Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spatial Relationships and the Nonphysical Universe

By Dave Almeida

We take it for granted that space can be measured. This act is based upon our ability to perceive objects. We experience life dimensionally. Space is a quality particular to physical reality. In truth, space is nothing more than an illusory concept. However, because of the nature of reality, we are obligated to accept the features we call time and space.

The idea of distance was created by the great architect to make our reality possible. We know this to be true simply because dimensionality is an integral feature of physical reality. Without dimension, we would exist as literal flatlanders. Reality does not work any other way. It's hard to imagine a world without recognizable boundaries. We cannot manipulate objects in physical reality without the use of dimension.

If you want to imagine a world without dimension, look to your dreams. My dreams lack the attribute I call "common reality." Common reality is society's general agreement on the nature of the reality and our relationship with the things in it, including each other. Dreams are devoid of anything resembling the common reality. Some people's dreams are more than vivid than others are. My dreams are almost always in black and white. They are only visuals and do not allow my other senses to take part. My wife on the other hand, dreams in color and hears voices. She often finds herself in former residences looking at extra rooms that are not part of the physical structure. These rooms very much exist. They are part of the nonphysical environment. The locations of these rooms do not correspond to the physical layout of the house in the dream. The boundaries of these spaces are impossible to measure. That is nature of the invisible universe.

My references dreams are intended to illustrate the lack of spatial attributes that marks the entire physical and nonphysical multiverse. Only within certain domains does the concept of dimension exist. Dreams themselves occupy one nonspecific region of the multiverse and in many respects, can be likened to the general composition of the nonphysical universe.

There are infinite worlds that have chosen to adopt the time/space standard. Citizens of our sphere have accepted time and space as a condition of experiencing this reality. We have also agreed to a kind of amnesia that keeps us remembering our in-between life. This part of us has been hidden in order to make our experience possible. I call this phenomenon "temporal hypnotic amnesia." When an entire population is affected by this distinguishing characteristic, the phrase would be "mass temporal hypnotic amnesia."

The process of rediscovering the truth lies within. An inquisitive nature or intuitive event can trigger a person's awakening. Over time, the awakened "sleeper" experiences an unmistakable mind expansion in which higher knowledge is revealed. This is the path of illumination. We must all take the illumined path at the appointed time. I hope some of you will discover the path by comprehending the wisdom of this article.

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