Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Investigative Psychic Interviews

Investigative Psychic Interviews
By Barbara Garcia

Over the past few decades psychic people have proven to be a valuable resource in criminal investigations. Their seemingly magical ability to produce clues where none seems to be found is bound to be an investigators most revered tool. The majority of these psychic people are familiar with research and investigative techniques found in parapsychology and law enforcement departments and have become specialist in their field.

Retaining psychic professionals in criminal investigations may be cost effective and reliable in coming to the successful conclusion of your investigation; however, they are not recognized in court. Nor is the information that they provide recognized by our legal system. It is rare that an investigator is required to divulge the source of information that led him or her to vital clues at hand. The psychic on the other hand may relinquish payment for services rendered in exchange for documentation of their work.

In your initial investigative interview with a psychic consultant it may be rather difficult to remove your anxieties due to delving into unknown to you territories of the psychic mind. To help minimize the disruptive effects of anxiety, the following pointers are suggested to use as a guide.

• Items found at the scene of the crime or photos, and/or personal items of the victim are essential for a psychic to intuit information. It is important that these items have not been handled by other people on the case because the psychic will also intuit those handlers. For best results, keep each item sealed and separate from other items.

• Use the psychic impressions to obtain clues and provide further information on those you may have on file. Do not expect them to provide you with all the answers. Use your investigative skills to gather information from the psychic. For example, instruct the psychic to mentally go to the geographical location of the crime and reveal any and all information pertaining to the particular time and date of the crime. The information may be fragmented as though looking at pieces of a puzzle. Follow each lead with further inquiry.

• If you are conducting a psychic probe, it is important that each interview is conducted separately because psychics are known to receive and project telepathic information that may or may not pertain to the project at hand.

• Brief descriptions of the case should be provided along with the prominent items involved. Never divulge information regarding suspects until their psychic analysis is complete. I also urge those officers who have interacted with suspects be kept away from the psychics.

• It is also important to note that if the detectives who are involved with a particular case have a preconceived conclusion or idea, the psychic will simply intuit this information and it will have to be discarded.

• Be prepared that sometimes psychics may not follow your target questions but will provide the answers identified as such. Do not be disturbed if this should happen. Use the information in conjunction with the facts as an opportunity which is in need of corroboration.

It is vital that you do not prejudge the interview and expect specific responses from the psychic. It is often common that a psychic will continue receiving information long after the interview has ended. One of the most crucial steps in conducting an effective interview with a psychic is to explain your purpose and each step of the interview. Be respectful. This may seem obvious but too often has the task of gathering needed information from a psychic failed due to poor social skills of the investigator!

Following your initial session, follow up your leads in a logical order and report back to the psychic of their hits. Combine them and subdivide them into related questions for further interviews.

Investigators and researchers should continue to work their information on logical, scientific principles. A psychic will reach conclusions in a different manner. The combined talents of all those involved are the ingredients to success in the varied fields of investigation.

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