Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tending Your Psychic Garden

Tending Your Psychic Garden
By Barbara Garcia
Photo: Garden Creation

Now that you have had an “Introduction to Psychic Gardens” and you have established your “Psychic Garden Rapport”, it is now time to learn how to tend your psychic garden.

The nature of all things on our planet is circular; snow drops, trees, flowers, everything, including you and me. Therefore, tending your psychic garden should be in the same fashion. Through the simple act of plucking a blade of grass, the circular form of its root, you begin to understand that the specific function of all life has no beginning nor ending.

Tilling the earth clockwise around your plants and trees may seem mysterious and illogical; however, it is in direct harmony with the flow of life. Fertilizing with organic materials promotes the healthy growth of your garden and a healthy environment for you. A blanket of mulch and a little water completes the basic care.

Your water features should be kept free of debris. If you have placed quarts or crystals in the water, they should be charged with solar energy once a month by laying them out in the sun for a day or two.

Considering that we are not separate from our environment, tending your psychic garden is rejuvenating and a pleasure. This is your garden of psychic exploration; therefore, responsible gardening will help in your development.

With each weed that you remove from your garden, focus on what it is that you want eliminated from your life. The psychic connection of this action has a ripple effect of healing your life through conscious direction.

With each seed that you plant, focus on the new ideas and goals that you would like for your life. As the seeds sprout in your garden, the manifestation of your ideas and goals will sprout in your life.

Your psychic garden provides you with renewal of spirit and balance of mind as you telepathically connect to every plant, tree, bird, or animal that abides within its perimeters.

Anger and frustrations of your day will become almost non existence as you learn to release these harmful emotions. The technique is to place your hands palm down upon the grass. Draw the harmful emotion down through your arms to the palms of your hands and then out into the grass. Don’t worry; you are not harming the grass with your negative projections. The grass that takes on this charge will transmit them into ions. Within minutes you are completely relaxed and at peace.

The healing energy of your psychic garden will become apparent in all aspects of your life. Your psychic capabilities will have become enormously magnified and expanded in perfect harmony with the growth rate of the garden itself.

As your understanding of your psychic garden increases, you will become more aware of subtle vibrations and emanations, of which you have had no previous knowledge, have been preserved within the circumference of life cycles. The importance of tending your garden becomes a heightened awareness of the preservation of the planet of which you have become a participant.

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