Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Unknown Universe

By Dave Aleimda Let's consider an aspect of the invisible or hidden universe known as consciousness. Most of us following an illuminated path agree that we humans have consciousness because we are self-aware. This can be compared the famous scene in The Matrix where the lead character, Neo awakes up to his true condition in the machine pod. We can validate our own consciousness because we experience it. We are alive. Humans identify living things based on certain criteria, such as motor function, intelligence, memory, personality, emotion, etc. These are all aspects of the mind. Consciousness is not identifiable through the outward aspects of the mind. This process is inadequate for a subject that lies within the realm of metaphysics. Consciousness is elusive and difficult to detect using our physical senses. Many of us realize our true nature, but for most, the universe remains a mystery. There is a philosophy of mind known as "panpsychism". This term indicates that all things have consciousness. This includes those things that are considered inanimate by the uninformed. I'm talking about the plant and mineral kingdom. Do rocks possess consciousness? Do they have intelligence and feelings? I believe all things do to some degree. Our measure of intelligence is of no use to the rest of the universe. A crow has no use for geometry. Nor does a wolf need a cell phone. That does not mean crows and wolves are unintelligent. We do not understand their thought processes, yet we judge and label them based on our standards. This is unfortunate for us. As panpsychism suggests, consciousness exists everywhere. Consciousness exists in our very cells or organs. Every atom in the universe holds consciousness. As I like to say, just because you cannot see it, does not mean it does not exist. There is consciousness at every level in the material world. There are even alien intelligences at work in our reality. I am not referring to the kind from outer space. In order to become aware of this hidden world, we need to be open to it. If you cannot accept the panpsychic view of the universe, you are effectively blocked from it. The first step is to remove the veil of ignorance and embrace the truth. We can become aware of the truth through meditation. With a regular meditation practice, the living splendor of the universe will reveal itself. This essential tool also helps seekers awaken to the Universal Consciousness, some call God. It's amazing that the universe is chock full of consciousness and yet we are aware of less than 1% of it. As people continue to awaken to the truth, society's attitude towards seemingly inanimate objects will turn to a more enlightened view. The illuminated minority can assist others in making this transition. It's a beautiful world waiting to be discovered. Article Source: [] The Unknown Universe

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