend to bring what is needed at the perfect time we need them. The “rush” we feel when a synchronicity occurs propels us into a higher frequency of positive energy. This in turn supports the natural rhythm of the universe to provide the opportunities to fulfill our needs and wants.

Masters of manifesting also follow their intuition. If you are having trouble defining intuition versus your imagination then you are not truly centered in your mind. Everyone has had a hunch at one time or another, that feeling is your intuition.

Get on with your life while staying alert to synchronistic events throughout the course of your day. The more active and alert you are, the more abundant the synchronicities occur. If you were to stay pinned up in your home, no matter how peaceful and relaxing it may be, there will be fewer significant synchronicities. It has been noted by the masters that momentous synchronicity occurrences involve other people. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a study as to why, but most people agree that the telepathic interaction that we all experience with one and other plays an important part in the synchronistic manifestation of our intentions.

When we engage the flow of our daily routines and schedules and go about the social activities of our lives with others, we are embracing and creating environments that nurture synchronicities to occur.

The cosmic dance in manifesting our dreams is one dance that the entire populace of the world is invited to join. It is just a matter of choice.

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