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Holiday Clutter Pitfalls

Holiday Clutter Pitfalls
By Jeff Cohn 

The holidays are full of love, family, giving, and joy. However, for many people the holidays also bring about chaos and stress. After (and even on) Thanksgiving, the holiday gift shopping count down begins. People go into a frenzy, rushing and searching to find the perfect gift for everyone. Then there is the task of decorating as well as holiday parties to plan. With all of this madness, it's no wonder people find themselves stressed and overwhelmed. Trying to cram everything within a month can be a tremendous task to take on, and with the to-do list growing by the minute, a person can easily let their home get out of control with clutter.

Holiday clutter pitfalls:

Decorations. Cold, dreary winters are repelled by the beautiful, sparkling lights and festive decorations blanketing many homes. Though these decorations may bring joy to passersby, as well as home owners, sometimes people own much more than necessary. Each year collections of decorations build up, but old items remain untouched. It is important to discard older, unused decorations as new ones are added to the collection in order to avoid strings of tangled lights, ornaments, and miscellaneous decorations piling up within the home's storage area.

Unwanted gifts. Giving and receiving gifts is a tradition that coincides with the holidays. Though people want to give, and receive, the perfect gift, this is not always the case. Many ugly sweaters, duplicate blankets, redundant home d�cor, and other various unsolicited gifts are accepted with a begrudging, fake smiles and faux words of gratitude but later thrown to the side in basements, attics, and anywhere out of sight and out of mind. Instead of leaving these items to pile up year after year, collecting dust these items can be donated to people who will appreciate them.

Holiday cards. Holiday cards are a wonderful way to send appreciation and good-will to friends and family, but they are also a great contributor to paper clutter. Nowadays, e-cards help limit this clutter. Any holiday cards received can also be used as decorations and then disposed of after the holiday season is over in order to minimize unnecessary clutter.

Baking and Food. Food is a large component of the holiday season. With many festive gatherings and even small gifts, cookies, candies, and other delicacies fill bellies and homes. For the bakers, chefs, and even recipients, cookie trays and Tupperware are gradually collected. Even leftovers can build up, taking valuable refrigerator space and possibly being pushed to the back to expire and remain unnoticed. Parting with duplicate cooking ware and untouched food is important in order to maintain cleanliness. For those who love being in the kitchen, refilling those trays with fresh baked items to pass along to someone is a wonderful way to remove clutter while bringing joy to others.

Visitors. Spending time with family and friends can be a fun time. When these individuals are staying over for a period of time, there may be some other dilemmas. If house guests aren't the cleanliest, the mess can add up. In households hosting gatherings, friends and family can make a mess during the festivities. Improperly disposed trash, as well as general mess, can accumulate. Setting boundaries and general house rules with visitors can help to limit disorder.

This time of year is supposed to be full of fun, good-will, quality time with friends and family, and bliss rather than a dreaded time. If a [http://www.hoardinghelp.com/5-issues-of-clutter-pile-up/]substantial clutter concern is taking over the home and ruining the holiday spirit, professional cleaning services can alleviate the issue and save the day. Don't let clutter take over the holiday season; address the mess and eliminate the stress.

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